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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 12 Recap

When Zhang Xiaofan and Zeng Shushu were looking for clues in the mountains, they suddenly saw Li Xun being besieged by a group of bats. Although Li Xun sacrificed a fire dragon, he still couldn’t get out. The light flies over to kill the bat demon. Afterwards, Zhang Xiaofan fell to the ground and watched his fire stick being taken away by a masked woman in green.

Back in the Yudu City Lord’s Mansion, Zhang Xiaofan told Zeng Shushu that his magic weapon had been lost. The two returned to the river again to search, but nothing was found. Ah Xiang prepared to offer a huge reward for finding Zhang Xiaofan’s magic weapon. A Xiang found a girl in green clothes eating candied haws on the street and hurriedly informed Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan that he thought there was only such a girl in green clothes in Yudu City recently, not to mention that there was a long strip in her luggage.

The shape is very similar to the fire stick. Zeng Shushu saw this girl’s light footsteps, innocent and innocent, and he decided to test this person. Facing Zeng Shushu’s question, the girl in green turned around and ran. Zeng Shushu kept chasing, the girl ran behind a Gua master, who turned out to be the grandfather of the girl in green. Zhang Xiaofan arrived, only to find that Zeng Shushu had recognized the wrong person, and hurriedly pulled Zeng Shushu away.

Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan returned to the Yudu City Mansion. The grandfather and grandson were at the Yudu City Lord’s home. The Gua Master discovered that Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan had to settle accounts with them. The city lord of Yudu hurriedly asked Zeng Shushu to apologize to them. It turned out that the Gua Master was originally the warlock Zhouyi Xian. He and the city lord of Yudu are good friends. The girl in green is his granddaughter Xiaohuan. She grew up in Yudu City since she was a child. .

The city lord of Yudu likes Xiaohuan very much. He wanted to be his wife if any grandson could win the position of city lord in the future. Xiaohuan told Grandpa Wei that he didn’t like Zeng Shushu and Li Xun. The city lord of Yudu introduced to Xiaohuan there was another Zhang Xiaofan, Xiaohuan smiled shyly and ran away. It turned out that Xiaohuan felt particularly in love with Zhang Xiaofan. According to her divination technique, she found that Zhang Xiaofan was looking for something very important.

The person who took Zhang Xiaofan’s magic weapon that day turned out to be the daughter of the King of Ghosts, Baguio. She discovered that this fire stick clearly recognized the Lord. For a while, she wondered why the elder could drive this fire stick when she was in Bihuotian Binghu.

After Zhang Xiaofan lost the magic weapon, he found that his body’s breath was disordered when he adjusted his breath, and he couldn’t suppress the great Brahma Prajna exercises and Qingyun exercises in his body. He wanted Xiaohuan to retrieve the magic treasures through the finger of heaven. After inference, Xiaohuan believed that the person who took Zhang Xiaofan’s magic weapon should be someone he had seen and known.

Zhou Yixian listened to Yuducheng Weicheng mainly used Yuducheng as the dowry of Xiaohuan. Zhou Yixian, who had been fed up with the pain of running around to cheat money, was moved for a while, and asked Xiaohuan who he really likes. Xiao Huan lied that he liked Brother Xiaofan, so he pulled Zhang Xiaofan up and ran away. Zhang Xiaofan stopped at the gate of Jinxiufang.

It turned out that there were not many girls he had contact with. Tian Linger stayed in Qingyun Mountain and Lu Xueqi was in Kongsang Mountain. They would not come to get their magic weapon. Zhang Xiaofan doubted the owner of Jinxiufang. Very suspicious. At this moment, he suddenly saw the familiar girl in green coming out of Fairview Square. Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly chased him and pulled off the veil, only then did he recognize Baguio.

When Baguio saw the flowers around him, he liked to fold it down. Zhang Xiaofan realized that Baguio used the petals to save himself that day. He quickly expressed his gratitude, and then asked Baguio for the magic weapon. Baguio asked Zhang Xiaofan to ask Lin Jingyu for the magic weapon. .

Here, Xiaohuan came over and asked Zhang Xiaofan to run for the city lord of Yudu City to help him perform the trick, otherwise he would marry Li Xun. Zeng Shushu, who had no intention of being the city lord of Yudu, also persuaded Zhang Xiaofan to participate in the election for the lord of Yudu, but Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly declined.

Xiaohuan told them that in order to win the position of the city lord, Li Xun volunteered to solve the poisonous problem in the river and insisted on blowing up the mountains and blocking the river. Zeng Shushu hurried to discourage Li Xun, but Li Xun refused on the grounds of protecting the people. Zhang Xiaofan told Li Xun that after investigation, the source of river water pollution was the sediment on Kongsang Mountain, and it was useless to bomb the mountain to block the river.

Li Xun asked if there was another way. Zeng Shushu hurriedly said there was a way, but he would have to wait a few days. Li Xun, who was already impatient, disregarded dissuasion and cast a spell to blow up the mountain and block the river. Zeng Shushu rushed to stop Li Xun, and the two of them stood in a stalemate for a while. At this time, Lu Xueqi and Lin Jingyu arrived, and Lu Xueqi swung the Tianya sword to force Li Xun back, and this resolved the immediate crisis.

The drug treatment was imminent, and the Lord of the Weicheng asked Zeng Shushu and Li Xun to figure out a way respectively, and then choose between them according to their advantages and disadvantages. The city lord saw that Lu Xueqi and Lin Jingyu were both friends of Zeng Shushu at Qingyunmen and let them live in the city lord’s mansion. Zeng Shushu kindly led Lu Xueqi to live in the Yafang, and let Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan live in the same room.

In the evening, Zhang Xiaofan told Lin Jingyu that Baguio was also in Yudu City. He had come out of Jinxiufang that day. Lin Jingyu did not believe that the King of Ghosts would only send Baguio alone. Jinxiufang must have a lot of articles. It turned out that Lin Jingyu had inquired about the Demon Sect before going down the mountain, and learned that one of the Demon Sects was the Hehuan Sect and was closely related to the Refining Blood Hall.

There was no man in the Sect. The current generation leader was a young and beautiful woman— -Miaozi, but, more than ten years ago, Miaozi took away the Acacia faction because of a demon sect internal fight, but his whereabouts were unknown behind him. Based on the fact that Jin Ping’er was able to defeat the Tianyin Pavilion and the Qingyunmen disciples, Lin Jingyu deduced that Jinxiufang must have something to do with the Hehuan faction that somehow disappeared.

When Zeng Shushu led Lu Xueqi to the Yafang, Xiaohuan and Jin Ping’er entered the city lord’s mansion together. Zeng Shushu asked Xiaohuan and found that Jin Ping’er and the lord of the Weicheng had been friends after their new year. Lu Xueqi noticed the five-flowered rice noodles in Jin Ping’er’s hand. Xiaohuan told her that this was a medicinal wine made by Jin Ping’er to strengthen the body of the Acropolis Lord.

Lu Xueqi suspected that Jin Ping’er was a member of the Demon Cult. In order to avoid wronging good people, they planned to collect some evidence for the old city lord to see. At this time, everyone’s attention was focused on Zhang Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan decided to divide his troops into two ways. He and Lin Jingyu would check the details of the magic teaching, and Zeng Shushu and Lu Xueqi were responsible for solving the water source problem.

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