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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 34 Recap

Qi Tiezui and others took Zhang Qishan into the Zhang family’s ancient house. The house was very desolate and a mess. They found a front hall, so they asked Yin Xinyue and Zhang Qishan to sit here first, while Adjutant Zhang and Qi Tiezui looked around. They walked around the house and saw that there were many rooms here, and every room had many weird things.

Qi Tiezui found a painting hiding the direction of dragon veins in one place, while Adjutant Zhang found a room full of toxic silk threads. They felt an eye-opener here, but they didn’t find anything useful to Zhang Qishan. There was an ancient building behind the house, and they took Zhang Qishan and Yin Xinyue to continue their exploration.

The ancient building is very large, and there are coffins all around, neatly arranged from top to bottom. Zhang Qishan’s reaction here is getting bigger and bigger, and they think they have come to the right place. As Adjutant Zhang and Qi Tiezui were looking around, Zhang Qishan suddenly regained his sanity. He calmly looked around, and immediately asked everyone to leave here.

After everyone left the Zhang family house, Zhang Qishan told one or two about the Zhang family. In fact, he himself didn’t know what Zhang Jiazu was doing. He only knew his part of his life experience. The bronze fragments that Er Yuehong brought out from the Changsha mine at that time actually originated from the bronzes in the Zhangjia Ancient Building. They are consistent, so it can be judged that the secrets of the Zhang family’s ancient buildings are hidden in the mines of Changsha, so the Zhang family talents desperately chose to move south to Changsha.

This trip to the Northeast was full of crises and dangers, and now it has finally come to an end. Zhang Qishan and everyone secretly returned to Changsha, preparing to face the challenges in Changsha. After they returned to the city, they visited Jiuye and learned that Chenpi has become the number one figure in the nine schools. Lu Jianxun, Huo Sanniang and Chenpi colluded with each other and looked at the things in the mine. Zhang Qishan believed that their relationship based on interests would not be stable, so he made a plan to disrupt their camp.

The mine was very sinister. The workers Huo Sanniang and Lu Jianxun had found to go to the mine were not alive. In the end, even if the tangerine peel hired people to go to the mine at a high price, no one was willing to work. Jude Kao found the tangerine peel, seeming to urge him to finish the mine as soon as possible, but the attitude of the tangerine peel seemed a little unhurried.

At this time Jude Kao told Chen Pi that there was something in the mine that could bring people back to life. Chen Pi got enthusiasm as soon as he heard it, this thing might be able to resurrect the sister. Their conversation was heard by Adjutant Zhang, who was hiding outside, and Adjutant Zhang went back to report to Zhang Qishan. Zhang Qishan only felt that Jude Kao made up this kind of reason in order to deceive Chen Pi into the mine, which is really ridiculous.

Zhang Qishan acted secretly to let Shangfeng know that Lu Jianxun had not done anything in Changsha, thus dismissing his military command. Later, Zhang Qishan set up a new hall called Huixinzhai in Changsha City. When it opened, invitations were sent to all the cities in the city, but when the guests came, only people from the Chenpi family and the Huo family were stopped. Chen Pi and Huo Sanniang knew that Hui Xinzhai deliberately made things difficult for them, but they didn’t know that Zhang Qishan did it.

Now that Lu Jianxun has no military power, the business of Chen Pina Wharf has been robbed by Hui Xin Zhai, Huo Sanniang is controlled by them again, Zhang Qishan secretly regained a city, and the next thing is to deploy negotiations with them.

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