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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 37 Recap

Everyone came back to Changsha City in the world of falling copper. Er Yuehong went back to his Red Mansion alone in the city, where he saw the girl who dreamed of her dreams. Zhang Qishan and others chased Er Yuehong back to Changsha City, but they felt that something was wrong here, so they decided to go home and see what happened.

Zhang Qishan returned to Zhang Mansion and saw his dead father and a group of elders. Zhang Qishan was reprimanded by his father and other elders, saying that he had let everyone die in vain. It turned out that Zhang’s father took everyone away from his home in the northeast in order to get rid of the fate of the Zhang family, but now what Zhang Qishan has done has allowed the Zhang family to return to that unforgettable fate. However, Zhang Qishan was determined.

He knew that his father had died and that the people of the Zhang family would not be so timid. Zhang’s father taught him to worry about the country and the people. In the face of the Japanese invasion, he needed to lend a helping hand for the motherland. Not as selfish as the person in front of you. Zhang Qishan yelled at the father and elders in front of him, and these people disappeared in smoke, which made Zhang Qishan even more sure that the world was fake.

Qi Tiezui also went home. When he went back, he found that there was no one in the house. Although he felt different in his heart, he also sat down for a while and had a drink alone, and rested a little. At this time, he found that the moon in the sky had changed to the last quarter moon, which was different from the first quarter moon when they entered the tomb. He was surprised that it was different, so he immediately went to Zhang Qishan. Adjutant Zhang then joined them. Through what they saw and heard here, the three of them all thought that the world was too weird, so they decided to find Er Yuehong, and they were bound to take him away.

After the reunion of Er Yuehong and the girl, he was immersed in this world. He took the girl to stroll on the street, and then came to the street where he used to eat noodles. When Er Yuehong found that the people around him were expressionless and lifeless, he also noticed that the world was very strange, but he was unmoved, because there are girls in this world, and there are girls in this world, so he won’t go anywhere. .

Zhang Qishan and others found Er Yuehong and found the girl next to him, and immediately wanted to persuade Er Yuehong to recognize the real world so that he should not be immersed in the illusion and unable to extricate himself. But Er Yuehong refused Zhang Qishan’s kindness, and he was determined to be with the girl. Zhang Qishan was helpless. In order to protect the integrity of Er Yuehong, he proposed to take the girl away from here. Er Yuehong also agreed with this idea, although she did not know if she would die again if she left here.

Everyone turned back together, and the girl got closer to the meteorite, and her body became weaker and weaker. Everyone encountered tangerine peel at the meteorite copper, and immediately fell into a fierce battle. During the fight, Chen Pi inadvertently walked around the girl who was resting on the falling copper. He fixed his eyes and found that his beloved teacher was right in front of him and still had a breath. Then he muttered to himself like ecstasy and forgot. He is still fighting against other people. Zhang Qishan took advantage of Chenpi’s unsuspecting moment, and then sneaked on and knocked him unconscious. Everyone took the girl and fled back to the exit.

Lord Belle greeted everyone at the exit. He was surprised to see that in addition to the few people who entered the mine before, there was an extra girl. Zhang Qishan is also full of doubts about the girl’s death and resurrection, just like Belle.

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