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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 17 Recap

The reason why the medicine man was not controlled by the poison king but rushed towards the disciples of the Wandu Sect was because Baguio moved his hands and feet in the blood gu of the beast god. Once Baguio used his mana, the medicine man naturally rushed to the poison king, Baguio and Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi worked together to repel the poison king.

Lin Jingyu learned from Baguio that Zhang Xiaofan was at the Stargazing Cliff and wanted to go to the Stargazing Cliff with her. However, Lu Xueqi didn’t believe what Baguio said, and asked Lin Jingyu to report to Yudu City and inform the host of the Weicheng City to send someone. Check this place carefully, and go to Stargazing Cliff with Baguio to find out.

In the star-gazing cliff, the cliff owner placed Zhang Xiaofan under the spirit stone and immediately cast a spell, and saw a blue light rushing into the sky. Baguio prayed silently for Zhang Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan finally slowly opened his eyes and called out Baguio’s Name, Baguio hurried forward, very happy in her heart. After Zhang Xiaofan woke up, he found that although Heaven and Earth Mingshi helped him recast the meridians and suppress toxicity, his internal strength was hindered.

Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan both help each other and have a good feeling for each other. They look at each other with affection. Zhang Xiaofan told Baguio that when he was in a coma, he always felt that she was by his side with only a little sense of consciousness, and the two looked at each other like this for a long, long time. Baguio was finally going back.

Zhang Xiaofan kept watching her back disappear, turning his head to see Lu Xueqi staring at herself behind him. Lu Xueqi admired Zhang Xiaofan’s life to save people, but the person he rescued was the magic sect Baguio. Lu Xueqi reminded Zhang Xiaofan that he and Lin Jingyu seemed to be getting deeper and deeper in the magic sect, and they must rein in the cliff.

The institutions set up by Wan Pomen in Kongsang Mountain were all destroyed, and the Poison God was seriously injured, so he had to hand over the beast spirit blood gu to Yan Lie so that he could seize Yudu City. It turned out that Yan Lie was Qin Wuyan, the well-known poisonous son of the Wandu Family.

After the Lord of the Acropolis and Xiaohuan drank Yayan grass, the poisoning condition improved a lot. Zeng Shushu thought that the matter had nothing to do with Jin Ping’er and planned to put Jin Ping’er. Yan Lie told Zeng Shushu that after all the poisonous liquor was found in Jinxiufang, she could not rule out her collusion with Wandumen.

Once Jinpinger is released, if the safety of Yudu City is threatened again, she does not know what countermeasures should be taken. The Lord of the Acropolis believed that it was because he was too indulgent in the past that caused today’s catastrophe. Now for the sake of the safety of the people in Yudu City, Yan Lie asked Yan Lie to carefully investigate the situation of the magic sect, and he should not let Jin Ping’er rashly.

This experience of life from death gave Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu more trust in Baguio. However, Zhang Xiaofan has doubts about Yan Lie, who only came to Yudu City five years ago to take charge of safety inside and outside the city.

Yan Lie told the lord of the Weicheng that the investigation learned that Li Xun and Jin Ping’er had stolen the drawings for canal repair and raised silver together. The Lord of the Acropolis originally did not believe that Li Xun would do such a thing. Yan Lie secretly used a spell to control the idea of ​​the Lord of the Acropolis. The Old City Lord suddenly changed his attitude and asked Yan Lie to interrogate him after he found it out.

Xiaohuan was able to walk down, and Zeng Shushu helped her take a walk outside. He told Xiaohuan that after his grandfather was poisoned, his temper became worse and worse and he could not listen to other people’s advice.

At this time, Zhou Yixian, who had already given the pulse of the Weicheng Lord, told Zeng Shushu that the pulse of the old city Lord was good and there was no problem. Zeng Shushu was still worried about Grandpa and stayed with the lord of Weicheng until late at night. After seeing Grandpa awake, Zeng Shushu pestered him to tell himself the story of Gonggong and Zhuanxu fighting for the emperor.

The next day, facing the stolen goods provided by Yan Lie, Lord Weicheng and Zeng Shushu were very angry. Li Xun admitted that he and Jin Ping’er stole the drawings together. However, since he was a child, he has not been short of food and clothing, and there is no need to steal these funds. Someone must have planted himself.

The Lord of the Acropolis was furious and did not listen to Li Xun’s excuse at all, so he returned to Fenxiang Valley. Afterwards, the lord of the city asked Yan Lie to expel Jin Ping’er from Yudu City. Ah Xiang asked Yan Lie to let Jin Ping’er and Ding Ling say a few more words. Jin Ping’er told Ding Ling that he must be careful in the future and keep Jinxiufang, a place where the sisters can stand, and he will return soon.

Ah Xiang told Zhang Xiaofan, Lin Jingyu and others that Yan Lie divided the Fairview Square into two parts based on Jin Ping’er and his comrades. The embroidered women could only be active in the front hall, and the city guards supervised the activities of the embroidered women. Lin Jingyu thought that Yudu City should have no problems after Wandumen left. Ah Xiang heard Lin Jingyu mention the Wandu Sect and complained that they didn’t bring themselves when they drove through the Sangshan Mountain, so that he missed the opportunity to find the Wandu Sect to settle accounts, because the Wandun Sect stole it when he attacked Tianyin Pavilion.

The golden incense burner of Tianyin Pavilion for refining medicine. Zhang Xiaofan recalled that when he was captured by the poison god, he had seen the green incense burner they used. The poison god seemed to have arranged it for a long time. Now although the poison god is seriously injured and flees, he must be careful to prevent them from coming back.

Lin Jingyu analyzed that after Li Xun stole the drawings, his goal has been achieved, and there is no need to steal any more silver. On the contrary, Yan Lie acted resolutely and unfathomably, perhaps he framed Li Xun. A Xiang thinks that if Yan Lie wants to frame the city lord, he doesn’t have to spend a lot of time, because everyone is at odds.

Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan asked Baguio about the Poison Gate. Baguio told them that the Poison Gate originated in southern Xinjiang. It used to be an unknown faction until a disciple inadvertently obtained a copy of Poison in the death swamp. Jinghe Handful of Acacia Slash, use Acacia Slash to kill all those who oppose him, claiming to be a poisonous god, and use Wanqi Pill to control three powerful subordinates: the blood-sucking old demon, the Hundred Poisonous, and the poisonous master Qin Wuyan.

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