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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 33 Recap

Qi Tiezui took Shi Huaichan to Zhang Qishan, hoping that she could help. At this time, Zhang Qishan was in good physical condition and he was awake, but he seemed to be lost and unconscious. Shi Huaichan inferred that Zhang Qishan might be trapped by the demons and couldn’t wake up for a while. After Qi Tiezui and others listened, they all felt puzzled, because Zhang Qishan had a bold temperament and had always been fearless. It is hard to imagine what kind of demons this Master Zhang has.

Qi Tiezui and Er Yuehong were discussing Zhang Qishan’s condition, guessing that his heart demon might be something that happened more than ten years ago. Back then, Zhang Qishan, his father, and a group of tribesmen fought a fierce gun battle with the Japanese. But the Japanese soldiers were so powerful and equipped with sophisticated weapons that Zhang Qishan’s father and other tribesmen were brutally killed. Before his father died, Zhang Qishan told him that he must go to Changsha.

Zhang Qishan was young and strong, and was a good labor force for the Japanese army, so he survived. Zhang Qishan became a prisoner, digging coal for the Japanese, but he found a chance to escape, and then led a group of inmates to escape. The Japanese army immediately sent people to hunt them down. Zhang Qishan and the others stayed in an ancient tomb for three days and three nights. Finally, they managed to escape the Japanese pursuers and finally fled to Changsha.

Although this experience was extremely thrilling, it was not enough to become Zhang Qishan’s heart demon. Er Yuehong and Qi Tiezui guessed that Zhang Qishan’s heart demon may have to be traced back to something even earlier. Zhang Qishan was originally from the Northeast. Why did the Zhang family move to the south? What is his demon? I am afraid that Zhang Qishan must be brought back to the Northeast to reveal the answer.

Er Yuehong stayed in Bai Qiaozhai for training temporarily while embracing her body. Qi Tiezui and Adjutant Zhang Qishan took Zhang Qishan to Beiping first to meet Yin Xinyue. Although they said they wanted to bring Zhang Qishan back to their hometown, they didn’t know the specific location of his home, so they asked for help from the Belle who they had met in Beiping.

Lord Belle learned from Yin Xinyue that Zhang Qishan had a poor tattoo on his back, plus various clues to the Zhang family’s family, and finally found out the location of Zhang Qishan’s house. At the same time, Lord Baylor also found out that Zhang Qishan’s family is a big family, with only one house, basically intermarried within the family, rarely contact with outsiders, and there is a line of life and death outside the house. In short, it is very mysterious.

After everyone thanked Belle, they took Zhang Qishan and set off. Zhang Qishan seemed to have a reaction when they came near the ancient Zhang family house. But according to Lord Belle, they could not rush into the Zhang family site rashly, so they first went to the nearby village to inquire about the Zhang family. But Adjutant Zhang went around the village and didn’t realize that there were people of the same ethnic group here, and they found that the people in this village looked strange and felt that it was not suitable to stay here, so they decisively left.

Sure enough, when they were in the village, they were targeted by a group of people who were spies of the Japanese army. The Japanese chased them all the way to the outside of Zhang’s house. They saw a stele on the line of life and death in the Zhang family house. The stele reads “If you are not from our tribe, those who enter the house die.”

Adjutant Zhang first fought against the Japanese alone, but the enemy was too few and they had no way of retreating. Upon seeing this, Yin Xinyue ordered Qi Tiezui to rush inside first, and then Adjutant Zhang followed in. They entered the territory of the Zhang family, but they were safe, but the Japanese who followed them triggered the organs and were all blown up. Adjutant Zhang guessed that someone might have helped them.

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