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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 27 Recap

Lu Jianxun led his troops to search the house of Er Yuehong and found the secret room, so he broke into and searched around to see what he found. But the secret room looked like it had just been burned, and it was full of broken things, not even valuables. Lu Jianxun carefully searched for the wreckage and found an unburnt piece of paper with “Hatoyama Report” written on it.

Lu Jianxun visited Zhang Qishan and asked him where he had been before. There was no news for a while. Zhang Qishan panicked that he was unwell, and went to Peiping to seek medicine, and then temporarily retreated to recuperate near the mine. Lu Jianxun felt this was suspicious, so he came to the mine to ask the villagers about the truth, but the villagers were bought by Qi Tiezui, and Lu Jianxun returned without results. Lu Jianxun didn’t intend to stop it.

He found the bank that Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong had mortgaged when they raised money at the Crescent Hotel. Under his coercion and lure, the bank’s owner had to tell the truth and was bought by Lu Jianxun and agreed to perjury. Said that those antiques were all Japanese mortgaged a lot of antiques in the bank for the sake of the second master.

Huo Sanniang came to Er Yuehong and persuaded him to cooperate with Lu Jianxun to confess the information he had and the secrets of the tomb so as not to suffer from flesh and blood. However, Er Yuehong insisted on keeping the secret, and Huo Sanniang confessed to Er Yuehong at this time, saying that she had liked Er Ye for many years and did not want to see him suffer, but Er Yuehong was unmoved.

Lu Jianxun tried to fight against Er Yue Hong Qu, but Er Yue Hong was determined, and Lu Jianxun had to forge evidence, frame him as a Japanese spy, and send him to Shangfeng. In order to save Er Yuehong, Zhang Qishan had to take the crime on himself. Lu Jianxun took away Zhang Qishan’s military emblem and said that he would be dismissed soon.

Jude Kao and Ryoko Tanaka discussed Lu Jianxun’s behavior today. Ryoko Tanaka felt that he was too high-profile and didn’t put people in the eye. Jude Kao persuaded him to stay calm and wait for Lu Jianxun to ask for help. However, Ryoko Tanaka was anxious. She broke into the prison privately to find Er Yuehong, but she was ambushed by tangerine peel. Chen Pi and Lu Jianxun joined forces to hold Ryoko Tanaka in order to threaten Jude Kao and ask him to delegate power.

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