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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 16 Recap

Baguio told Lin Jingyu that the cliff yancao was the flower that bloomed around her when the sage of Miaojiang died. This kind of flower can restrain the animal gods and may detoxify. Lin Jingyu realized that Xiao Fan would be in danger, and hurriedly went to find Xiao Fan, and Baguio also followed. Lin Jingyu believes that Baguio’s Ghost King Sect and Wandu Sect are both demon sects.

If they can’t explain to the Ghost King if they fight with them, Baguio tells Lin Jingyu that Ghost King Sect is totally different from the so-called righteous people. Lin Jingyu had to find Xiaofan with Baguio to do the same thing behind the other. They found the medicine bag that Xiaofan had dropped and realized that Zhang Xiaofan was nearby.

The Poison God, the master of Wandu Gate, interrogated Zhang Xiaofan’s purpose of Qingyun Gate to Yudu, and Zhang Xiaofan was naturally unwilling to answer. The poison god decided to let his disciples take the Azure Cloud Gate skill from Zhang Xiaofan, and then make him a medicine man.

When Lin Jingyu and Baguio looked for Zhang Xiaofan, they found that the blood dragonflies were all flying into the fog. Baguio realized that the fog was poisonous, so they wanted to check the situation. Lin Jingyu held Baguio’s wrist worriedly. Baguio told Lin Jingyu that when he was a child, he had taken the Pigu Pill sent by the poison god when he formed an alliance, and the magic of the Wandumen hardly worked for him.

For this reason, Lin Jingyu was not relieved to let Baguio go in alone. He was going to draw away the disciples of Wandumen lurking in the fog and cover Baguio to find Zhang Xiaofan’s whereabouts. Baguio was very pleased to hear this, and happily went to look for Zhang Xiaofan.

Lin Jingyu sacrificed the Dragon Slashing Sword, and saw the Dragon Slashing Sword transform into a shadow of a thousand dao swords, breaking through the fog, stabbing the disciples of Wandumen who were patrolling, and fell to the ground. The other disciples of Wandumen heard the movement and hurriedly chased them out, Baguio took the opportunity to break into Wandumen.

When the Wandumen disciple ingested Zhang Xiaofan’s practice, he found that he couldn’t do it at all, and was hurt by Zhang Xiaofan’s practice. Zhang Xiaofan was strongly stimulated by the outside world, and suddenly used his force to break free from the shackles and escape the cell, just when he met Baguio. Baguio helped Xiaofan into a cave to heal him.

Zhang Xiaofan believed that they were near the Wandu Gate and had to wait and see what happened. Faced with Zhang Xiaofan’s gratitude, Baguio told Zhang Xiaofan that if Lin Jingyu hadn’t knelt down three times and begged to save him, he would not help him. Upon hearing this, Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly asked about Lin Jingyu’s situation. Baguio saw the extraordinary relationship between Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu, and hurriedly asked about the things between them. Zhang Xiaofan told Baguio all the things between him and Lin Jingyu.

When Baguio heard Qingyunmen say that Zhang Xiaofan was learning from the side, it was very unfair for Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan has been under the influence of Qingyunmen for many years, and has long regarded Qingyunmen as his home. This experience has even understood that the meaning of swordsman is not the level of martial arts. Zhang Xiaofan’s words evoked Baguio’s memories of her mother. Zhang Xiaofan decided to send Baguio to her father. Baguio couldn’t think of Zhang Xiaofan’s mediocre martial arts, and he was very pleased to say this.

When the poison god heard the news of Zhang Xiaofan’s escape, he was furious. He thought Zhang Xiaofan had been poisoned and should not run too far, so he asked his disciples to follow the blood dragonfly to find the poisoned Zhang Xiaofan.

Baguio noticed a lot of blood dragonflies flying in the cave suddenly, and hurriedly helped Zhang Xiaofan to run out to the edge of a cliff. At this time, the disciples of Wandumen chased after the blood dragonfly. Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly fought to resist. Baguio’s magic suddenly seemed to fail. Zhang Xiaofan saw that Baguio was in a critical situation and hurriedly stood in front of Baguio. The man was shot down under the cliff by a disciple of Wandumen.

Baguio finally woke up from a coma and saw Zhang Xiaofan who was unconscious, and decided to heal Zhang Xiaofan with a heartbreaking flower. At this time, Zhang Xiaofan suddenly grabbed Baguio. He was gratified that he had protected Baguio, but he did not agree to let Baguio treat her injuries again and let her live well. After all this, Zhang Xiaofan fainted again.

Baguio hugged Zhang Xiaofan in her arms, very sad. At this moment, a middle-aged man in plain clothes suddenly came over from one side. The inspection revealed that Zhang Xiaofan was very poisonous, and when he fell off the cliff, the meridians were broken, and the poison had spread to the internal organs, and the god Daluo could not save him. Baguio really didn’t want to watch Zhang Xiaofan die like this.

She found that Zhang Xiaofan was so angry, but there was still a magic weapon hidden in it. Baguio speculated that this must be because of the spiritual power of the cliff. The plain-clothed man asked Baguio how he learned that Baguio quickly stated his identity—the daughter of the ghost king’s sect master, who is practicing ghosts. The plain-clothed man told Baguio that this cliff is called Stargazing Cliff. There is indeed aura in the cliff, which is hidden in the heaven and earth stone. In addition to making them immortal, this stone also holds up the entire stargazing cliff to form a knot.

The world is hidden in the mountains, and the star-gazing cliff is the source of the aura of the entire Kongsang Mountain and even Yudu City. However, after hundreds of years of this spirit stone, its divine power has gradually weakened. Now Wandumen is staring at it on one side. They are worried that after rescuing Zhang Xiaofan, the enchantment of spirit stone is bound to decline, so they dare not rush to help.

Besides, Lin Jingyu captured a disciple of the Wandu Sect from Kongsang Mountain. Zeng Shushu did both soft and hard, and finally opened his mouth and learned that the poison god was making medicine in Kongsang Mountain. At this time, Yan Lie came here, and the person was terrified when he saw Yan Lie. Zeng Shushu told Yan Lie that the reason why the water source was polluted was all caused by Wandumen. Yan Lie pretended to go to Kongsang Mountain to encircle the Ten Thousand Poison Gate, Lin Jingyu told him that the valley of Kongsang Mountain was filled with poisonous miasma, and that only the grass and scared snakes were going to go.

In order to save Zhang Xiaofan, Baguio prepared to leave the Stargazing Cliff and eradicate the door of Wandu. She entrusted Zhang Xiaofan to the Lord Cliff. The cliff owner sees that Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan are entangled in luck and will be entangled for the rest of their lives. In the future, Baguio may die because of Zhang Xiaofan, and he persuades Baguio not to risk saving Zhang Xiaofan. Baguio told the Lord Ya that it was the most important thing right now, and he wouldn’t watch Zhang Xiaofan die. After speaking, Baguio rose into the sky and headed straight to the Poison Gate.

The poison god sacrificed the magic weapon and finally succeeded in refining the blood gu of the beast spirit. At this time, the poison god no longer feared the ghost king. At this time, the disciple came to report to the ghost king Zong Suzaku Saint Envoy You Ji for seeing him. It turned out that Baguio learned from You Ji that she had a relationship with the poison god, and only then used illusion techniques to impersonate You Ji. When the poison god sees his old friend, he is naturally very happy.

Baguio lied that the ghost king asked the poison god to form an alliance to help the ghost king sect, and the poison god would talk about the alliance after recounting the old days. Faced with the temptation of the poison god, Baguio dealt with the situation according to what You Ji told herself. At this time, the poison god asked her to leave Huqishan and join the Wandu Gate. Baguio was about to take out a dagger to stab the poison god.

Suddenly, a disciple of the Wandu Sect told the poison god that two disciples of the Qingyun Sect rushed up. Hearing this, Poison God hurriedly wanted to clean up the Qingyunmen disciples before looking for You Ji to tell the old story. Baguio took the opportunity to walk to the room where Poison God refined Poison Gu, and took out Poison God Refining Poison Gu. When Baguio rushed to the yard, he saw Wandumen controlling the medicine man surrounding Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi, and hurriedly cast a spell to make these medicine man rush towards the poison god and others.

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