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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 30 Recap

Qi Tiezui and Adjutant Zhang learned from the fat man that the big chieftain who was going to the tree burial in the Valley of the Dead was at odds with the protector of Bai Qiaozhai. This protector is her little uncle, who has done unfavorable behaviors to the big chieftain before, and the two almost fought a fight before they set off. Qi and Zhang found several killers among the fellow Han Chinese footmen. It turned out that they were sent by the law protector to murder the chief chieftain.

This trip may be more fortunate, but Qi Tiezui believes that Zhang Qishan’s current whereabouts are unknown. It may be that people around him have misunderstood the formation, and may have a great connection with the big chieftain. Deputy Zhang also agreed that this trip is inevitable.

Er Yuehong is worried about Zhang Qishan. Although he is ill, she still wants to go out to find Zhang Qishan. Huo Sanniang was worried that he would go out alone and decided to accompany him. At this time, Lu Jianxun was inserting threads in various places in the city, paying attention to the actions of the Nine Gates, Huo Sanniang took advantage of her advantage and took Er Yuehong out of the city.

However, Chen Pi learned about their escape. He was impatient and wanted to catch up immediately, but Lu Jianxun persuaded him and suggested that Chen Pi stay on the ground with him.

Everyone followed the big chieftain, and the Han killer waited for the opportunity to attack the big chieftain. Unexpectedly, there was a downpour on the road, and everyone saw the Hei Qiao people dancing and offering sacrifices not far ahead. The Bai Qiao people and the Hei Qiao people have always been at odds, so the big chieftain led them to detour. During the Tianyu Road slipped, one of the coffin lifters almost fell. Fortunately, Adjutant Zhang took action in time to hold the coffin. Fortunately, neither the coffin nor the coffin lifter were in serious trouble.

Adjutant Zhang’s skill attracted the attention of Shi Huaichan, the chief chieftain. After the rain stopped, the group continued to move forward, only to find that the Hei Qiao people who had just been offering sacrifices were dead in this swamp. Several faint-hearted people were shocked when they saw the sight of corpses all over the field, and everyone quickly left. One wave after another, on the road, everyone lost their way in the fog, Qi Tiezui carried out terrain deduction at this time, took everyone out of the fog, and established prestige among the group of people.

Qi Tiezui led everyone out of the swamp and came to a village to clean up. At this time, everyone gathered around Qi Tiezui and Adjutant Zhang to thank them, saying that they were their benefactors for leading everyone to escape. It was getting late and everyone had a temporary peace, and Adjutant Zhang and Qi Tiezui chatted.

Adjutant Zhang asked Qi Tiezui why she hadn’t explained the big tusi just now, and he was certain that she would go with her. Qi Tiezui said that the big tusi’s current situation has no other choice, so being silent is better than being silent. She will trust without confirmation. Yourself. Adjutant Zhang seemed to boast that Qi Tiezui was good at catching people’s hearts.

Hei Qiao raided in the middle of the night. Fortunately, Qi Tiezui had already set a trap near the abandoned house where he was staying, and discovered the arrival of Hei Qiao in time. He frightened the Hei Qiao man away by pretending to be a fool, and once again showed his strength in front of everyone.

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