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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 24 Recap

Zhang Qishan triggered the mechanism, and the lens on the wall struck him like a sharp blade. Fo Ye couldn’t dodge, and suffered multiple injuries on his body. He then had hallucinations, and the scene of training in Zhang’s house flashed out in a daze. Zhang Qishan realized that he had been hit, calmed down, thinking that he might have been attacked by germs. Without any medicine or tools, Zhang Qishan endured the severe pain, pulled the hair from the back of his neck with his bare hands, and finally escaped.

Zhang Qishan continued groping with his wounds, and saw Qi Tiezui in a tomb. After seeing Zhang Qishan, Ba Ye finally settled down, and then told his own research results. Qi Tiezui already knew that there were 64 holes in this tomb, which coincided with the hexagrams of Fuxi and Eight Diagrams. Although it was difficult to decipher, the ancestors of February Hong had escaped from birth, so February Hong should also master the technique of deciphering. Their top priority is to meet with February Red.

Er Yuehong was exploring alone in the criss-crossed tomb passages. When she came to a tomb, she had an illusion and met another self. Er Yuehong had been immersed in the grief of the girl’s leaving, and this time to go to the tomb also violated the oath that day in front of the ancestors that she would never go to the tomb to save the girl.

Er Yuehong was trapped by his own demons, but his will was not depressed. He believed that as a member of the nine sects, he should take the responsibility, so he cheered up and continued to accomplish his mission. Er Yuehong accidentally discovered the family emblem, which proved that the ancestors had been here, indicating that there should be a way of escape. He took out the information left by his uncle and grandfather and began to deliberate, and then shot iron balls to listen to the wind and explore the way, and finally found an exit.

Er Yuehong fumbled, and came to the tomb where Zhang Qishan and Qi Tiezui were. Er Yuehong used iron marbles to explore the way, leading everyone along the correct route. When the three reached the last tomb, it also meant that they had found the exit, but this is also the entrance to the tomb where treasures are hidden. Zhang Qishan insisted on going to the tomb to fetch objects, because this is his ultimate goal here, and he must accomplish it, but February Hong refused.

He thought that Zhang Qishan had a family and a room, unlike himself, so he proposed to enter the grave for Zhang Qishan, and asked Zhang Qishan and Qi Tiezui to wait for him for two hours. He hasn’t come out after the hour, so just leave. Zhang Qishan naturally refused to leave. He and Qi Tiezui both made up their minds secretly and would not leave until February Red came out.

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