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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 9 Recap

Zhang Xiaofan heard the master say so seriously that he couldn’t help but secretly look at Tian Linger, but he still did not admit his martial arts. Tian Buyi was furious, activated a spell, grabbed Zhang Xiaofan in the air, and then hit Zhang Xiaofan’s abdomen severely. Zhang Xiaofan fell to the ground, vomiting blood and unconscious. Tian Linger hurriedly ran over to pick up Zhang Xiaofan, and interceded with Tian Buyi with a bunch of disciples.

I don’t know how long it took before Zhang Xiaofan finally woke up, but he felt better. Song Daren, who came to deliver the medicine to him, guessed that it was the master’s palm that knocked out the blood in Zhang Xiaofan. Song Daren took Zhang Xiaofan’s injury into consideration and told him that when he was playing against Lu Xueqi tomorrow, he could just hit him casually, and don’t involve the old injuries. Zhang Xiaofan heard Song Daren say that the Dazhufeng disciples were annihilated except for his own army. Tian Linger was still crying in the back mountain because of this, and hurriedly got up and rushed to the back mountain.

At this moment, Qi Hao came to comfort Tian Ling’er. Tian Ling’er confided to Qi Hao the grievances in his heart. On the one hand, he failed in the competition, and on the other hand he was punished by his father for teaching Zhang Xiaofan the third level of exercises. Seeing Tian Linger’s sadness, Qi Hao felt sad, and kissed Tian Linger’s forehead gently. Zhang Xiaofan saw this scene across the bamboo forest, and he seemed to be fascinated by the water mist. He didn’t know what to do if he wanted to change it. He turned and left, and suddenly what happened recently came to his mind.

The next day, the Seven Meridians met with Wu, Zhang Xiaofan faced Lu Xueqi, and the Qingyunmen were the first to watch the formation together. Dao Chang Cangsong ridiculed Zhang Xiaofan, the apprentice Tian Buyi taught, and Tian Buyi sneered. Standing on the ring, Zhang Xiaofan saw Tian Linger and Qi Hao whispering together, and there was another unspeakable feeling in his heart.

Facing Lu Xueqi, Zhang Xiaofan was ready to end all this completely. As soon as Lu Xueqi’s Tianya sword came out, it was extremely powerful, and he also used the Qingyunmen’s unique technique of thunder protection. Tian Buyi worried that Zhang Xiaofan could not stand it. Zhang Xiaofan was stunned when he saw Lu Xueqi using the Royal Thunder Technique.

It turned out that Zhang Xiaofan found that the trick Lu Xueqi used was exactly the same as the trick used by the man in black when he was fighting with Pu Zhi, and he seemed to have a scene of childhood joy. In a trance, Zhang Xiaofan seemed to see Master Puzhi in front of his eyes. Puzhi asked Zhang Xiaofan whether he had learned the Qingyunmen spell and whether he used the Blood Devouring Orb properly. Pu Zhi told Zhang Xiaofan that the Blood Devouring Orb was bloodthirsty with blood as a sacrifice. The greater the power, the greater the mana, and when the time comes to reach Qingyunmen, it will be just around the corner.

At this time, Zhang Xiaofan had no ring in his eyes, as if he had returned to Caomiao Village, and Lu Xueqi had been persuading him to control the demons. But Pu Zhi let himself kill Lu Xueqi’s voice endlessly, Zhang Xiaofan suddenly uncontrollably angered, and sacrificed a fire stick to kill Lu Xueqi. Lu Xueqi looked at Zhang Xiaofan’s madness, and hurriedly persuaded Zhang Xiaofan to wake up, but Zhang Xiaofan didn’t retreat, and the huge power of the Tianya sword and the fire stick penetrated the ring. The halo from the Tianya sword and the fire stick enveloped the ring, and the people outside had no idea what had happened. Lu Xueqi breathed another breath of anger and hit Zhang Xiaofan hard.

His body flew back and hit the railing hard, and Zhang Xiaofan woke up. Lu Xueqi told Zhang Xiaofan that he had been trapped in his memories. At this time, under the control of the heart demon, he must find a way to eliminate the heart demon. Only in this way can they get out of the predicament. Only then did Zhang Xiaofan realize that he couldn’t let go of the slaughter in Caomiao Village. He was determined to defeat the demons and send Lu Xueqi out safely. Zhang Xiaofan begged Lu Xueqi to go out and kill himself to avoid the trouble.

In a trance, Zhang Xiaofan seemed to leap over the streets of Caomiao Village, struggling to resist the demons. Lu Xueqi persuaded Zhang Xiaofan to think more about happy things, so that he could defeat the demons, but Zhang Xiaofan couldn’t feel a trace of hope. Lu Xueqi told Zhang Xiaofan that if there is only one person fighting with him, you can’t give up yourself. Lu Xueqi’s words make Zhang Xiaofan seem Understand what.

On the ring, the two confessions seemed to face each other peacefully, but in reality they were extremely dangerous. Zhang Xiaofan, who was controlled by the inner demon, finally calmed down under Lu Xueqi’s persuasion. Seeing the two people showing sadness, they suddenly flew backwards and fell together.

Tian Buyi saw Zhang Xiaofan fall to the ground and hurriedly treated Zhang Xiaofan. One month later, Zhang Xiaofan could finally get out of bed and chop wood. Tian Linger hurriedly stopped Zhang Xiaofan from his internal injuries, and told Zhang Xiaofan that fortunately, his parents helped Zhang Xiaofan to save his life. Tian Ling’er also happily told Zhang Xiaofan that his father had always loved face, and that the palm of Zhang Xiaofan was actually to clean up his blood. Zhang Xiaofan is the first Dazhufeng disciple in the Qimai Huiwu in the past three hundred years besides Tian Buyi. Tian Buyi will naturally care for him.

While talking, Tian Linger unknowingly talked about Qi Hao, telling Zhang Xiaofan all the feelings of love between him and Qi Hao, and also told Zhang Xiaofan the grievances and stubbornness that his parents had brought to him because of his parents’ opposition to the relationship with Qi Hao. Tian Linger was determined to be with Qi Hao, Zhang Xiaofan had to bless Tian Linger and Qi Hao. Tian Linger only knows that Zhang Xiaofan understands and understands himself, but he doesn’t know the deep pain in Zhang Xiaofan’s heart.

After healed from his injury, it was not easy for Zhang Xiaofan to thank Master Tian. Tian Buyi asked about the origin of the stick again. Zhang Xiaofan learned of Master’s life-saving grace to him, so he had to admit that he had picked it up in the Houshan Pond, but concealed that it was the blood-devouring bead that led to the stick. The well-informed Tian Buyi told Zhang Xiaofan that this thing is a blood-refined thing, and it has been connected to Zhang Xiaofan’s flesh and blood. The blood-refined object will suck the blood of the master, and once the blood is sucked, the person will be recognized as the master.

However, the things that drove the blood forging were despised by the Qingyunmen, and only the people of the demon sect knew one or two. Zhang Xiaofan heard what the master said and confirmed that the stick was a blood-refined object, but he still lied that he did not practice the magical exercises at all on the grounds that his parents were killed by the demon cult and that he did not know the blood-refined object. . Tian Buyi asked Zhang Xiaofan to follow him to Tongtian Peak to explain clearly to the head and the other pulses.

In the Jade Clear Hall of Tongtian Peak, Daoxuan and Dao Chang Cangsong used the exorcism formation method to detect whether Zhang Xiaofan possessed the magic teaching technique with the spirit statue beast scales. The result proved that Zhang Xiaofan did not possess demon energy. Tian Buyi laughed loudly when he heard the words, Cang Song still thought Zhang Xiaofan was extremely treacherous and must be a spy of the Demon Cult.

Tian Buyi, who was eager to protect the calf, retorted Taoist Cangsong on the grounds that Zhang Xiaofan used this stick in full view. The two tried their best in Yuqing Palace, but it was Daoxuan who came forward to stop the quarrel. In the face of Cangsong’s aggressiveness, Xiaozhufeng’s first Shuiyue couldn’t stand it anymore, and tried his best to excuse Zhang Xiaofan, accusing Cangsong of not seeing outstanding disciples from other factions.

Qingyunmen’s handling of Zhang Xiaofan was divided into two opinions. Tian Buyi pledged his life that Zhang Xiaofan had nothing to do with the Demon Cult. Daoxuan also believed that Zhang Xiaofan was not like a member of the Demon Cult. What’s more, this stick was restrained in it, which was different from the evil things of the Demon Cult. Cangsong insisted that he would rather kill mistakes than let go on the grounds that the Demon Cult was fierce, which caused Daoxuan to sternly reprimand.

The head of Dao Xuan decided to fulfill his promise, let Zhang Xiaofan leave the black stick, and at the same time let Xiao Yicai lead the winning four to Fenghuifeng to practice the Qingyun technique in the Jiuyi Ding. After Zhang Xiaofan left, Daoxuan pointed out that what Cang Song had just done was no different from that of Demon Cult. Cang Song’s hostility has become heavier in the past ten years, which is really worrying. Cang Song stubbornly believed that Zhang Xiaofan had been in contact with this black stick for a long time, and he wanted to expel Zhang Xiaofan from his teacher because he was afraid that Zhang Xiaofan would be enchanted.

Tian Buyi fought hard on the grounds that Zhang Xiaofan was an outstanding disciple of Dazhufeng for many years. Uncle Zeng often came up with a compromise plan. After careful study by his wife and Zeng Shushu, he would hand it over to Dazhufeng if there is no problem.

Under the gate of the ghost king, the spy who sneaked into the Qingyun gate told the ghost king that the four strongest winners of the Qingyun gate Qimai Huiwu were Lin Jingyu, Zeng Shushu, Lu Xueqi, and Zhang Xiaofan. Baguio next to him couldn’t believe that a fragile Qingyunmen disciple like Zhang Xiaofan could make it to the top four, so it seems that there are few Qingyunmen juniors.

The spy told the ghost king that Zhang Xiaofan was able to draw a tie with the Tianya sword by virtue of a strange magic weapon. The ghost king believed that Zhang Xiaofan would have an extraordinary chance to obtain this treasure. Baguio heard that the four of them would go to Kongsang Mountain after recuperating, and immediately wanted to go to Kongsang Mountain to join in the fun. The King of Ghosts wanted to wait for the opportunity to take action.

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