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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 40 Recap

Jude Kao, Chen Pi and other subordinates were walking around in the tomb. They also found that they had fallen into the illusory world created by meteorite. When everyone came to the entrance of the cave, they thought they had finally escaped, including Chen Pi, who seemed a little happy. He rushed to the entrance of the cave as if to get rid of the illusion, but he didn’t know that he was just walking from one illusion to another. Jude Kao knows that he is still trapped in the meteorite, but he has nothing to do.

Huo Sanniang was dissatisfied with the fact that Lu Jianxun let Jude go to the tomb. She found Lu Jianxun’s theory, but she didn’t expect it to be touched. Lu Jianxun and Huo Sanniang did not trust each other, and this relationship based on interests was already vulnerable.

Qi Tiezui, who is proficient in the eight axioms, is not deceived in the world of meteorite copper. He uses his unique doorway to perform deductions and leads Adjutant Zhang to the right path. The two of them walked along and met Zhang Qishan sitting on the ground. The three finally reunited and continued to travel together in this strange world.

Qi Tiezui believes that the things that appear in the Luochahai City in this meteorite copper are all transformed by his own thoughts. Before the Buddha drew a map when Bai Qiaozhai was unconscious, so he concluded that the Buddha should have been Have been here too, just forgot. They believe that since they can’t find a way, they can only escape by destroying this place. Under Qi Tiezui’s instructions, everyone pushed the statue back into place in the current statue formation.

Suddenly, Chen Pi appeared in front of everyone. As soon as he saw Zhang Qishan, he was ruthless. Zhang Qishan stepped forward to fight without saying a word. When the two were fighting fiercely, Qi Tiezui suddenly asked Zhang Qishan to be careful not to enter the mist. As soon as the voice fell, the orange peel accidentally entered the mist. Once in the fog, you will fall into your own demons.

Chen Pi recalled the past when she was a child. It turns out that he is an orphan with no father or mother, and his grandmother lives on each other, making a living by catching crabs in a poor country. As an orphan, he has been bullied by children of the same age. The group of children also jokes that Chenpi can’t use nine-claw hooks and can’t catch good crabs, only those with broken feet. Xiao Chenpi was not only bullied by the children, but also lowered by the vendors. He was so humiliated that he decided to change himself and practiced nine-claw hook secretly.

Finally, with his outstanding skills, he caught good crabs and sold them for a good price. But his success aroused the jealousy of other children. They snatched the crabs from tangerine peel and punched and kicked him. The wounded tangerine peel was walking on the street, afraid to go back to see his grandmother. Suddenly, he heard a storyteller telling Li Kui’s story. Li Kuisheng killed people with sex. His story inspired Chen Pi, and Chen Pi has since embarked on a bloodthirsty road.

Zhang Qishan and others also spied Chen Pi’s state of mind through the fog. Although they sympathized with his childhood experience, they were not ashamed of his cruelty. As for how to deal with this person, they decided to leave it to his master, Er Yuehong.

Everyone stopped wasting time and continued to push the statue. Suddenly, there was a roar of wild beasts around them, and Zhang Qishan immediately developed a feeling of fear, which made him lose his energy. Zhang Qishan said that he seemed to have heard this sound, but he couldn’t remember what it was. Seeing that Zhang Qishan was in a wrong state, Qi Tiezui had to first teach him some formulas to stabilize his mind, and then he and Adjutant Zhang continued to push the statue.

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