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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 19 Recap

Facing the aggressive Yan Lie, Zeng Shushu and others had to leave the City Lord’s Mansion. The dog master, who had been waiting outside, found that Zhang Xiaofan and others had been driven out, and invited them to the Yizhuang to meet with Baguio and Mr. Ghost.

Zeng Shushu told Mr. Gui that the people in the city were all poisoned, and asked him if he could remove the poison and rescue the people. Mr. Gui guessed that the poison god used to make the gu should be the stolen Yanxia golden light furnace in Tianyin Pavilion. Now the color has turned green. Gu also uses this thing. Zhang Xiaofan believes that the various factions of Zhengma gathered in Yudu City. It seems that Yudu City and Wanfu Ancient Grottoes should be related, and they should join forces with Ghost King Zong.

Baguio told them that there was an underground palace in the Ten Thousand Bats Cave, and there were countless treasures, but there were so many institutions that it was difficult to enter. Yan Lie had not found it after digging for five years. Lin Jingyu guessed that Wanfu Ancient Caves were in Yudu City, and Mr. Gui decided to try Yan Lie through a scam.

It turned out that Jinpinger’s acacia faction had united with the Ghost King Zong and was ready to deal with Wandu Sect. Mr. Ghost is preparing to attack Yudu City together with Baguio and Jin Ping’er, allowing Qingyunmen disciples to take the opportunity to enter Yudu City from the secret road of Kongsang Mountain and rescue the old city owner.

The next day, Zhang Xiaofan and others groped forward in the cave using the gloomy light from the fire stick. They were going to solve Yan Lie first, and then deal with the Ghost King Sect. Then it would be much easier. However, Zhang Xiaofan worried that he would not do anything to Baguio. Lu Xueqi asked Zeng Shushu what Mr. Gui had negotiated with him to exchange terms. Zeng Shushu told her that Mr. Gui let him succeed as the city lord, because only the city lord knew a secret under Yudu City and Kongsang Mountain.

At this time, Yan Lie was casting a spell to ask the old city lord whether the heavenly book was hidden in the Wanbat Cave. Although the old city lord was controlled, he still gritted his teeth about such a major secret and refused to tell Yan Lie. Until this time, the lord of the city knew that Yan Lie was not an ordinary person, and questioned his identity. Qin Wuyan, who had been keeping a low profile for five years, told the old city lord of his true identity, and the old city lord knew that he had been deceived.

Qin Wuyan, who had dug the enchantment of the Wanbat Ancient Cave, was naturally unwilling to give up, and cast a spell again to force the Old City Lord, who said that the entrance and exit was in the center. At this time, the people who had come to report to the ghost Wangzong and Hehuan faction had already invaded Yudu City, and Yudu City was in a melee. Baguio saw Yan Lie coming from Mercedes, knowing that he was Qin Wuyan, and was about to rush towards Qin Wuyan.

Mr. Ghost asked her to watch the changes and waited for Zhang Xiaofan to find the foundation of the black-hearted old man—Dixuedong. It turned out that Mr. Ghost had long seen that Zhang Xiaofan had an extraordinary good fortune. As long as Zhang Xiaofan defeated Qin Wuyan, he could take the opportunity to find the whereabouts of the heavenly book.

Zhang Xiaofan in the secret path discovered the magic weapon and realized that there was power to influence the magic weapon. Suddenly, thousands of bats flew out of the secret tunnel, and everyone hurriedly fell down to avoid the bats. Moving on, Zhang Xiaofan found that there seemed to be a lot of space in the secret road, and Zeng Shushu speculated that it should have arrived under the city lord of Yudu City. Lu Xueqi sealed this place with the Divine Sword Guarding Lightning Technique to prevent disciples from the Ten Thousand Poison Gate entering.

Zhang Xiaofan and others finally came out of the secret road and sneaked into the city lord’s mansion. Zeng Shushu found his grandfather and hurriedly drank the old city lord the medicine given by Mr. Ghost, leaving him unconscious for the time being.

In Yudu City, Baguio saw that Jin Ping’er was in danger, and hurried to help, fighting with Qin Wuyan. Seeing the critical situation, Qin Wuyan’s senior hurriedly took out the Golden Light Furnace and was captured by Axiang Volley. At this time, Xiaohuan deliberately ran over to tell Qin Wuyan that the old city lord had gone crazy somehow. Qin Wuyan hurried to the City Lord’s Mansion, and was controlled by Zeng Shushu as soon as he entered the door.

Zhang Xiaofan wondered how Mr. Ghost knew that his magic weapon had the ability to absorb spiritual power, but he still cooperated with Lin Jingyu and A to cast the spell to break the blood gu in the Golden Light Furnace, and the poison gu, so the people in Yudu City were sober. Come, the fighting stopped immediately.

Zeng Shushu forced Qin Wuyan to ask for an antidote. Qin Wuyan told Zeng Shushu that Master Gu was in the hands of Master Poison, and he would not give the Lord of the Acropolis an antidote. What’s more, the Lord of the Acropolis had run out of oil and would not live long even if the Gu was relieved. There is also Li Xunwei To bury himself, Qin Wuyan only wanted to die quickly. Zeng Shushu’s questioning was fruitless, and Lu Xueqi used the magic sword to protect Qin Wuyan from thunder strikes.

In order to ask about Li Xun’s whereabouts, Qin Wuyan had to pretend to agree to take them to Li Xun. Lu Xueqi saw Li Xun fall to the ground and hurriedly checked Li Xun’s situation. Qin Wuyan suddenly chanted a spell. Li Xun, who had been poisoned, suddenly attacked Lu Xueqi. Qin Wuyan took the opportunity to escape.

Not long after Qin Wuyan escaped, he was stopped by Baguio and the dog. Master Gou rushed forward, but cut the rope on Qin Wuyan’s body in the melee. Qin Wuyan escaped all the way and was surrounded by Lin Jingyu and others who had rushed over. Qin Wuyan, who had no way to escape, had to jump into the secret road.

Qin Wuyan fled into the secret road and found that there was no way to go. He took out Zhan Xiangsi, opened the seal of Wanbat Ancient Cave by the method of dying together, and escaped into Wanbat Ancient Cave. Qin Wuyan in the Wanbat Cave suddenly found many blood bats. He forced himself to calm down, step by step towards the depths of the underground palace.

After the Lord of the Acropolis woke up, he told everyone that the black-hearted old man in the Blood Refining Hall liked the aura of Yudu City and built the underground palace here. Afterwards, due to internal conflicts in the teaching, he was in love with Mrs. Jinling. There are many vicious magic weapons left in the underground palace.

In order to avoid these evil things from harming the world, the people of Yudu City completely closed the entrance of the underground palace and let the ancient city lord keep secret. Now that Qin Wuyan opened the underground palace, the lord of the city was afraid that the world would fall into a bloody storm again, and was ready to let the guards catch Qin Wuyan. The Qingyunmen disciples accepted the teacher training to investigate the Wanbat Ancient Caves.

Naturally, they had no shirk, but Lu Xueqi refused to enter the underground palace on the grounds that Baguio was a member of the magic sect. Mr. Ghost told them that the Wanbat Cave was built by the black hearted old man, and it was extremely dangerous inside. Baguio was a member of the ghost king and knew how to crack the mechanism. Zhang Xiaofan knew that if Baguio wanted to retreat, it would be beneficial and harmless for Baguio to enter the underground palace, and agreed to Mr. Ghost’s suggestion.

After Zeng Shushu handed over Yudu City to Li Xun to take care of it, he entered the secret path with everyone. Baguio tells everyone that to enter this place, you must follow your own arrangements and you must not act rashly. Suddenly, everyone smelled a weird smell and saw the remains scattered on the ground. Everyone realized that there were blood bats hidden inside. They might come out to harm the people and seal the hole before they filed in.

Everyone cautiously walked around the blood bats. Baguio reached out and touched the place where Qin Wuyan was casting the spell. The pungent smell caused Zeng Shushu and others to sneeze. The blood bats were alarmed and flew towards them. Zeng Shushu took out his treasure mirror to resist. The blood bat, however, its skill was greatly reduced in a short while, and the light was faint. Soon Bao Jing was captured by the blood bat.

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