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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 8 Recap

After listening to Zeng Shushu’s story about Master Tian’s pursuit of his mother, Zhang Xiaofan wanted to take the opportunity of sending mung bean cakes to pursue Tian Ling’er. When she met Lu Xueqi in the place where the female disciple lived, Lu Xueqi told Zhang Xiaofan that Tian Linger had gone out to practice exercises with Qi Hao and reminded Zhang Xiaofan to pay attention to preparing for martial arts with seven pulses. After Zhang Xiaofan heard Lu Xueqi’s words, he hurriedly left.

In the second round of the Qimai Huiwu, Zhang Xiaofan faced Chu Yuhong of Chaoyang Peak. Du Bishu and others were not optimistic about Zhang Xiaofan, thinking that Zhang Xiaofan would lose in this match. Dazhufeng disciples either had a contest or wanted to cheer for Tian Linger. For a time, only Zhang Xiaofan, a Dazhufeng disciple, was left near the ring.

Chaoyangfeng disciples were all watching and cheering at Dazhufeng. At this time, I saw Chu Yuhong leaping into the ring and Zhang Xiaofan took out the stick, which naturally aroused the ridicule of the Chaoyangfeng disciple—the Dazhufeng disciple used a fire stick as a weapon. Regardless of the ridicule, Zhang Xiaofan fought with Chu Yuhong with a fire stick in his hand.

Chu Yuhong saw that Zhang Xiaofan’s spells were lowly, and even though he was merciful, he knocked Zhang Xiaofan to the ground. Zhang Xiaofan saw that Chu Yuhong had deliberately let himself go, and persuaded Chu Yuhong to do his best. Chu Yuhong urged the spell, and it was really extraordinary. With a single blow, Zhang Xiaofan spit out a mouthful of blood. The blood-devouring bead on the fire stick stuck to the mouthful of blood, and bursts of gloom suddenly appeared.

The fire stick immediately released tremendous power, and even though Chu Yuhong tried his best to drive the spell to resist the gloomy light from the fire stick, he was still shot with blood out of the mouth, and Zhang Xiaofan won! Chaoyangfeng disciples in the audience accused Zhang Xiaofan of cheating and failed to win. Chu Yuhong lied that he underestimated the enemy and prevented everyone from accusing Zhang Xiaofan.

Zhang Xiaofan rushed to another arena and saw Lu Xueqi easily defeat Fenghuifeng disciples. At this time, the winning Zeng Shushu also came to see the situation of Lu Xueqi’s martial arts competition and found that Zhang Xiaofan had blood marks on his face. He hurriedly asked about Zhang Xiaofan’s situation with concern, and Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly said that it was all right.

Lu Xueqi hurriedly asked Zeng Shushu if he had a way to deal with the thief last night. Zeng Shushu thought that his father and his uncles and uncles only supervised the Qimai martial arts and had no time to take care of it. Zhang Xiaofan discussed with them staying in the Treasure Pavilion at night.

In the evening, in the Treasure Pavilion, Lu Xueqi found that Zhang Xiaofan was hostile. If the comparison continued, it would be dangerous. At this time, Zeng Shushu took his Qiankun Qi pocket that specializes in dog skin plaster, and opened up the prohibition technique imposed by Zeng Shuchang, and asked Zhang Xiaofan to replace the Qiankun Jiuyi Ding and put it in the Qiankun Qi pocket. They didn’t expect their every move to be In the eyes of the black robber.

Zeng Shushu was about to leave the Treasure Pavilion with everyone to hide the Universe Jiuyi Ding. At this time, a burst of crows rushed into the Treasure Pavilion. An air pocket. The Qingyunmen treasure was robbed, and the injured Zeng Shushu had to drew a symbol of the Universe Pocket in Zhang Xiaofan’s hands, so that Zhang Xiaofan seized the time to grab the Universe Pocket.

The man in black got the Qiankun pocket and couldn’t open it. At this moment, Lu Xueqi and Zhang Xiaofan followed. The two are not the opponents of the men in black. Seeing that the men in black are about to flee again, Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly opened his palms, urging the animation symbols, and the universe flew back to Zhang Xiaofan’s hands. The man in black wanted to come back and grab it again. At this time, Lin Jingyu arrived in time, and the man in black fled hurriedly.

The Universe Jiuyi Ding was lost and recovered, but Zhang Xiaofan and the three of them were reprimanded by Dao Cang Song. It turned out that Dao Chang Cangsong and Uncle Zeng found that the actions of the thief had strengthened the seal, and wanted to lead the snake out of the cave, but Zhang Xiaofan and the others were startled by the snake. Dao Cang Song asked Zeng Shushu to hurry up and put the Jiuyi Ding in the treasure chest.

Zhang Xiaofan then realized that it was not easy to forget to see Master Tian, ​​and hurriedly went back to see Master. At this time, Tian Buyi was angry at the failure of the disciples one by one, and seeing Zhang Xiaofan was even more angry. It turned out that Tian Buyi saw Zhang Xiaofan running around after winning, and mistakenly thought that Zhang Xiaofan was disgusted, and the large bamboo peak in the cold door made him choose good trees to live there. Fortunately, Su Ru stopped Tian Buyi.

After this round of competition, only Zhang Xiaofan and Tian Linger are left in Dazhufeng to win the third round of competition.

In the third round of competition, Zhang Xiaofan faced Huang Lei of Chaoyangfeng, Song Daren and other Dazhufeng disciples all rushed to cheer for Tian Linger, Zhang Xiaofan was still fighting alone. At this moment, he saw his hair Xiaolin Jingyu standing under the ring, and he felt a little comfort in his heart. On the ring, Zhang Xiaofan drove the fire stick and knocked Huang Lei to the ground after only one round. Zhang Xiaofan didn’t know what had happened for a while, and the huge power made the many disciples onlookers feel incredible, and Lin Jingyu also left silently.

Zhang Xiaofan sat in the black bamboo forest, pondering the reason for his victory. He didn’t know whether it was the Qingyunmen exercises or the Dafan Prajna exercises passed to him by Puzhi to help him win, or whether he was controlled by this stick. To win? Zhang Xiaofan was confused for a while. At this time, Lin Jingyu came to Zhang Xiaofan to ask what happened. Zhang Xiaofan lied that he relied on luck to win, and Lin Jingyu wanted to compete with Zhang Xiaofan.

Faced with his best friend, Zhang Xiaofan was not Lin Jingyu’s opponent at all, he was knocked to the ground. Faced with Lin Jingyu’s compelling question, Zhang Xiaofan had to lie that he was using insidious tricks. Lin Jingyu asked Zhang Xiaofan what he had learned and how to get this magic stick. Zhang Xiaofan, who never lied, couldn’t help clenching his fists, and resolutely wouldn’t tell Lin Jingyu the origin of his magic weapon.

Zhang Xiaofan won twice in a row, without the slightest joy of winning. Seeing Zhang Xiaofan frowning, Zeng Shushu quickly asked Zhang Xiaofan why he won. Seeing Zhang Xiaofan’s silence, Zeng Shushu told Zhang Xiaofan that Xiaofan would recruit Peng Chang, a disciple of He Feng Huifeng, and that Peng Chang is the disciple of Feng Huifeng’s highest practice.

Then he will let his brother Peng Chang show mercy. Zhang Xiaofan dumbly asked Zeng Shushu if any Qingyunmen disciples had both schools of exercises. Zeng Shushu told Zhang Xiaofan that the Qingyunmen rules dealt with disciples who stole masters and learned skills very harshly, and no one should be able to perform both schools.

In the fourth round of Qimai Huiwu, Zhang Xiaofan faced Peng Chang, a disciple of Gust Wind Huifeng. The rest of Dazhufeng’s disciples all lost. At this time, they gathered in the ring to cheer for Zhang Xiaofan. Chaoyangfeng disciples also came to cheer for Pengchang, hoping that Pengchang would defeat Zhang Xiaofan and give Chaoyangfeng his breath. Only Zeng Shushu persuaded Pengchang to show mercy to Zhang Xiaofan’s men. Zhang Xiaofan feared that he would no longer be able to make uncontrollable shots and hurt others. Facing Peng Chang’s fierce offensive, Zhang Xiaofan did not dare to fight back at all, and was forced by Peng Chang with a sword.

Peng Chang saw that Zhang Xiaofan did not fight back, thinking that he was looking down on himself, and persuaded Zhang Xiaofan to do it. Zeng Shushu also shouted to Zhang Xiaofan to fight back under the ring. Zhang Xiaofan’s heart moved at will, the stick followed by others, and the ring shone for a moment. Peng Chang danced his sword, and the sound of clank clank on the ring was endless. Zhang Xiaofan held a stick to resist, but Peng Chang’s sword pierced a few blood.

At this time, the blood-devouring beads in the fire stick adhered to the blood on Zhang Xiaofan’s body. After a few ray of red light was emitted, the gloomy light was more vigorous, and Peng Chang fell on the ground and vomited blood. Zeng Shushu saw that his senior was injured, so he jumped onto the stage and argued with Zhang Xiaofan. He accused Zhang Xiaofan of deceiving himself and said that he could not use spells.

At this time, the Qingyun disciples in the audience could see that Zhang Xiaofan was not using the Qingyun technique, and they wanted to jump on stage to be beaten. Zhang Xiaofan, Dazhufeng disciple jumped up to protect Zhang Xiaofan. At this time, Zeng Shuchang and Tian Buyi flew in the air and ordered the disciples to stop. Tian Buyi saw the blood on Zhang Xiaofan’s body and stroked the wound on Zhang Xiaofan’s body distressedly.

Tian Buyi couldn’t understand how, he obviously only taught Zhang Xiaofan the mantras of the second-level exercises, so how did he bypass the third-level cultivation to the fourth-level exercises, and now he was able to drive the magic weapon, Tian Buyi sternly questioned Zhang Xiaofan Who on earth taught him the third level of exercises, otherwise he will be expelled from the teacher’s door if he steals the teacher and learns art.

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