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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 36 Recap

When Qi Tiezui saw the epitaph on the stele, he knelt on his knees, and muttered something. It turns out that this tomb is the tomb of Qingwuzi. Qingwuzi was the ancient Fengshui master and the person Qi Tiezui most respected. According to legend, he found a piece of meteorite falling from the sky, but the meteorite was too large to be removed, so Qingwuzi had to build the tomb around the meteorite.

Later, with the passage of time, the landslides, the tombs and meteorite copper were buried in the ground. Unexpectedly, many years later, such a big mine was born. In this way, the purpose of the Japanese is obvious, they want to obtain meteorite so that they can do secret experiments. Before Mizhi Hatoyama also read the local county chronicles and learned that there was a meteorite landing here, and Feng Shui masters are also very active here, so he explored this mine.

Everyone continued to move forward and found a cave entrance. Looking from the entrance of the cave, they found that the inside was a bigger and weird tomb. This tomb is very large, with water underneath, and then iron cables stretched out in all directions to hang a platform in the middle. On the platform was a giant object. Zhang Qishan guessed that this was the piece of meteorite copper.

Everyone cautiously walked along the iron cable to the platform. Unexpectedly, there was a foreign object under the iron cable, which could attack people. One of his subordinates slipped and almost fell into the water. Everyone was very nervous and made a little nervous. Fortunately Zhang Qishan Calm enough to stabilize the military spirit.

Surprised, everyone finally came to the meteorite. They explored around and found a coffin under the water. After seeing it, Qi Tiezui concluded that it was the coffin of Qingwuzi, and then knelt down and bowed. Zhang Qishan discovered that there seemed to be another world in the meteorite copper, so he asked everyone to enter the meteorite copper with them.

Sure enough, they came to another world created by the meteorite copper. Inside, they found a mechanism for the coffin to rise, and then opened the coffin smoothly. After the coffin was opened, Master Qingwuzi’s body was completely intact, just like a living person sleeping, which made everyone couldn’t help but praise the magic of falling copper.

Chen Pi found the pattern of the tomb, followed the trail of February Hong and the others, and finally came to Qingwuzi’s tomb. When passing through the iron rope, all of his men were thrown into the water by the foreign objects under the iron rope, and finally only a few people and tangerine peel came to the meteorite platform.

Chen Pi studied the meteorite copper and found that Zhang Qishan and the others were in the meteorite copper, which made Chen Pi a little confused. After Chen Pi found the coffin under the water, he wanted to let his men enter the water to detect objects. They wanted to resist, but Chen Pi put them all into the water, preferring to let them die and not allow them to resist themselves.

Er Yuehong found a line beside Qingwuzi’s coffin, engraved “The dead are the living”, he suddenly thought of the girl, and then rushed out of the tomb room as if losing his mind and left the brigade. Zhang Qishan and others immediately caught up with February Red.

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