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Gintama: The Movie (銀魂劇場版 新譯紅櫻篇)

Gintama: The Movie (Anime)
Other Name: 銀魂劇場版:新譯紅櫻篇

Genres: Anime, Action, Fantasy
Nobuji Takamatsu
April, 2010
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The story takes place in the Edo period of Japan. A mysterious man appears in front of the samurai Katsura Kotaro (voiced by Akira Ishida). He holds the demon sword “Red Sakura” and asks for a test. After this night, Katsura’s whereabouts are unknown. Katsura’s pet Elizabeth (voiced by Takamatsu Shinji) finds Kagura (voiced by Rie Kugimiya) and Shinpachi (voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi) of Manjiya, and commissions them to find the whereabouts of the owner.

At the same time, Gintoki (Sugita Tomokazu) was also commissioned to find the whereabouts of the evil Red Sakura. The clues of the three people gathered on an airship. Because it was far away from the police’s jurisdiction, the evil forces in the airship covered the sky with one hand. There, Gintoki met his former comrade-in-arms and current opponent Shinsuke Takasugi (voiced by Takeshi Koyasu), and Takasugi is leading his ghost soldiers in an attempt to destroy Edo. On one side is a vicious terrorist, on the other side is the tyrannical and bloodthirsty Demon Sakura Red Sakura. Can the seriously injured Gintoki escape safely and save Edo?

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