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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 11 Recap

After the two heard the door squeaking shut behind them, Zhang Xiaofan was still worried about whether Lord Gou would come back to find Mr. Ghost. What he didn’t know was that Lord Gou and Mr. Ghost were in the same group.

Yudu City is very lively. Zhang Xiaofan told Zeng Shushu that he should first find Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi. Zeng Shushu wanted to visit Grandpa first, and then talk about it after playing for two days. They found that there was a place in Yudu City surrounded by many people. It turned out that it was a Tianyinge disciple named A Xiang who asked Jinxiufang Jinpinger to let people go.

Unknown Zeng Shushu accused Jin Ping’er of tearing up his marriage and robbing his wife. When Ah Xiang saw the help of the Qingyunmen master, he was even more confident and led the crowd to force Jin Ping’er to let him go. The crowd had just counted to three, and suddenly a few red silk threads were ejected from the room, entangled Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan, and they couldn’t make money. Zeng Shushu hurriedly said that the city lord of Yudu City was his grandfather, and Jin Ping’er let them go.

In order to repay Zeng Shushu for their help, Ah Xiang specially invited Zhang Xiaofan and the others. Zeng Shushu asked about the reason for the incident. Axiang told them that he had been married to a girl next door named Ding Ling when he was young, but Ding Ling always disliked him for his ugly appearance. Later, he went to Tianyin Pavilion to practice for ten years. Disliked his ugly appearance and hid and did not want to see him. Now that Jin Ping’er is in the middle of it, it is even more difficult for him to see Ding Ling. That’s why the previous thing happened. In order to help Ah Xiang, Zeng Shushu and the others finally got an idea.

Ah Xiang disguised himself as the son of a Jiangnan merchant Jia, and wanted to see how the embroidery ladies of Fairview Square weave unique embroidery in the name of discussing business with Jin Ping’er. Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan took the opportunity to pretend to be bullies and sneak into Splendid Workshop. It turned out that they wanted to set Axiang against the wind.

They met an embroidered woman and hurriedly asked her about Ding Ling’s whereabouts. They didn’t know that the embroidered woman was. Ding Ling. Ding Ling lied about taking them to find someone, and unexpectedly wrapped Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan with silk cloth. Zeng Shushu learned that this person was Ding Ling, and lied that her parents owed her money three years ago, and the two earned the silk and asked Laing Ling to go out.

At this time, Master Jia who heard the sound reprimanded the two for daring to run wild in broad daylight and repelled them. Jin Ping’er watched the performance of the three of them coldly, and made Ah Xiang get out of Jinxiu Fang. It turned out that Jin Ping’er had long seen that Master Jia was dressed up by A Xiang, and saw through their bitter tricks and the so-called heroic strategy of saving the beauty. Ding Ling tore off Ah Xiang’s fake beard, and Ah Xiang hurriedly revealed his identity to her.

As soon as Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan walked outside, Yudu Chengyan’s guard brought the officials to Jinxiufang to take down the three of them. It turned out that Jin Ping’er had already reported to officials. Yan Huwei asked if they were accomplices, but Ah Xiang denied that, Yan Huwei wanted to take Zhang Xiaofan and Zeng Shushu away, and left him in Jinxiufang on the grounds that A Xiang had never committed a crime.

Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan were imprisoned in Yudu Grand Prison. Suddenly, a prisoner in the cell next door reached out to arrest them. Zeng Shushu saw the sign hanging around the person’s waist and recognized this person as a disciple of the Wandu Sect. Just when the two of them were bored, Zeng Shushu’s grandfather learned that he had captured the Qingyunmen disciple, so he went to the cell to check, and mistakenly recognized Zhang Xiaofan as his nephew Zeng Shushu.

In the Yudu City Lord’s Mansion, Zeng Shushu had to ask if Grandpa had recovered. Then I learned that my grandfather was not sick at all. It turned out that the two daughters of City Lord Yudu were married into Fenxiang Valley and Qingyunmen, and had not visited him for many years. Only then did he lied that he was seriously ill, in order to let them visit him. .

When Zeng Shushu learned that his grandfather had notified Fenxianggu at the same time, he had a headache for a while. It turned out that his cousin Li Xun had always been arrogant and defiant. Zeng Shushu had no interest in visiting Yudu City at this time. After thinking about it, he left Yudu for two days to find Lu Xueqi and Lin Jingyu.

That night, when Zhang Xiaofan was resting, the blood bead on the burning stick suddenly sensed the blood mouth on Zhang Xiaofan’s finger, sending out bursts of gloomy light towards Zhang Xiaofan’s finger. Zhang Xiaofan in the dream seemed to have realized something, and suddenly sat up, only to see the stick staying there quietly.

Zeng Shushu saw Li Xun and discovered that Li Xun actually asked the escort to help transport the luggage in order to visit relatives. It turned out that Li Xun sent a lot of antiques and herbs to his grandfather. However, the fragrance of the medicinal porridge made by Zhang Xiaofan in Zeng Shushu’s hand also attracted the attention of the Yudu City Lord. As an elder, he naturally will not favor one another. He wants to choose one of the two grandchildren to be the city lord of Yudu City.

The casual Zeng Shushu didn’t want to be the lord of Yudu City, but Li Xun was even more unreliable. A Xiang told them that Yudu City was built on the spiritual veins of heaven and earth, and the fairy family was prosperous with herbs. It has always been a battleground.

In the past, the city lord of the past dynasties ruled well, and with the great help of cultivators. People dare to intrude. However, the activities of the disciples of the Demon Cult have been rampant recently, and the old city lord is very old, and the Wei family has no successors. The two ways of the Zhengde and Demon are eyeing Yudu City.

Zeng Shushu believes that his father and uncle are the first seat of Qingyunmen and the elder of Fenxianggu. Faced with these two righteous leaders, no one dares to fight for the seat of Yudu City Lord. Ah Xiang told Zeng Shushu that the two ways of righteousness and demons gathered in Yudu. Last month, the old city lord had blocked the north of the city on the grounds that the medicinal fields were haunted.

Zeng Shushu specifically asked Yan Huwei to ask what happened, but Yan Huwei refused to answer because he was only ordered by the city lord. Zeng Shushu told Yan Huwei that Yudu City had already infiltrated the Wandumen disciples, and advised him to take the people of Yudu as his priority. Yan Huwei had to tell Zeng Shushu about the discovery of the Wandumen disciple.

Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan went to the north of the city to check and found that the elixir had withered and smelled a pungent smell in the water. Zhang Xiaofan speculated that all this should be done by a disciple of the Demon Cult. To trace the origin, the place where the medicine should be administered should be in Kongsang Mountain upstream.

The old city owner felt that the direction of Zeng Shushu’s investigation was correct, and he was very pleased. Yan Huwei told Zeng Shushu that before moving away, the local people thought there were blood-sucking monsters upstream, because there were bites on the neck of the deceased, and the blood was all sucked up. At that time, after investigating for many days, he caught the man who had gone crazy.

Disciple of Wandumen. The old city lord saw that Zeng Shushu was so careful and asked him to find out the truth. At this time, Li Xun fought to investigate the matter on the grounds that Zeng Shushu was not good at learning skills, and the old city lord had to make the two of them jointly responsible.

At this time, Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi had arrived at Kongsang Mountain, but they did not detect the movement of Wanbat Cave and the demon cult disciples. They suspected that Daoxuan’s news was wrong, and Lin Jingyu decided to find a place to rest first.

After Zhang Xiaofan went down the mountain, the fellow seniors were very worried about Xiaofan’s safety, but because there was no food made by Zhang Xiaofan, everyone had no appetite for eating. Tian Ling’er went to Tongtian Peak to send Qi Hao a spirit grass he planted to help him practice. Qi Hao took Tian Ling’er’s hand and told her affectionately that he would take her down the mountain whenever he had the opportunity, and Tian Ling’er happily nestled in Qi Hao’s arms.

In fact, it is not easy to count the fields for Zhang Xiaofan who is the most worried. He is afraid that Zhang Xiaofan will be stared at by the demon cult disciples after he goes down the mountain, and he is even more afraid that Zhang Xiaofan cannot help temptation. It is not easy for Su Ru to comfort Tian. Although Zhang Xiaofan is gentle and introverted on the surface, in fact he is stubborn and determined in his bones. There are many similarities with Tian Buyi back then, Tian Buyi laughed happily.

Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi spent many days in the hustle and bustle of Kongsang Mountain, during which they found some visions, but the other side’s body skills were too fast to see why the other party was sacred.

The two are going back to Yu to see the situation. It turned out that Jin Ping’er learned that Kongsang Mountain had changed and went to check, and found that Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi were the disciples of Qingyunmen, just passing by them, and did not dare to start the snake.

After Zeng Shushu accepted the task, he and Zhang Xiaofan entered Kongsang Mountain to start looking for clues.

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