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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 32 Recap

When Shi Huaichan and others almost returned to Baiqiao Village, they found that the law protector had already mastered most of the power, and arranged manpower for martial law at the gate of the walled city to prevent Shi Huaichan from returning. Shi Huaichan mentioned that the big chieftains of the past were respected by women, and her mother was also the last chief chieftain. If she could let her mother know the tricks of the law protector, then she could regain power.

After Qi Tiezui heard this, he had a clever plan. Qi Tiezui asked Shi Huaichan’s entourage to hold a wooden box before assassinating Shi Huaichan, pretending to be carrying Shi Huaichan’s head, and then went to the guardian at the agreed time. After seeing the entourage complete the task, the guardian was very happy, and immediately drew a knife and stabbed him, trying to kill the entourage. At this time, a group of Bai Qiao soldiers appeared, and Shi Huaichan showed up with her mother, seeing through the law-protecting tricks.

According to the agreement, Shi Huaichan informed Qi Tiezui and Adjutant Zhang of Zhang Qishan’s hiding place, and they set off to the farmhouse where Zhang Qishan was located. There, the two met Unpredictable first. When they asked Unpredictable Zhang Qishan what is happening now, the unpredictable look seemed a bit wrong. Unpredictable took them to the small courtyard where Zhang Qishan lived, and found that he was unconscious and could not do anything except scribble everywhere. Unpredictable also said that Zhang Qishan now does not recognize anyone except Yin Xinyue. Up.

Qi Tiezui and Adjutant Zhang knew that Lord Buddha got the disease after he went to the mine. Er Yuehong also got the disease. Their root cause may be related. Then Qi Tiezui remembered that after Shi Huaichan, the chief chieftain, had given Er Yuehong a medicine, the situation of Er Yuehong had improved. It can be seen that Huaichan might save Zhang Qishan from time to time. After being unpredictable, he arranged for Zhang Qishan to be sent to Bai Qiaozhai and asked Shi Huaichan for medicine.

Unpredictably fell in love with Er Yuehong. She knew that Er Yuehong was not doing well. When she came to Bai Qiao Village, she immediately went to see his situation. At this time, Shi Huaichan, who likes Er Yuehong, was also in the room, Qi Tiezui. Can’t help but worry about whether the two rivals will fight. Fortunately, Shi Huaichan was very large and did not show any kind of petty behavior.

Shi Huaichan told Adjutant Zhang and Qi Tiezui that the holy medicine was a kind of sacred object called Feixuejian by Hei Qiao. It was born on a cliff and was extremely poisonous and difficult to pick. Hei Qiao used it as a medicine to attract. Refining poison, and for Buddha and Erye, this thing has the effect of fighting poison with poison, which happens to be a good medicine.

However, Hei Qiao and Bai Qiao have always been at odds, and Gong Po, whom Hei Qiao is in power, had colluded with the law protector before and planned to regain Bai Qiao. The recent incidents may have caused Gong Po’s dissatisfaction. Maybe he will attack him tonight. Adjutant Zhang decided to preemptively attack Hei Qiao at night.

Huo Sanniang was questioned by Chen Pi when she returned to Changsha, but Huo Sanniang denied that she had helped Er Yuehong, and she was only going out of the city to find a master tomb robber. Although Lu Jianxun also suspected Huo Sanniang, he continued to flatter Huo Sanniang on the surface.

Adjutant Zhang attacked Hei Qiao and captured Feixue Jian, but Qi Tiezui and others assisted Shi Huaichan to arrest all of Bai Qiao’s spies and help her resolve internal and external troubles. But the leader of Heiqiao, Heishi, escaped.

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