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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 38 Recap

After Zhang Qishan escaped from the mine, although he didn’t know what power was contained in the meteorite copper, it was hard to estimate what made the girl come back from the dead, but he was certain that the tomb was very dangerous, so he asked Lord Belle to take care of him. The mine was exploded in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Lu Jianxun obtained the support of his superiors and issued wanted orders against Zhang Qishan, Er Yuehong, and Qi Tiezui in Changsha. Everyone temporarily lives in Huixinzhai in order to conceal people. One night, the girl returned to the Red Mansion in the dark, seeming to be going home. However, the Red Mansion has been renamed Chen Mansion since it was seized by the tangerine peel, and the tangerine peel is now sorrowing with wine. The girl didn’t notice the changes in the Red Mansion, she saw the drunk tangerine peel, gently rebuked him, and then asked him to clean up. Chen Pi disappeared a little drunk when the girl came back, and greeted the teacher happily.

After Er Yuehong woke up and found that the girl was missing, he looked for his beloved wife along the way, and walked back to the old house. He sneaked into Chen Mansion and found the girl in his previous room. Just when Er Yuehong was about to take the girl away, Chen Pi also came to the room. He hadn’t enjoyed enough happy time with his wife, so naturally he refused to let Er Yuehong take her away. The master and the disciple have long since parted ways.

Now, for the same woman to fight, Chen Pi ignoring the girl present, shoots marbles at Er Yuehong, and Er Yuehong is afraid that Chen Pi will accidentally injure the girl, so she is slightly injured by blocking the bullet. . Seeing that Chen Pi was so rebellious, the girl asked him to confess his mistake to the master. Chen Pi always followed the girl’s will, so she knelt down and confessed. Seeing this, the girl pleaded with Er Yuehong for tangerine peel. Er Yuehong only sighed that the tangerine peel was hopeless, and then took the girl away from the Chen mansion in front of the tangerine peel.

The situation in Changsha City is very tight now, and Zhang Qishan and others decided to leave temporarily and take refuge in Bai Qiaozhai before considering the long-term plan. Yin Xinyue almost lost her attitude when she saw the girl who had come back from the dead, but she and the girl sisters were deeply in love and did not delve into it too much. When she arrived at Bai Qiao Village, she and Zhang Qishan talked about it. During the conversation, she seemed to be very envious of the feelings of the second master and his wife. When it came to the affection, she actually gave Zhang Qishan the marriage. Zhang Qishan and Yin Xinyue went round and round, and finally came to a day of mutual harmony.

Shi Huaichan hosted a few good friends, and February Hong introduced the girl to her. When Shi Huaichan saw the girl, her instincts were different. Then she took the opportunity to touch the pulse of the girl’s wrist and found that she had no pulse, which was extremely weird. Afterwards, Shi Huaichan found Qi Tiezui in private to verify. Qi Tiezui said frankly that in fact, everyone had thoughts about the girl in their hearts, just to make Erye happy, so they accompany him in this scene.

The girl was getting more and more wrong. Everyone saw that Er Yuehong had actually noticed something wrong from various signs, but he chose to deceive himself. Qi Tiezui couldn’t see it, and wanted to persuade Er Yuehong to wake up. He didn’t expect that Er Yuehong was so obsessed that he would scold Zhang Qishan and Qi Tiezui, saying that they all wanted to die. Just as everyone was arguing, Xinyue and the girl entered the room with tea, and suddenly, the girl disappeared in front of everyone.

Er Yuehong lost her girl again, and immediately lost his reason. He took out a gun and pointed it at Qi Tiezui, asking him to pay for his life. Zhang Qishan stood in front of Qi Tiezui, bluffing Er Yuehong and asking him to shoot. After all, Er Yuehong still couldn’t do it, but the girl’s departure made him a little bit irreconcilable. He threatened to break off friendship with Zhang Qishan and the others.

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