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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 25 Recap

Yin Xinyue thought that her father had come to Changsha, so she came to the hotel to meet with trembling. When they met, they found that the person was his uncle, Xinyue immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and then acted coquettishly to the uncle. The uncle seemed to oppose Xinyue and Zhang Qishan together, and asked her to go back to Beiping to make other arrangements for the marriage, but Xinyue insisted on staying. She expressed that she loved Zhang Qishan deeply, and the uncle acquiesced when she saw it. The uncle told Xinyue at this time that he had lost a jade Buddha in the Xinyue Hotel, which is probably not simple.

Xinyue found Jie Jiuye about the Buddha statue and asked him for some advice. After Xie Jiuye found out about the situation, he gave Faye face and helped Xinyue with this favor. Chen came to Jie Jiuye with a jade Buddha, deliberately attacking him. Jiuye knew that this jade Buddha was the one lost by the Crescent Hotel, so he had prepared a fake jade Buddha and put it in front of the tangerine peel.

The number of Chenpi’s authenticity verification is not high. He was fooled by Jiuye, thinking that the Buddha statue he brought was really a fake, and the Buddha statue that Jiuye was holding was the real one. He fell and left with his sleeves.

After Chen Pi left, he got into Jude Kao’s car, angrily informed him of the situation, and blamed Jude Kao for giving him the statue of Buddha, so that he was embarrassed in front of Jiu Ye. Jude Kao confidently explained that this was a strategy of knowing oneself and the enemy, and said that he did so to test the depth of Jiuye. In today’s incident, he found that he was really the most difficult person to deal with in Changsha Jiumen.

Seeing that Zhang Qishan and the others hadn’t come out for so long, Adjutant Zhang ordered the brothers to enter the cave to find someone. At the same time, Zhang Qishan waited for a long time without seeing February Red come out, so he planned to enter the cave to find someone, and Qi Tiezui wanted to stop it. Er Yuehong suddenly came out of the cave covered in blood, and her feet were unsteady. Zhang and Qi immediately held onto Er Yuehong and asked what happened.

With all his strength, Er Yuehong handed a piece of bronze shard to Zhang Qishan, and told him to put it away and exploded the hole. Then he lost his mind. Adjutant Zhang and his brothers also found Zhang Qishan and the others at this time. They all escaped from the tomb together. Then Adjutant Zhang obeyed the order and loaded explosives to blow up the entrance of the cave.

When Zhang Qishan returned home, the wounds were too late to clean up. The first time he wrote down the names of the soldiers who sacrificed, he planned to arrange their families well, and he planned to reward the other soldiers, asking them to be silent about the grave. When Zhang Qishan returned to the room to clean the wound, warm water touched his body, and the tattoo on his body appeared. At this time, he discovered that the piece of bronze shard brought out by February Red’s death seemed to be related to the pattern of his tattoo.

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