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A Love For Separation (2016) 小别离

A Love For Separation
Other Title: 小别离, Xiao Bie Li

Genres: drama, Family, comedy
Wang Jun
He Qing (何晴), Lu Yin Gong (鲁引弓)
IQiyi, LeTV, Sohu Video, PPTV, Mango TV, Storm
Release Date:
 August 15, 2016
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  • Huang Lei as Fang Yuan
  • Hai Qing as Tong Wenjie
  • Zhu Yuan Yuan as Wu Jia’ni
  • Han Qing as Jin Zhiming
  • Wang Jun as Zhang Liangzhong
  • Chen Xiao Yun (陈小纭) as Tina
  • Zhang Zi Feng as Fang Duoduo
  • Hu Xian Xu (胡先煦) as Zhang Xiaoyu
  • Zhao Jin Mai (赵今麦) as Qinqin
  • Chen Shu as Chen Jie
  • Jessie Chiang as Zhou Jiacheng
  • Gao Ming as Fang Jixing
  • Song Xiao Ying (宋晓英) as Lin Yasong
  • Wang Wei Wei (王维维) as Fang Huan

Fang family, Fang Yuan and Tong Wenjie’s hearts are firmly entangled by the ups and downs of their daughter Fang Duoduo. Various career, life, family, and school reasons make the couple sway in the choice of Duoduo not to go abroad. indefinite. After experiencing a series of school and family accidents, Fang Yuan and his wife chose to evasively send Duo Duo abroad, but they almost sent the family to fall apart. In the end, Duoduo, who had gone abroad, bravely chose to return to China for further education, and Fang’s family also ushered in the hope of rebuilding happiness.

Jin Qinqin of the Jin family is the one who needs to go abroad the least, but Qin Qin’s mother Wu Jiani wanted to give Qin Qin the so-called “good education”, and she wanted Qin Qin to go abroad for further study, so she also talked to her husband Jin Zhiming. Contradictions continue. Caught in a dilemma between her parents, Qinqin staged an “anti-intermination” with her aunt Fangni, and finally made Jiani change her mind and understand that a good education is not only the education of the school, but also the love of the parents and the “upbringing” of the family.

Zhang Liangzhong, the big boss of the rich, has a great reputation outside, but at home, he was frustrated by the contradiction between Zhang Xiaoyu and the young little wife Tina. Originally, I just wanted to find a way out for Xiaoyu, who had lost her grades in school and made troubles at home, but Zhang Liangzhong accidentally discovered that Xiaoyu had grown up step by step on the road of studying abroad, becoming excellent, sensible, and Tina. The contradiction between the two is gradually resolved

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