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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 28 Recap

Lu Jianxun was arrogant and arrogant facing Jude Kao, but Tanaka held it in his hand, and Jude Kao had to temporarily put down his figure, pretending to surrender.

Huo Sanniang asked Lu Jianxun for his personal feelings, hoping that he would allow him to take over the territory of Er Yuehong and Zhang Qishan, but Lu Jianxun seemed to want to refuse. Huo Sanniang was slightly unhappy and accused him of crossing the bridge and tearing down the river, and then reminded Lu Jianxun to remember that Changsha is not his site after all, so he should not be too domineering.

After Lu Jianxun heard this, he pleased Huo Sanniang. Huo Sanniang didn’t speak falsehood, and ordered someone to take out two boxes of gold bars and plan to buy him. Lu Jianxun said frankly at this time that he had to ask another person about this.

It turned out that Chenpi had already seized the site of February Red. Huo Sanniang thought it was not in compliance with the rules and wanted Lu Jianxun to help determine it. Lu Jianxun proposed that now that tangerine peel has already occupied the territory of February red, then Sanniang Huo will occupy the territory of Zhang Qishan, and everyone is happy.

However, Huo Sanniang didn’t do it. She thought that this matter had to come first, and Chen Pi was able to get to the position because of their help. How can someone take the place first. Chen Pi and Huo Sanniang couldn’t agree, they clashed, and they almost fought. Lu Jianxun persuaded the two parties to mediate. Lu Jianxun believes that everyone should work together to put aside their grievances and grievances for the time being. First, let the treasures in the tomb of the mine succeed. Huo Sanniang and Chen Pi also agreed.

Zhang Qishan’s health is getting worse and worse, and Yin Xinyue has been taking care of him meticulously. Zhang Qishan was moved by Xinyue’s dedication and finally opened his heart to her. Yin Xinyue saw that Changsha was facing internal and external troubles, and all the forces wanted to plot against Buddha. For safety reasons, she discussed with Deputy Zhang Zhang to take Zhang Qishan away.

Lu Jianxun came to Qi Tiezui’s Xiangtang again, trying to take advantage of Zhang Qishan’s current loss and win him over. However, the bond between Qi Tiezui and Zhang Qishan was extremely deep, and Qi Tiezui had known Lu Jianxun’s nasty behavior, so he used fortune-telling to taunt him.

Judekao came to Chen Pi’s mansion to congratulate him, and reminded him by the way that his position has not been settled even if his grievances are not reported. After Chen Pi heard this, his anger gradually rose. While thinking about his wife, he was studying martial arts in the outskirts, and the next day he brought a team of people into Zhang’s mansion. Chen Pi asked for someone as soon as he entered the door. He said that Zhang Qishan was arrested by Lu Jianxun’s order. Yin Xinyue intervened and asked him what the Buddha had committed. Chen Pi didn’t say the reason, only that he was only responsible for arresting people.

Yin Xinyue knew that Chen Pi was aimed at Zhang Qishan, but she was not afraid to stand in front of Chen Pi, and said that she would not hesitate to fight the entire Zhang family and Yin family to stop him. When Chen Pi’s men saw this, they were afraid that the rudder master would commit a big taboo on impulse, so they spoke to persuade him, but Chen Pi would not stop there. He searched around and must kill Zhang Qishan. At this time, Zhang Qishan had already left Zhang Mansion under the arrangement of New Moon.

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