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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 35 Recap

Yin Xinyue temporarily lives in Zhang’s Mansion to help her husband stare at the eyeliner sent by Lu Jianxun, while Zhang Qishan temporarily retreats to Huixinzhai and begins to negotiate about the grave. Lord Baylor came to Changsha as a guest at the invitation of Zhang Qishan. In fact, Zhang Qishan wanted to entertain Lord Baylor, but also wanted Lord Baylor to come forward and negotiate with Lu Jianxun and the others.

Since Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong are wanted criminals at this time, it is inconvenient to come forward, and they want to go to the mine earlier than Lu Jianxun and others, but at this time Chen Pi and Huo Sanniang have already placed a lot of manpower inside and outside the mine. Head-to-head may hurt both sides, so the respected Lord Baylor became the best candidate to negotiate for Zhang Qishan.

In order to hide Zhang Qishan’s whereabouts, Lord Belle was accompanied by Qi Tiezui during this negotiation, and Yin Xinyue also lent her listener to Lord Belle in case of emergency.

Lu Jianxun, Huo Sanniang and Chen Pi came to the hotel to wait at the appointment of Lord Belle. Lord Baylor was late on purpose on purpose and made a big show when he arrived, hoping to give Lu Jianxun and the others a good start. When it came to the dinner table, Lord Baylor made things difficult for Chenpi and showed a disdainful attitude in front of Lu Jianxun, making Lu, Huo, and Chen very upset, but due to the status of Lord Baylor, they did not dare to speak.

Lord Belle brought out his own good wine and food to entertain them, and after a few cups, he began to hook up with Lu Jianxun and talk about the wine. Just as Lu Jianxun was dizzy, Lord Belle suddenly changed his conversation and told him about going to the grave. Lu Jianxun seemed to not want Lord Belle to share a piece of the pie with him, but Lord Belle ridiculed that they were not able to go to the mine because of their lack of ability. Then he let the Tingnu show his hand in front of them, showing his wealth and character, so that Lu Jianxun could not refuse. .

After Lu Jianxun agreed to cooperate with Lord Belle, they separately sent their own men to prepare to go to the mine, and Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong mixed in with Lord Belle. The sharp-eyed tangerine peel noticed that Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong were here, and immediately told Lu Jianxun. At this time, Lu Jianxun persuaded him not to act rashly, so they needed to take action during the next tomb. Chen Pi thought about it and agreed, because if they don’t go to the tomb, they may not get the treasure that can bring the wife back to life.

Several people went down to the tomb together. Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong had already walked through the maze once, so this time they took their own people to the front, taking the opportunity to get rid of them.

Chen Pi was left behind by Zhang Qishan and the others, and was still lost in the tomb. At this time, one of his staff mentioned that if they can get rid of them smoothly, they must be familiar with the road here, so the road here is actually regular. Chen Pi was inspired to find the law of the tomb maze.

Zhang Qishan and the others came to a tomb that they hadn’t seen before, so they moved on. They opened a new door and found that there was another empty and mysterious tomb. There were several stone tablets in the center. The middle stone tablet was carved on it. Qingwujing.

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