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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 18 Recap

Lin Jingyu and Baguio had already fought against the old blood-sucking demon and Hundred Poison when they were at the Wandumen, but they had never seen Poison Master Qin Wuyan. Baguio guessed Poison Master might be hiding in Yudu City, Zhang Xiaofan treated Yan Lie Jin Ping’er’s attitude suggests that Yan Lie is the poisonous son Qin Wuyan. Baguio was about to test Yan Lie, and then found evidence.

They saw Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan put on the clothes of the King of Ghosts, and went to Jinxiu Square to find Yan Lie’s subordinates and asked to see Poison Young Master. Lin Jingyu secretly followed the man. At the same time, Ah Xiang sneaked into Jinxiufang to find Ding Ling to inquire about Yan Lie’s actions after occupying Jinxiufang. He told Ding Ling not to come out no matter what happened.

While Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan were waiting, the lights suddenly dimmed, and Qin Wuyan quietly entered the room. He told Baguio that the Venom God had just withdrawn from the Serpent Valley, and he wanted to form an alliance to find the Venom God. Baguio told him that the King of Ghosts could not meet the conditions put forward by the Poison God, but the King of Ghosts could do his best to help the Poison King to take the upper position and give him the antidote for Wanqi Pill.

Qin Wuyan was just a little moved when he suddenly heard from the backyard. A loud noise hurriedly forced the two back and rushed to the backyard. The loud noise turned out to be that when Ah Xiang saw the Tianyin Pavilion Supreme Golden Light Furnace, he rushed up to take it despite Lin Jingyu’s persuasion, but was hurt by the Golden Light Furnace.

Qin Wuyan rushed to the backyard and saw Lin Jingyu and Ah Xiang, who was holding the Golden Light Stove, rushed out, and immediately fought with Lin Jingyu. At this time, Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan followed, Baguio hurried to help. After repelling Qin Wuyan, everyone fled from Jinxiufang in a hurry.

Zhang Xiaofan speculated that Yan Lie was the poisonous son based on the person’s height and posture. Baguio thought that this move had already started to startle the snake. Now the enemy is dark and I know, so I can only stabilize him first and figure out what kind of poison he is using. Zong asked someone to help deal with him.

The dog master who was about to return to the ghost kingzong went to find Xiaohuan to say goodbye. He told Xiaohuan that he had been raised by a dog since childhood. He took out the dog teeth and gave it to Xiaohuan. Xiaohuan refused to accept it, and the dog master pulled the dog teeth. Give it to Xiaohuan. At this time, Lu Xueqi passed by and hurriedly stopped the dog master. The dog master sought Lu Xueqi’s revenge, but she was defeated by Lu Xueqi with a few tricks.

Gouye, who was suffering from a splitting headache, returned to Shanhaiyuan. Baguio learned of the situation and hurriedly rescued Gouye. At this time, Qin Wuyan was about to attack Baguio. Fortunately, Lu Xueqi tracked it down, repelled Qin Wuyan and saved Baguio.

Yan Lie told the Lord of the Acropolis that he had found a green alchemy furnace in Jinxiufang with evil spells on it. The poison in the Lord of the Acropolis was probably made by this alchemy furnace. However, the alchemy furnace was stolen and stolen. The person walking the alchemy furnace may be the person who colluded with Jin Ping’er in order to destroy the evidence. As long as you find this thing, you can find Jin Ping’er’s accomplices. Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan just passed by here and heard the conversation between them.

Zeng Shushu heard that Yan Lie was looking for Old City Lord again, and hurried to find Yan Lie to avenge him. Zhang Xiaofan told Zeng Shushu that he must not start the snake again at this time, otherwise the poison in the Old City Lord’s body cannot be solved. Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly told Lu Xueqi and Zeng Shushu that they had already worked with Baguio to find out that Yan Lie might be the poisonous son. Lu Xueqi complained that they still believe in the demon cult. At this time, Lu Xueqi regretted saving Baguio. Zhang Xiaofan had to let them give him an hour and go to Baguio to check the situation.

Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu rushed to Baguio’s residence and found that the master Baguio invited was Mr. Ghost. Seeing the two of them, Baguio hurriedly complained that on the one hand, they were disdainful of their own demon sect, on the other hand, they kept asking for help. Mr. Gui believed that at this time, the life of Yuducheng was a matter of life, regardless of righteous and evil, because of the wild dogs Has been poisoned.

Mr. Gui went to the city lord’s mansion to check the pulse of the old city lord, and Yan Lie on the side told him that the old city lord had just gotten a serious illness and he could not let him, an unknown person, treat the old city lord. The old city owner agreed, Mr. Gui lied that the old city owner was in good health and he did not need to take medicine.

It turned out that Mr. Ghost discovered that the lord of the city had been infected with Gu poison for at least five years, and it was already a dying year at this time. If he rushed out of the Gu, it would only endanger his life. Mr. Ghost told them that as long as they find Mother Gu, everything can be solved.

Zhang Xiaofan and the others asked Zeng Shushu to pull the small ring to experiment to see if the Gu worm could be found according to the formation drawn by Mr. Ghost. Taking advantage of this time, the two Qingyunmen disciples analyzed that the purpose of the two Daoist and Demons gathered in Kongsang Mountain should be to find the Wanbat Ancient Cave, especially the Wandu Gate. Their plan may have begun five years ago. At this time, Zeng Shushu pulled Xiaohuan here, but Xiaohuan refused to cooperate, and Lin Jingyu had to ask Zhang Xiaofan to find Xiaohuan.

Following Yan Lie’s suggestion, the lord of the city searched the alchemy furnace throughout the city, and Ah Xiang had to give it to Lin Jingyu for safekeeping.

Zhang Xiaofan lied about taking Xiaohuan to find the Old City Lord, but seeing Xiaohuan unwilling to cooperate, he stunned her and put her into the formation. Lin Jingyu, Zeng Shushu, and Ah Xiang were driving their skills. When Lu Xueqi arrived, they saw them rushing into the formation around Xiaohuan. Zeng Shushu asked Zhang Xiaofan to replace her and rush into the formation to stop Lu Xueqi.

Unexpectedly, Everyone found that Lu Xueqi and Zeng Shushu had also been poisoned, and hurriedly drove their internal forces to force out the worm. Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu followed the Gu worm all the way, and found that it flew straight to the residence of the Old City Lord. The body of the Guardian City Lord should be where the Gu mother was.

Zeng Shushu was worried about his grandfather’s safety, so he hurt Zhang Xiaofan who had stopped him without a word. Zhang Xiaofan naturally knew the pain of losing his relatives. He could understand Zeng Shushu’s psychology at this time, and patiently advised Zeng Shushu and other ghosts to come and drive Gu.

Mr. Ghost asked and learned that these Zhonggu people had only drank the water in the river channel recently, and it was speculated that Yan Lie was in the river channel. Zeng Shushu hurriedly begged Mr. Ghost to save his grandfather.

Yan Lie led the city guard to surround Shanhaiyuan, Baguio was about to argue with him, Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly grabbed Baguio. Yan Lie took out the city lord’s token and manuscript to expel the demons like Baguio. At this time, Zeng Shushu explained as the new city lord that all this has nothing to do with the King of Ghosts. Mr. Gui did not want to see Zeng Shushu embarrassed, and left Yudu City with Baguio.

After Mr. Gui and Baguio left Yudu City, Zeng Shushu felt more and more strongly that even if the Gu worm was removed, Grandpa would not be able to return to his original appearance. After so much, Zeng Shushu suddenly understood the heavy responsibility on his shoulders.

All the people in the city were controlled by Yan Lie because of the poison. Zhang Xiaofan was determined to wait patiently for when Yan Lie was the most arrogant and underestimated the enemy. Unexpectedly, when Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan rushed to the city lord’s mansion, Yan Lie led people to stop them. The old city lord was controlled by Yan Lie and accused Zeng Shushu and the demon cult. Zeng Shushu argued that Yan Lie was born in a tens of thousands of poisonous families and wanted to monopolize the capital. Yan Lie took out the green incense burner to frame it in Zeng Shu’s study room.

The owner of the Weicheng suddenly hysterically accused Zeng Shushu of being presumptuous. Zeng Shushu saw his grandfather’s pitiful look, and rushed forward to fight Yan Lie to the end. Yan Lie ordered his subordinates to take them down on the grounds that Zeng Shushu tried to assassinate the city lord. Otherwise, they must leave Yudu City.

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