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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 31 Recap

Seeing frequent encounters, everyone rushed overnight to end this journey of life and death as soon as possible. When everyone came to a reed swamp, they accidentally separated. The big toast blew the whistle of the Bai Qiao people and planned to get in touch with the lost companions. Unexpectedly, the Han killer killed Bai Qiao’s entourage one by one according to these whistles.

When Adjutant Zhang was separated from Shi Huaichan, the chieftain, these dead bodies were found along the road, and the situation was judged based on the whistle held by the bodies. Adjutant Zhang thought about it and decided to use his own way to treat his body, deliberately whistling to attract the attention of the killer, and then stabbed him to death when he was not prepared.

Adjutant Zhang quickly caught up with the chief chieftain and solved a group of Han killers. I thought that the big chieftain was temporarily safe, but one of the killers revealed before his death that the Bai Qiao entourage next to the big chieftain was also a protector of the law. At this time, the big tusi and the close-fitting Bai Qiao’s entourage walked ahead, and Adjutant Zhang immediately rushed to rescue him, meeting Qi Tiezui on the way.

When Bai Qiao’s entourage saw that the big chieftain was alone with him, it was a good time to start. At this critical moment, Qi and Zhang arrived and shouted the big chieftain to be careful. When it was said that it was too late, February Red suddenly appeared and knocked Bai Qiao’s entourage to the ground.

The big chieftain didn’t know what had happened for a while, only thought that these Han people had come to kill her, and he was very unkind to Er Yuehong and others. Huo Sanniang also appeared at this time and immediately blamed Shi Huaichan. After everyone explained, and Bai Qiao’s entourage also pleaded guilty, Shi Huaichan knew that he had misunderstood a good person, and felt a little guilty.

Er Yuehong was temporarily taken away by Huo Sanniang to recuperate. Qi Tiezui and Adjutant Zhang continued to accompany Shi Huaichan on the road. After meeting with other ordinary footmen along the way, they walked towards the holy tree. The hero of February Red’s rescue of the United States captured Shi Huaichan’s heart, and she asked her Eighth Master about the situation of February Red from time to time.

Everyone finally came to Bai Qiao’s sacred tree. Unexpectedly, there were organs on the sacred tree. The accompanying porter died from the poisonous arrow shot. Adjutant Zhang was so skillful that he protected the big chieftain, Qi Tie’s mouth and the close man Bai Qiao’s entourage also didn’t hit the arrow because of hiding quickly. Shi Huaichan originally thought that the protector was to kill himself and would not even let go of the holy tree, but the entourage said that the protector did not move the holy tree.

The urgent task is to bury the elder son as soon as possible. Adjutant Zhang, entrusted by the chief chieftain, drags the coffin to the tree and places it in a suitable tomb. But Adjutant Zhang saw a strange place, because the chief chieftain said before that two of the three tombs on the tree should have ancient coffins, but now they are all gone, leaving a bell in the tomb. Adjutant Zhang took the bell to the big toast, and the big toast knew that it was Hei Qiao’s thing when he saw it. Only then did he realize that Hei Qiao was hitting their holy tree.

After the tree burial was over, everyone began to return. When resting at night, they met Er Yuehong and Huo Sanniang quarreling. Huo Sanniang had a deep affection for Er Yuehong, but Er Yuehong had no intention of her. In order to prevent her from sinking into mud feet, she had to drive her away cruelly. Adjutant Zhang talked with Huo Sanniang, expressed gratitude to her, and persuaded her to be more rational, but Huo Sanniang refused to stop there. Seeing that Er Yuehong was suffering from illness, Shi Huaichan took out Bai Qiao’s holy medicine for him.

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