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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 21 Recap

Zhang Xiaofan found that the stones in the cave flickered regularly through the magic weapon. Baguio realized that Zhang Xiaofan’s magic weapon might be related to the Demon Cult General Altar, and might be able to open the door of the dripping blood cave. With the help of Baguio, Zhang Xiaofan opened the door and found that it was suddenly enlightened, and there was nothing wrong with it. Baguio recognized that the statues inside were the Virgin Mary and King Tianshaming, and hurriedly bowed down as disciples.

Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio continued to move forward, and found a boulder inside with the words “Heaven and earth are not benevolent, and everything is a dog”. There are two remains scattered beside it. Baguio deduced that this should be the black-hearted old man and Mrs. Jin Ling.

Then, Baguio found a string of bells in a delicate box-acacia bells, but the old man with black heart had put ancient corpse poison in the box. Zhang Xiaofan quickly took out the magic weapon to disperse the ancient corpse poison, Baguio shook the Albizia Bell, chanting the spell on the Albizia Bell, Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio seemed to see the scene back then.

In those days, the black-hearted old man, regardless of Mrs. Jin Ling’s dissuasion, insisted on using the heavenly script to drive the spirit beast blood formation, even if he was bitten by an uncontrollable beast god and died. Seeing that the black-hearted old man insisted on doing it, Mrs. Jin Ling realized that he valued his martial art cause more than his feelings of waiting for hundreds of years, and turned away disappointedly.

The black-hearted old man looked at Mrs. Jin Ling’s distant back, driving mana to awaken the soul of the beast god. Unexpectedly, the beast god who spent a long time in the dark sent his hatred of betrayal to Linglong to the black-hearted old man. Resistance is not an opponent of the Beast God.

Seeing that the black-hearted old man was in danger, Mrs. Jin Ling went back and hurried to rescue her, chanting the infatuation curse and shook the Hehuan bell to block the black-hearted old man. The black-hearted old man saw Madam Jin Ling fall to the ground and regretted his stubbornness in the past. He told Madam Jin Ling that the happiest thing in his life was the time spent with her, and Madam Jin Ling passed away upon hearing this.

The black-hearted old man, who was extremely sad and regretful, closed the underground palace and left his last words so that his disciples could collect the other four heavenly books. Only those who got the bloodthirsty beads could restart the underground palace, but he had to inherit his last wish.

Baguio recognized the bloodthirsty beads on Zhang Xiaofan’s magic weapon and asked for it on the grounds that the bloodthirsty beads were belonging to the school. In the end, considering that the bloodthirsty beads would affect Zhang Xiaofan’s inner breath, he returned the magic weapon to Zhang Xiaofan.

Zhang Xiaofan told Baguio that he had been able to control the magic weapon just now, but he would not be confused with the demons. Baguio started to recite the infatuation curse on the acacia bell. It turned out that the infatuation curse was a practice that a female patriarch of the Demon Cult enlightened from the heavenly book and only for female disciples to practice. Curse, the skill is superb.

At this time, Lin Jingyu and others rushed to the ruthless beach, Ah Xiang drove Samsara Pearl to look for Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio, but he invited Black Water Black Snake. Zeng Shushu found the mysterious snake’s abdomen bulging, mistakenly thinking that Zhang Xiaofan was swallowed by the mysterious snake, everyone worked together to subdue the mysterious snake, the mysterious snake spit out Qin Wuyan and was taken into the Fulong Cauldron by Mr. Ghost.

Lin Jingyu asked about Zhang Xiaofan’s whereabouts. Qin Wuyan told them that Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio had been buried in the seabed or buried under a huge rock. Zeng Shuqi was only going to kill Qin Wuyan. Lin Jingyu told him not to be impulsive, but also to let Qin Wuyan solve it. Poison on the Old City Lord. Qin Wuyan heard the quarrel between Zeng Shushu and Li Xun, and took advantage of the opportunity of Zeng Shushu and others to find a way out, and wanted to make a deal with Li Xun.

He asked Li Xun to let him go. In return, he told Li Xun the way to enter the dripping hole. Zeng Shushu and Lin Jingyu discovered that Li Xun was missing. When they found him, they found that he had been fainted. Several people hurriedly made work and opened the door of the cave together. Mr. Gui took the opportunity to enter the dripping blood cave.

Inside the blood-dropping cave, Zhang Xiaofan’s magic weapon was suddenly out of control, dragging Zhang Xiaofan away to the heavenly book that sealed the beast god, Baguio hurriedly used mana to contend with this strange power. Mr. Ghost, who had sneaked into the cave, followed the order of the King of Ghosts and prepared to use Zhang Xiaofan as a sacrifice to the resurrected beast god. When Baguio stopped Mr. Ghost, he was knocked to the ground.

The Beast God is very satisfied with Zhang Xiaofan, who is in the two schools of Tianyin Pavilion and Qingyunmen. Baguio saw Zhang Xiaofan’s situation in a critical situation, and hurried to rescue him, but was trapped by the Beast God. Fortunately, Lin Jingyu and others arrived in time , Zeng Shushu entangled Mr. Ghost, and the others joined forces to attack the Beast God.

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