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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 10 Recap

According to the agreement, Uncle Zeng often urged spells, and according to the different methods of practice, passed the magic arts in the Jiuyi Ding to the four disciples who won in the Qimai Huiwu. What Zeng Shushu obtained was a green wood spell that could surrender spirit beasts. Zeng Shushu, who loves raising small animals, was naturally ecstatic. Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi also finished their work, but Zhang Xiaofan did not respond.

Zeng Shuchang exhorted the spell again, and Zhang Xiaofan finally accepted the Jiuyi Ding magical technique. He felt that the conflicting Qingyun magical technique and the Dafan Prajna technique merged together in his body, and he naturally lied in his heart. After passing the gong, Zeng Shuchang told the four of them to practice harder, and then asked Xiao Yicai to set up the Jiuyiding with him. After the incident, Zeng Shu often found that Xiao Yi’s face was wrong, and hurriedly asked Xiao Yi to go back to rest first.

It turned out that Xiao Yi was the inner response of the Ghost King Sect at the Qingyun Gate. When the Ghost King Sect reported the letter last time, the Ghost King asked Xiao Yi to drink the blood of the beast god to improve his skill. At the same time, Xiao Yi had to pay the price for it-the full moon will be short. The earth turned into a bloodthirsty monster with only killing in his eyes. At this time, Xiao Yicai’s body began to have some reactions.

After Zeng Shuchang left, Zeng Shushu and Lin Jingyu hurriedly apologized for what they did to Zhang Xiaofan during the Seven Meridian Meeting. Zhang Xiaofan knew that the reason Zeng Shushu rushed to beat him up was actually to protect himself better, because of this. The disciple did not have the opportunity to fight Zhang Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan had no resentment towards these two friends at all.

They naturally talked about Zhang Xiaofan’s mysterious stick. Zeng Shushu criticized Lin Jingyu for not distinguishing good and evil on the grounds of “the world and the earth, all the ways to the same goal” in the Qingyunmen practice. Zeng Shushu told Lin Jingyu that there is no righteous demon in the exercises, but the human mind is good and evil. As long as you always pay attention to controlling the demon and self-cultivation, you will not be controlled by magic weapons.

To make up for Zhang Xiaofan, Zeng Shushu took Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan to drink medicinal wine together. After the end, Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu were walking on the mountain road. Zhang Xiaofan told Lin Jingyu that when he was competing with Lu Xueqi, he saw his own demon, as if he had returned to Caomiao Village when he was slaughtered. There is a secret.

At this time, they found a dark figure flashing by. Lin Jingyu used a signal to tell Master on the one hand, and on the other hand chased after Zhang Xiaofan. Suddenly, a black figure with a human-faced animal body rushed over and scratched Lin Jingyu. Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly drove the spell to compete with the black-clothed monster in a hurry. He accidentally discovered that his skill had advanced so much that he could already drive the spell. At this time, Dao Cang Song received the signal and hurried over, and the man in black ran away hastily.

Cang Song asked Zhang Xiaofan to send Lin Jingyu back to the mountain, and continued to chase the black monster. Seeing that he was about to catch up with the black-clothed monster, suddenly a person blocked Cangsong’s path. It turned out to be the underling of the ghost king. This person told Cangsong that he knew the old things in the blood refining hall and the ghost king sect master would come to him. Cangsong thought for a while , Watched the ghost king’s men leave.

The ghost king’s men chased after the monster with the human face and the beast body, and found him running for a while, and he was restored to Xiao Yicai’s appearance. At this time, Xiao Yi regretted drinking the blood of such a powerful beast god, waved his hand at the ghost king, and was restrained by him.

It turned out that the King of Ghosts had long discovered that Xiao Yi had a problem, so he allowed him to drink the blood of the beast god and at the same time asked this man to help Xiao Yicai. Facing the hysterical Xiao Yicai, the ghost king’s men threatened Xiao Yicai with Xiao Yicai’s reputation and the release of the control of the blood of the beast god, and let him be used by the ghost king.

Cang Song came back and found that Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu were discussing the identity of the orcs, falsely claiming that they had seriously injured the orcs, and at the same time warned Zhang Xiaofan not to tell other people about this.

Zeng Shu often reported to Daoxuan about Jiuyiding’s problems. Daoxuan faintly felt that the thieves were extraordinary, and asked Cangsong about the whereabouts of the thieves. Cangsong lied that the Qingyun Gate was heavily guarded, and the black-clothed masked people might find it difficult. And retreat. Daoxuan reminded them to be vigilant in times of peace and guard against the invasion of the demonic cult. Cang Song vowed to ensure that Qingyun Gate would not fall into a dangerous situation.

When Zhang Xiaofan and his senior brothers practiced the exercises together, they found Tian Ling’er holding the cool beads sent by Qi Hao and looking at them intently. Taking advantage of the rest time, Zhang Xiaofan wanted to persuade Tian Ling’er, and found that Tian Ling’er angrily rushed out of the master’s room.

Tian Buyi told Zhang Xiaofan that the reason why he didn’t like Qi Hao was not because he was a disciple of Tongtianfeng, but because Qi Hao had no eyes, arrogant, impure heart, and embarrassment. Tian Buyi accused Zhang Xiaofan of being unwilling to pursue her childhood sweetheart Tian Linger. Zhang Xiaofan took the love between Master and Master as an example to persuade Master to make Tian Ling’er and Qi Hao fulfill Tian Ling’er’s happiness.

Knowing that his father agreed to his marriage with Qi Hao, Tian Linger happily found Zhang Xiaofan and hugged him to express his gratitude.

For the happiness of his beloved, Zhang Xiaofan abandoned his own happiness and abandoned his beloved senior sister Tian Linger, naturally dejected and depressed. At this time, Zeng Shushu came to comfort Xiaofan. He told Zhang Xiaofan that the uncles had agreed to let Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi go down the mountain to practice, and at the same time encouraged Zhang Xiaofan to follow him to the Kongsang Mountain to explore the magic sect by visiting his grandfather Yudu City Lord. news.

Zhang Xiaofan considered that his magic weapon had been confiscated, Zeng Shushu immediately took out Zhang Xiaofan’s dark stick. It turned out that Zeng Shushu found that the commandment hall had not found the flaw in this stick for several months, and encouraged Peng Chang and others to boast that the commandment hall was occupying it. Qingyun disciple’s magic weapon, Dao Chang Cang Song returned the stick to Zhang Xiaofan.

Before Zhang Xiaofan found his master, he had not had time to express his intention to go down the mountain. Tian Buyi agreed to let Zhang Xiaofan go down the mountain to practice according to the rules of the Qingyunmen gate, but he told Zhang Xiaofan to remember to establish his heart for the heaven and the earth, for the life of the people, for the sacred and to continue his knowledge, and for the world. The principle of peace wins glory for the teacher. When parting, the senior brothers and Tian Ling’er reluctantly bid farewell to Zhang Xiaofan.

The two of them rode Lubanyi forward and met a group of flying birds. Lubanyi fell to the ground and Zhang Xiaofan injured his leg. Zeng Shushu had to help Zhang Xiaofan to move forward. They walked into a dilapidated courtyard and found that the dog and the disciples who had escaped from the Blood Refining Hall were preparing to rob money in Yudu City.

Zeng Shushu was ready to teach them a lesson. In the confusion, Lord Gou found that there was a ghost-like figure passing by. It turned out that Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan used some homemade magic weapons to scare Lord Gou and the others out of the yard. The two were happily forgetting about everything, and when they turned their faces to see a mysterious man wearing a mask, Zeng Shushu was frightened.

After calming down, the man said that he had been practicing medicine in the rivers and lakes because of his facial disability. In order to avoid frightening the child, he wore a mask. This person found Zhang Xiaofan’s leg was injured and he cured Zhang Xiaofan’s leg in a few strokes. This person calls himself Mr. Ghost, and takes this righteous house as his home.

Early the next morning, Mr. Gui pointed out the way to Yudu to Zeng Shushu and the other two. As soon as they left the yard, the door behind them squeaked shut…

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