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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 7 Recap

Willow heads on the moon, people meet after dusk. Zhang Xiaofan followed Tian Ling’er all the way, and found that she was secretly going to the Bishuitan to date Qi Hao. Zhang Xiaofan could not tell what it was like when he saw the two of them being intimate and happy. He kept watching Qi Hao and Tian Ling’er hold hands and leave.

Zhang Xiaofan could no longer control himself, and walked to Tan Bian. Suddenly, vortexes surged in the Bishui Lake, and Shui Qilin rushed out of the water and stood in front of Zhang Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan was frightened and panicked. He sat on the ground with straight eyes, and the stick fell down. Shui Qilin sniffed the black stick carefully, and found nothing suspicious. He jumped back into the water, and Zhang Xiaofan picked up the stick and ran back to his residence.

In the Yuqing Hall, the first people from all veins of the Qingyunmen gathered together to discuss the anger of the water unicorn during the day. Everyone couldn’t agree on that, Daoxuan used the secret spirit technique of the Qingyunmen to communicate with the water unicorn, but the water unicorn fell asleep to no result.

However, Daoxuan does have one thing to inform everyone, that is, although Xiao Yicai, who sneaked into the blood refining hall for five years, did not investigate the truth of the murder in Caomiao Village, he found that the demon sect seems to have found the whereabouts of the heavenly book, and it may be hidden in the black heart old man. Inside the hidden treasure cave of Wanbat Cave. It turns out that the heavenly books are the town-style exercises of the demon sect. According to legend, as long as you learn five heavenly books, you can unify the demon sect, and the world is invincible.

Daoxuan told everyone that a few months ago, he received a secret report from the Fenxiang Valley. Wandumen and Hehuanmen had already begun to work. The target was Kongsang Mountain outside Yudu City. Fortunately, Yudu had Zeng Shuchang’s father-in-law sitting in town, and it was not a major problem for the time being. Daoxuan has already replied with Yun Yilan, the master of Fenxiang Valley, that Fenxiang Valley and Tianyin Pavilion will jointly send out disciples to stop the evil demon cults. As the leader of the right way, Qingyunmen, they will prepare to make the Seven Meridian Martial Arts The four young disciples went to Kongsang Mountain together, so that they could understand the movement of the magic sect on the one hand, and experience the young disciples on the other.

The next day, Daoxuan told the disciples that in order to encourage the disciples to be determined to practice, the first four disciples who won can obtain the Qingyunmen Supreme Treasure Universe Jiuyi Ding Gong, and the disciples with good qualifications may comprehend the swordsmanship of this school. The following disciples were eager to try, and Zhang Xiaofan also secretly vowed to work hard to win honor to Dazhu Peak.

The Qimai Huiwu officially began. Tian Linger held the amber red silk to defeat the Chaoyang Peak disciples and won rounds of applause. Only the first Shang Zhengliang of Chaoyang Peak was very depressed. After winning the first battle, Dazhufeng’s first field was not easy to tell the disciples that the other disciples were not unattainable. Ling’er had already made an appearance for everyone, and hoped that all the disciples would cheer for Dazhufeng.

Tian Linger was naturally elated, and ran towards Zhang Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan happily prepared to meet the senior sister. He watched the fairy-like Tian Linger run past him. It turned out that Tian Linger was running to congratulate Tian Linger. The winning Qi Hao. Just when Zhang Xiaofan was downcast and sad, Zeng Shushu, who had won easily, came to tell Zhang Xiaofan that he had won a match accidentally. In fact, Zeng Shushu’s interest lies in raising some pets.

If his father Zeng Shu often forced him to practice martial arts, he would not want to practice martial arts. Zeng Shushu wanted to exchange the treasures in his hands for the three-eyed monkey Xiaohui next to Zhang Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan had been listening to the conversation between Tian Ling’er and Qi Hao, feeling sour, and refused Zeng Shushu’s request on the grounds that he didn’t deserve to have something. Zeng Shushu saw Zhang Xiaofan’s dejected look and took Zhang Xiaofan to the Qingyunmen Treasure Pavilion to relax.

It turned out that Zeng Shushu wanted to exchange treasures from the treasure pavilion for Zhang Xiaofan’s little gray. At this time, Zeng Shuchang and Taoist Cangsong put the Qingyunmen’s most precious Qiankun Jiuyi Ding on the altar of the Treasure Pavilion. In order to prevent any accidents, Zeng Shuchang imposed a restraint. After Cang Song and Zeng Shuchang left, Zhang Xiaofan and Zeng Shu wrote that they were envious of Qiankun Jiuyi Ding.

At this time, they heard the noise of people outside, and the two went out to see a disciple of Feng Huifeng who was seriously injured by Lu Xueqi. Zeng Shushu repeatedly apologized to that disciple instead of Lu Xueqi. Uncle Zeng often found Zhang Xiaofan who was with Zeng Shushu, and invited Zhang Xiaofan, who had a similar spirit with Zeng Shushu, to be a guest here.

Zeng Shushu used the wooden bird he designed to inform Song Daren that Zhang Xiaofan was living in Fenghuifeng. That night, Zhang Xiaofan saw the various magic weapons made by Zeng Shushu, and his eyes were envious. Thinking of the next day’s competition, Zhang Xiaofan was not sure about it, but he wanted to stick to the end anyway, Zeng Shushu quickly comforted Zhang Xiaofan.

Zhang Xiaofan told Zeng Shushu that he did not have goals like him, especially after the death of the old man, he had no direction. Zeng Shushu comforted Zhang Xiaofan that in addition to the Refining Hall, the Demon Sect also had such sects as Wandumen, Changshengtang, Hehuan Sect, and Ghost King Sect. Among them, the Baguio that met in Bihuotian Ice Lake was the daughter of Ghost King Sect Master.

At this time, Baguio was paying homage to her mother, Xiaochi. It seemed that before her eyes appeared the scene of her and her mother being chased by the elderly, and she couldn’t help feeling sad. Baguio comforted the spirit of the mother who killed the old man to avenge her mother. At the same time, she told her mother that she had found the little boy Lin Jingyu who threw her buns back then, but he had become a Qingyunmen disciple, indicating that he was born in the Ghost King Sect Oneself is right and wrong.

At this time, the ghost king came over and listened to all Baguio’s words. He felt gratified for his daughter to avenge Xiaozhi and find medicine for himself. However, the King of Ghosts believes that the rivers and lakes are sinister and treacherous, so he put Baguio under house arrest in Huqishan, only to hear the news from the inside of the enemy, and then send Baguio out to perform tasks according to the situation.

A man in black broke into the Treasure Treasure Pavilion in the dark and triggered the restraint technique imposed by Zeng Shuchang, which alarmed Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan, and the man in black had to flee in a hurry. When Zeng Shushu was chasing the man in black, he ran into Lu Xueqi who was practicing Kung Fu. The two returned to the Treasure Pavilion and found that Qiankun Jiuyi Ding was fortunate enough. Uncle Zeng would often tell the boss about this.

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