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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 13 Recap

Xiaohuan found Lu Xueqi and told her that it was Jin Ping’er who had supported Jin Xiu Fang alone and had also taken in many unsettling women. It was not easy. Lu Xueqi realized that Xiao Huan’s purpose was to dispel her doubts about Jin Ping’er. Xiaohuan told her that six years ago, she and her grandfather passed through Shonan. Grandpa accidentally suffered a cold wind and was harassed by gangsters. Fortunately, Jin Pinger rescued the two grandparents, Xiaohuan and grandpa, regardless of his physical injuries In order to save his life, Xiaohuan believed that Jin Ping’er would not harm Yudu, nor would it harm Grandpa Wei.

Since the Blood Refining Hall was destroyed, Lord Gou wandered around and was homeless. Fortunately, he met Mr. Ghost, and Mr. Ghost took action to heal their injuries. Gouye accepted the guidance of Mr. Gui, and pretended to be a pitiful person, begging Baguio to take in the remaining disciples of the Refining Hall, so as to help the King of Ghosts seize Yudu City and find the Wanbat Ancient Cave. Baguio believes that Gouye used the opportunity of taking refuge in the King of Ghosts to revive the blood refining hall. After Gouye made a vow, he revealed that he did have this idea.

Baguio looked down on these panic-stricken defeated soldiers, and asked what the dog master could do. Gouye told Baguio that in the complicated Yudu city, the black hearted old man taught by the blood refining hall and Mrs. Jinling of the Hehuan Sect had a deep and righteous relationship. Taking this into consideration, the Acacia Sect would more or less give itself a face, which can expand its strength. Contending with the right way, Baguio agreed to Gouye’s request.

Li Xun from Fenxiang Valley wanted to win over Jinxiufang. When he came to Yudu City, he placed a large order for Jinxiufang. Jin Ping’er naturally knows how to reciprocate peaches, and even praises Li Xun’s behavior and style in the name of Weicheng lord. I hope Li Xun will take care of Jinxiufang after he takes over as the lord of Yudu City. It turned out that Jin Ping’er had long seen Li Xun’s arrogant and defiant, but Zeng Shushu had no intention of being the lord of Yudu City. He could only hope that Li Xun would continue to provide shelter to Jinxiufang under the complicated situation in the future, so that the sisters of Jinxiufang would be safe. No longer get involved in the battle between right and evil.

At this time, Baguio took the Ghost King Order to fight for the golden bottle. It turned out that Jin Ping’er was the son of Miao who left the Yuxiao Palace with the Hehuan Sect more than ten years ago. Mr. Miao refused to accept the ghost king order from Baguio on the grounds of preserving the Acacia Sect. Master Gou hurriedly stood up and reminded Master Miao that he must remember the century-old covenant with the Blood Refining Hall, and Master Miao declined to say that the Blood Refining Hall had been destroyed.

The Gou Ye told Master Miao that the Blood Refining Hall had already taken refuge in the Ghost King Sect at this time, and he hoped that the Hehuan Sect would help when the Blood Refining Hall was in danger. Mr. Miao proposed that as long as Baguio can take out the two tokens of Blood Refining Hall’s Blood Devouring Orb and the Albizia Sect’s golden bell, the Albizia Sect will naturally follow the contract and obey the owner’s orders, otherwise everything will be avoided.

Baguio came out of the Fairview Square and returned to the resident Shanhaiyuan, seeing Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan waiting for her. Lin Jingyu first expressed his life-saving grace to Baguio, and then wanted to return Zhang Xiaofan’s magic weapon. After Baguio asked Zhang Xiaofan to leave, he suddenly disagreed with returning Zhang Xiaofan’s magic weapon and let Lin Jingyu go away. Master Gou also made Lin Jingyu get out of the way. At this time, Ah Xiang told Master Gou that Shanhaiyuan was owned by the Kwong family, and let Master Go go away.

Lin Jingyu, who had already learned about Ah Xiang from Zeng Shushu, accused him of allowing the Demon Cult to do evil here as a disciple of Tianyin Pavilion. Ah Xiang told Lin Jingyu that Yuducheng’s rule is, as long as you don’t do evil in Yuducheng, you don’t care about the devil Anyone can live in Yudu City. It is precisely because the city masters of Yudu City believe that all beings are equal and have no concept of a door, they have prospered so far. At this time, Ding Ling came to Shanhaiyuan to look for Ah Xiang.

It turned out that after listening to Jin Ping’er, Ding Ling wanted to help Jinxiufang consolidate this place to settle down. Ah Xiang listened to Ding Ling’s persuasion from Jin Ping’er and came to visit him, accusing her of not having any opinions, and joining the demon sect, so he could not explain to the teacher. Upon hearing this, Ding Ling insisted on retiring.

Zeng Shushu meticulously made the sand table of Yudu City, and wanted to find out the problem of controlling river water pollution based on this. Lu Xueqi advised Zeng Shushu to make full use of her talents to manage Yudu City. Zeng Shushu, who was eager for freedom in his heart, was not willing to stay in Yudu City. Lu Xueqi told Zeng Shushu that he would be responsible. Affordable.

At this time, Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu rushed in from outside, and they told Lu Xueqi and Zeng Shushu of the complicated situation in Yudu City. Presuming that Baguio and Albizia should have nothing to do with the river water pollution, Zhang Xiaofan suddenly thought of the Wandumen disciple. At this time, the Qingyunmen, Tianyin Pavilion, and Fenxiang Valley three sects of the right way, the Hehuan Sect, the Ghost King Sect, and the Wandu Sect gathered in Yudu City, all coming from the Kongsangshan Wanbat Ancient Cave.

Zeng Shushu showed everyone that he designed a water conservancy project based on Dujiangyan theory. As long as the river water is treated in this way, the river water will be detoxified and the people can live and work in peace. However, the top priority now is to raise sufficient funds. Because the lord of the city of Yudu City is willing to do good, there is not much money in Yudu City, but the rich is hidden in the people. Lu Xueqi thought of raising money from the people through acting to solve this problem on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi found in the prison that the Wandu Sect disciple had died, and they hurriedly asked Yan Huwei to take them to the place where the Wandu Sect disciple was first discovered. Lu Xueqi discovered that the source of the pollution should be at the source of this river, and Yan Huwei told them that it was difficult to gain anything from the crisscrossing rivers of the Kongsang Mountain and the numerous tributaries.

At this time, Lu Xueqi noticed that some red petals appeared along with the water flow, and suddenly remembered that he saw similar petals at Kongsang Mountain that day, and decided to go into the mountain and look for it. Hearing this, Yan Huwei showed a suspicious look on his face.

Here in Yudu City, Zhang Xiaofan and Xiaohuan are intensively rehearsing the Mid-Autumn Festival program. During the period, Xiaohuan had to go to Jinxiufang to make changes to Jin Ping’er on the grounds that the clothes were too big. Zeng Shushu wanted Lin Jingyu to go and take this to Jin Ping. Son to ease the relationship. Lin Jingyu and Jin Ping’er quarreled because of their different attitudes towards the two realms of righteous demon.

At this time, Gouye led someone to force Jin Ping’er to accept the order of the ghost king as the master of the blood refining hall, and wanted the Hehuan faction to cooperate with the ghost kingzong. Seeing that Jin Ping’er insisted on not cooperating, Lord Gou immediately drew his knife to force Jin Ping’er. At this time, Lin Jingyu knew that Jin Ping’er was Mr. Miao, the head of the Acacia Sect, and hurriedly discouraged Master Gou from complying with the rules of Yudu City.

Master Gou had to compete with Lin Jingyu. With only a few moves, Lin Jingyu defeated the Gouye. Lin Jingyu followed the dog to see Baguio, and accused her of conniving her subordinates to make trouble in Yudu City, and once again asked Baguio to return Zhang Xiaofan’s magic weapon. Baguio asked Lin Jingyu to agree to one condition, that is, to meet him by Qinghe during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Lu Xueqi, who came back from Kongsang Mountain, took out the red flowers for everyone to distinguish. Zhang Xiaofan confirmed that it was the smell, and everyone decided to go to the mountain to find out the truth after the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Zhang Xiaofan was surprised when he got the lost and recovered magic weapon. That night, Zhang Xiaofan discovered that since he came to Yudu City, his magic weapon and his inner aura often changed.

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