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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 26 Recap

Xinyue brought her cousin who studied Western medicine to Foye to treat her injuries, and then followed Qi Tiezui to visit the Red House to treat her injuries. Er Yuehong was lying in a coma on the rocking chair. Fortunately, she arrived in unpredictable time and gave him medicine to save her life. Er Yuehong has not recovered his sane, so he mistakenly mistakenly mistakenly mistakenly regarded the unpredictable as a girl, embarrassing him.

Qi Tiezui asked about the things in the tomb of Er Yuehong, and Er Yuehong told him about his secret room and let him go in and study, but remember to burn the model in the secret room after the study. Qi Tiezui looked at the model in the secret chamber of the Red Mansion and found that the model was the topography of the tomb, and it was larger than they thought. The place they walked was only the tip of the iceberg in the entire tomb. After reading Qi Tiezui, he burned the model as instructed to keep the secret from leaking.

A soldier from the Zhang family came to the brothel to have fun. The woman in the brothel had already been bought by tangerine peels. She deliberately asked him where he had gone when he was drinking and drinking. This soldier had a few cups and followed himself under vanity. The Buddha came to the tomb to find treasures. Soon, Zhang Qishan’s tomb went down to Changsha. Everyone said that he wanted to take the treasures in the tomb as his own, and the tangerine peel achieved the purpose of spreading rumors.

Jude Kao and the Chen belt team went to the mine, intending to go down to the mine to hunt for treasure, but the tangerine peel went around and found that the mine had been blown up. Jude Kao disagreed, convinced that there must be another entrance, and ordered the tangerine peel to continue searching.

Huo Sanniang found Zhang Qishan and seemed to blame him for trespassing in the mine in his Huo family’s site, saying that he was not compliant, and then settled accounts with Zhang Qishan and reached out to ask him for information on the tomb. Seeing her rude attitude, Zhang Qishan drew his gun in response. Huo Sanniang was so frightened that she did not dare to speak, so she had to leave first.

Zhang Qishan has been in a trance since he went to the tomb. After Qi Tiezui learned of this, he gave Zhang Qishan a bronze mirror passed down by his ancestors. This mirror can ward off evil and exorcise yin, allowing the ghost to show its true shape. Zhang Qishan took the mirror and looked closely, and found that his father’s appearance appeared in the mirror, and hallucinations followed. He saw his father died in a gun battle many years ago.

Then he was digging a hole to bury his family members. At this time, he found that the bodies of his father and the family members were face down, as they were found on the military line last year. Like his corpse, then he was attacked by something, as if being held down by something. After Qi Tiezui came back, Zhang Qishan told him about it, guessing that it might be people or things that were holding him down. Seeing Zhang Qishan’s condition, Qi Tiezui couldn’t help but worry.

Seeing that he couldn’t find Zhang Qishan’s fault, Lu Jianxun took advantage of February Red when he was seriously ill, and took him out of the hospital bed. After Zhang Qishan knew about it, he asked Lu Jianxun for someone and would never let him go. Lu Jianxun disagreed, and then led the team to search the Red Mansion.

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