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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 23 Recap

Lu Jianxun was curious about who Qi Tiezui who had been following Zhang Qishan was, so Jude Kao took him to the small handicap where Qi Tiezui was doing fortune-telling. When the two arrived, they saw sparse customers in this handicap, but they could hear a wide range of shots from the crowd. Lu Jianxun wondered how Qi Tiezui could survive in Changsha by virtue of this small handicap, and could have a place in the nine gates. Jude Kao told the rumors.

Qi Tiezui only tells the fortune-telling to the buyer. Once he buys, he counts. Many people came to buy his goods in order to make him count. Qi Tiezui’s hexagrams are extremely accurate, so accurate that it can be said to be a magical skill. Once, a broker in Qi Tiezui Xiangtang came to see an incense burner, but Qi Tiezui had his own rules, only selling antiques but not incense burners.

Unexpectedly, his buddy became greedy and sold the incense burner to the broker privately, intending to fill his own pocket with the money. After Qi Tiezui found out, he was a little angry. He was angry that this guy did this, offending the gods and ancestors, and he might be punished.

The guy was surprised and immediately admitted his mistake and asked Qi Tiezui if there was any way to resolve it. Qi Tiezui made a calculation and asked him to take the money with him when he went to the village to collect rent in a few days, and the money he received was placed at the bottom of the box. He also asked him to forgive him the money from the farmers.

The guy went to collect the rent as instructed, and was grateful to Ba Ye when he returned. It turned out that the guy encountered a robber on the road, but the robber only robbed the censer money, and the money under the box escaped. The robber was quickly caught, and it turned out to be the melon farmer. The melon farmer lost his harvest due to the heavy rain and couldn’t afford to pay the rent. The robber saw that the robbed man was a man who had spared his money, and was kind to him, so he did not kill him and let him go. The guy came back safe and sound, and the rent collected did not suffer. It can be seen that Qi Tiezui is really clever.

After Lu Jianxun heard Qi Tiezui’s deeds, he felt magical, but Qi Tiezui was not good at weapons and kung fu, except that Qi Tiezui was a good hand. How much benefit Zhang Qishan gave him, Qi Tiezui willingly followed to the grave. Jude Kao talked about Qi Tiezui’s conspiracy, Zhang Qishan saved his life, and the two were friends of life and death, so it was natural to die together.

Shortly after Zhang, Hong, and Qi entered the acupuncture path in the tomb, the steel wire on their bodies broke, but in order to find out the truth, the three of them proceeded forward together. Qi Tiezui came to a tomb and found that the layout here was roughly the same as the previous one, so he sat down and pinched and found that the layout was weird, and that unusual people could get in and out at will.

Just as Qi Tiezui was trying to figure out the principle of the layout using a fortune-telling method, he seemed to hear voices coming from all directions, but he couldn’t get a response to his call. Qi Tiezui was flustered, so he had to meditate on the spot, begging God to worship Buddha.

February Red came to a passage, and found that there were broken mirrors all around. After the flashlight’s light passed, the reflections were very strange, seeming to have the effect of chaos. Er Yuehong saw the girl in a daze, and some past events. February Hong settled down and continued to move forward. He came to a tomb and turned back, but was shocked that he could not go back to the original path.

Zhang Qishan also encountered the same problem. He wandered around in the tomb, unable to find a pattern. Suddenly, he found that the soil on the wall of the cave was soft, so he picked up a shovel to dig and found that he could break through the wall.

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