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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 41 Recap

Er Yuehong was still trapped in the world created by meteorite copper, and his mind kept showing all kinds of past events between him and the girl, as well as the sight of the white head getting old together. But these beautiful scenes always appeared in Er Yuehong’s mind along with the scene when the girl passed away. After all, the illusion was no match for the cruel facts, and February Hong finally woke up and understood the truth that people cannot come back to life.

After Zhang Qishan and others returned the statue to their place, they broke the formation of Luochahai City. When the statue returned to its place, the illusion was also broken, and the mine shook immediately, seeming to be in a tendency to collapse. Upon seeing this, they decided to leave this place of right and wrong quickly. When the three of them fled, they came to a tomb and found a white jade coffin hung in the air by iron rope.

Upon seeing this, Qi Tiezui immediately knelt to the coffin and begged the ancestor for his life, and explained to his companions that the real body of Master Qingwuzi was in the coffin. When it was said that it was too late, a violent vibration shook the iron cable apart, the coffin fell to the ground, and the body of Master Qingwuzi also fell out of the coffin.

Everyone came closer and found that the body of Master Qingwuzi was preserved like a living person. Zhang Qishan found the copper meteorite next to Qingwuzi, so he stretched out his hand to take it away. Qingwuzi’s corpse immediately turned back to the appearance of the corpse, and the power and effect of the copper meteorite was obvious. Zhang Qishan decided to take away the copper meteorite first.

After regaining her sanity, Er Yuehong realized that there was a difference in the mine, so she immediately found her way to escape. At the same time, Chen Pi also recovered slightly from the illusion. Seeing the mine began to shake and shake, he knew that this place shouldn’t stay for long, so he ran away. The two masters and disciples met on a narrow road, and February Hong treated tangerine peel with tenderness, asking him to run away with him.

Zhang Qishan and others finally fled back to the mine tunnel where they entered the cave, where they also merged with Eryuehong and Chenpi. Unexpectedly, he also encountered Jude Kao on the road, and Jude Kao seemed to not want to give up, but planned to continue visiting the grave. However, Jude Kao’s mentality had long been overwhelmed by the power of the meteorite. He could not overcome his own demons and was deeply trapped in his own hallucinations. He is afraid of getting old and afraid of death, but the more afraid he is, the stronger the hallucinations.

After everyone fled and was born, Er Yuehong planned to persuade Chen Pi to return to Changsha and take responsibility for what she did, but Chen Pi didn’t follow it. The impact of meteorite copper on the brain is very deep. After Chenpi returned to Changsha, the hallucinations continued, and from time to time they fell into the dream of living with the girl, but when the illusion disappeared, the girl also disappeared, and Chen Pi felt a little unbearable.

He remembered that Jude Kao had told himself that there was something in the tomb that could bring the girl back to life, so he broke into the Changsha branch of the United States, intending to ask Jude Kao to find out. Chen Pi slaughtered and searched for Jude Kao, but he didn’t realize that Jude Kao was also incoherent now, just like Chen Pi.

Chen Pi planned to kill and vent his hatred, but was stopped by Ryoko Tanaka. Chen Pi considered that he must have the assistance of Jude Kao and Tanaka to go to the tomb again, so he had to leave with hatred. When leaving, Chen Pi accidentally ran into Lu Jianxun’s car, and Chen Pi suddenly fainted to the ground. Lu Jianxun took him back to prison.

Lu Jianxun intends to interrogate Chen Pi to find out what is in the tomb, but Chen Pi is now crazy and unable to fully explain the situation at the time. However, Lu Jianxun still extracted the key information from his words, that is, he entered the meteorite and then had hallucinations. He inferred that the meteorite was the key.

At the same time, Zhang Qishan took the meteorite copper, and Qi Tiezui found Master Xie Jiu to explain the situation. The power of meteorite copper is unfathomable, and if it falls into the wrong hands, it will cause a disaster. Now all forces are staring at Zhang Qishan. In order to avoid extra branches, Zhang Qishan intends to give the meteorite copper to the Zhang family as soon as possible.

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