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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 15 Recap

Back in the Yudu City Lord’s Mansion, Zeng Shushu led Lin Jingyu to see the results of his new research. Unexpectedly, he couldn’t find the drawings. At this time, he learned the news that the bank was stolen.

Such a thing happened in Yudu City, which does not close his house on weekdays and nights, and the lord of the city was furious and blamed Yan Lie for his weak guards. The thief Li Xun called to catch the thief, and framed that all this was related to the demon sect. The Lord of the City instructed Yan Lie to track down the whereabouts of the drawings and the fundraising.

Zeng Shushu returned to the room and found the wooden parrot saying “Teach him a lesson”. Everyone guessed that this was what the culprit said was learned by the parrot. Lin Jingyu suspected that Baguio might have done it. Zhang Xiaofan retorted that Baguio really helped him. Lu Xueqi heard the conversation between the two of them and walked out.

At this time, the wooden parrot imitated the thief’s words and said “Master, teach him a lesson”. Zhang Xiaofan guessed that Li Xun might be doing a ghost.

Baguio learns that Lord Gou has kidnapped Xiaohuan, making trouble to act, and tells him to roll back to Huqishan. At this time, Lu Xueqi, who came to Baguio to settle the accounts, mistakenly believed that the dog was instigated by Baguio to make trouble from behind, and then stole the drawings and raised money. At this time, the wooden parrot developed by Zeng Shushu came to inform Lu Xueqi that the culprit had been found and asked her to go back quickly.

Here, the Lord of the Acropolis is worrying about the choice of the new city master: Although Zeng Shushu is kind-hearted, he does not know the sufferings of the world, and he often walks on the side of the sword, but still needs experience; although Li Xun acts calmly, he is arrogant and can not tolerate others, even Including Zeng Shushu. The old Weicheng lord feels that in this complicated situation, he must find a new city lord who has an open mind and can control people as soon as possible, so that the people of Yudu City can live and work in peace. After listening to Yan Lie’s analysis, the City Lord planned to observe the two grandsons for a while, and at the same time let Yan Lie assist the new City Lord well.

Xiaohuan tells Jin Ping’er that there are rumors that she is a wonderful son of the Acacia School, and she is worried that Jinxiu Fang will get into trouble. Jin Ping’er told Xiaohuan that he would keep a distance from them in complicated situations and let Xiaohuan take care of the two grandfathers. After all, Xiaohuan used to hurt her own life and drive away evil spirits for her own sake. Let down. At this time, Ding Ling came to tell Jin Ping’er that someone was looking for her outside. It turned out that Yan Lie came to check whether Jin Ping’er was related to the theft case last night. Faced with Yan Lie’s questioning, Jin Ping’er defended herself by giving wine to the old city lord.

After Jin Ping’er left, Xiao Huan found a scarlet dragonfly in the cage at Jinxiu Fang. He couldn’t help but open the cage to take a look. As a result, the dragonfly flew out of the cage. Xiao Huan hurriedly chased around, unknowingly out of Jinxiu. Fang, on the street. Gouye saw Xiaohuan and wanted to find Xiaohuan to settle the account, and followed Xiaohuan to find the valley. Xiaohuan found that there were a lot of blood-colored dragonflies on the mountain. They were flying around among the blood-red flowers. Suddenly, Xiaohuan was bitten by the blood-colored dragonfly and fell to the ground.

When the life was about to die, Gou hurriedly swung his sword, repelled a few blood-colored dragonflies, and brought the ring back to the station. On the one hand, Baguio accused the wild dogs of taking people home casually, and was worried that she would be a scapegoat at that time. On the other hand, she diagnosed that Xiaohuan was not deeply poisoned and would not endanger life, so she hurriedly asked wild dogs to send Xiaohuan back and then help Xiaohuan. Ring to find the antidote.

The wild dog Taoist rushed to the city lord’s mansion with Xiaohuan in his arms, and happened to ran into Li Xun and Lu Xueqi who were out looking for silver. Lu Xueqi thought it was a wild dog playing a ghost behind him and drew out the Tianya sword to stab the wild dog. Baguio hurriedly cast a spell to resist Lu Xueqi. The daughter of the ghost king was extraordinary and could fight against Lu Xueqi’s Tianya sword.

At this time, Lin Jingyu and others listened. When the movement ran out, the two were stopped. Lin Jingyu asked what Baguio did to Xiaohuan. Everything was in Baguio’s expectation. Even if they saved people, these so-called righteous people would not have the slightest gratitude for themselves. In the end, Monday Xian invited Baguio to the Fuzhong.

All medical experts gathered in the City Lord’s Mansion, but they didn’t know why Xiaohuan was poisoned and were helpless. Zhang Xiaofan asked Baguio why Xiaohuan was in her hands. Baguio lied that Xiaohuan had framed herself and showed her that she was bad. Zhang Xiaofan thought that Baguio would not do this and asked whether Baguio could detoxify. Baguio asked Lu Xueqi to kowtow to herself, and Lu Xueqi arrogantly walked away. Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu both kowtowed their heads to apologize for Lu Xueqi, and Baguio told them that he was responsible for the trouble caused by the Daoist.

However, Xiaohuan was indeed rescued by the Daoist. The merits and demerits were offset and the grievances were wiped out. If you want to get rid of the poison in the small ring, you have to go to Kongsang Mountain to extract a medicinal material called Yayancao before the sun sets. Zhang Xiaofan believed that what Baguio said was true, and asked Lin Jingyu to go to the place where Xiaohuan fell to find out, and he went to Kongsang Mountain to look for cliff swallows.

Yan Lie turned out to be the undercover agent of Wandumen in Yudu City. His task was to remove Jin Ping’er, so as to arouse the struggle between the two factions of righteous and demons and let Wandumen profit from it. However, at this time Zhou Yixian’s granddaughter was suddenly poisoned, and the Qingyunmen disciples were about to go to Kongsang Mountain. Yan Lie hurriedly told his brother about the situation. However, his brother thought that the Qingyunmen disciples were not enough, and asked Yan Lie to concentrate on dealing with Jin Ping’er.

Lin Jingyu went to find the valley and found that Jin Ping’er was picking the flowers where the ring fell on the ground, and pulled out the Dragon Slashing Sword to stab Jin Ping’er. After Jin Ping’er escaped, she told Lin Jingyu that she was also worried about Xiaohuan, and this trip was just to find clues. Jin Ping’er suspects that the poison in Xiaohuan is the blood of beast gods.

This toxin is only owned by the three schools of Ghost King Sect, Wandu Gate and Changshengtang. According to the style of Ghost King, Baguio cannot be poisoned. Xiaohuan may be unintentional. He was bitten by a dragonfly that sucked toxins in the flower, and then he was poisoned and fell.

Seeing the unconscious ring, the lord of the city was distressed and suddenly fell to the ground. The doctor took the pulse and found that his symptoms were somewhat similar to those of Xiaohuan, but the poison he suffered was caused by the accumulation of time. Yan Lie, who was next to him, told everyone that the lord of the city had hardly come into contact with unidentified food, but Jin Ping’er had once sent medicinal liquor to the lord of the old city.

Just when Jin Ping’er and Lin Jingyu returned to Jinxiufang, Yan Lie took people to wait for her to be arrested. Lin Jingyu told Yan Lie that there might be a misunderstanding. He wanted him to let Jin Ping’er go. Yan Lie asked his men to take Jin Ping’er. He took out the five-flowered stuffed rice that he gave to the lord of Weicheng, and pointed out the identity of Mr. Miao of the Jinpinger Acacia Sect.

Jin Ping’er retorted on the grounds that he had the same father and son with the Lord of the Weicheng, explaining that there was no motive for the Lord of the Weicheng. Yan Lie asked Jin Ping’er to personally try to see if the jar of wine was poisonous. Lin Jingyu suddenly thought of another method. Lin Jingyu picked up the wine in the jar and poured it on a flower, and the green flowers and trees withered immediately. Lin Jingyu told Jin Ping’er that he must investigate the matter and make it clear to her to be fair.

Zhang Xiaofan exhausted all the hardships and finally picked the cliff swallow grass on a cliff in Kongsang Mountain. Unexpectedly, he stepped on the air, and the screams drew two disciples from the Wandu Sect. Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly grabbed the crack in the stone and dared not go any further. There was a little movement, so nervous that I didn’t even notice the medicine bag dropped. Zhang Xiaofan heard the conversation between Wandumen disciples and learned that Wandumen was developing poison.

Zhang Xiaofan followed these two Wandumen disciples until they were in the old lair of Kongsang Mountain. He heard the conversation between the Wandumen and his subordinates and knew that they really wanted to take Yudu City. However, they did not know the animal blood developed. What effect will Gu have? Suddenly, a few blood dragonflies flew towards Zhang Xiaofan, he had to cast a spell to resist, and was found and taken down by the master of Wandu Gate.

Lin Jingyu found from Yan Lie’s calm expression that he was suspected of poisoning him. At this time, they found that Zhang Xiaofan had not come back at this time. They were worried for a while, so they asked Lu Xueqi to discuss. Lu Xueqi suspected that Baguio might have a trap if they let them go to the Kongsang Mountain to pick the yanweed. Lin Jingyu hurriedly asked Baguio. Baguio accused them of letting Zhang Xiaofan, who had the dumbest brain and the worst skills, do it.

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