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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 6 Recap

Tian Buyi learned that Tian Ling’er went to the Tongtian Peak to visit Qi Hao, that kind of anger was simply a hatred of iron and steel. At this time, Zhang Xiaofan heard the master angry and wanted to sneak over, but Tian Buyi stopped him and gave him a lesson.

Zhang Xiaofan knew that he was not very talented and talked to himself in the kitchen. At this time, Tian Ling’er, who was not easily restrained by Tian Ling’er, mistakenly thought that Zhang Xiaofan had told his father about his whereabouts, and came to accuse Zhang Xiaofan of making false claims in front of his father. Zhang Xiaofan quickly argued that he didn’t say anything, and Tian Linger accused Zhang Xiaofan of not being able to help himself. Zhang Xiaofan, who never lied, persuaded Tian Linger to stay with Qi Hao. Tian Linger angrily asked Zhang Xiaofan who he was with was nothing to do with Zhang Xiaofan.

After Tian Ling’er lost his temper, he realized that he was a little improper in doing so, and gradually slowed down. After Tian Ling’er went out, Zhang Xiaofan’s ear echoed the words Tian Ling’er said during the day, and he felt even more inferior. At this time, Xiao Hui dragged the stick and gave it to Zhang Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan accidentally discovered that he had practiced the third layer of exercises. He remembered that Master once said that the magic weapon is to recognize the Lord. Now he can drive the stick, maybe it It is their own magic weapon.

At this time, Du Bishu, who was out traveling, returned to Dazhufeng to show everyone his magic weapon-dice. It turned out that Du Bishu discovered a thousand-year-old three trees on the banks of the southern mountains and rivers, and took the essence of them and practiced them into his own magic weapon. Tian Buyi saw that Du Bishu, who was still clever among his disciples, had actually practiced such a magic weapon, and he repeatedly accused Du Bishu as a dead wood.

Tian Buyi could even imagine the scene of the Qimai meeting in Wuzhong after January, when the disciples of all the veins laughed at Du Bishu. Then, where will Dazhufeng’s face be? Su Ru urged all the disciples to prepare for the Seven Meridians.

When Zhang Xiaofan learned that he could also descend to Dazhu Peak, he danced in excitement. Seeing Tian Buyi’s gloomy face, Zhang Xiaofan immediately reduced his smile. It turned out that this time the Seven Channels will be divided into nine places for each channel. Dazhufeng disciples plus Zhang Xiaofan and Tian Linger only have a total of eight people. No wonder Tian Buyi agreed to join Zhang Xiaofan, who has not yet mastered the spell.

Qi Hao came to Dazhufeng to inform Tian Buyi of the news of Qimai Huiwu, and at the same time, in return for Tian Linger’s favor of sending medicine, he gave Tian Linger a refreshing pearl. Tian Ling’er’s heart was naturally filled with waves of happiness, while Zhang Xiaofan stood aside and watched Tian Ling’er silently. Tian Buyi was very angry when he saw his daughter’s happy look, and ordered his disciples to start practicing in seclusion from the next day.

Time flies by, all the disciples are diligently practicing spells, and Zhang Xiaofan is not idle, practicing with that stick all day. The brothers gathered together to show off their magic weapons, Du Bishu finally found the object of ridicule, Zhang Xiaofan actually used the kitchen fire stick to make the treasure.

The day of the Seven Meridians’ Martial Arts came, Song Daren cast a spell and brought Zhang Xiaofan straight to Tongtian Peak. Disciples of different veins gathered in the sea of ​​clouds in front of Hongqiao. Song Daren greeted Xiaozhufeng’s disciple Wen Min, which drew everyone to a wedding drink. Since the disciples of various veins rarely meet, they call friends and friends, and the usually silent sea of ​​clouds is very lively for a while.

Standing on the Hongqiao in a graceful manner, Qi Hao announced to everyone that all the disciples who participated in the Qimai Huiwu had come to Yuqing Hall. Tian Linger saw Qi Hao, smiling like a flower, and went straight to Qi Hao. Zhang Xiaofan walked on the Hongqiao Bridge and found that everyone was walking, so he asked Lin Jingyu what was going on.

Lin Jingyu told him that one is to show respect for the head, and the other is that since the beginning of the Qingyunmen school, the ancestor Qingye has set up the Zhuxian Sword Array here, but anyone who wants to break through here will be bound by the Jade Sword Array The killing. Only then did Zhang Xiaofan understand, and even asked Lin Jingyu how powerful the Immortal Sword Formation was.

At this time, when they saw the spirit beast water unicorn lying on the edge of the blue water pool, they naturally thought of the scene of arriving at Qingyunmen early five years ago and hurriedly saluted the water unicorn. Lin Jingyu heard that Zhang Xiaofan could not drive the magic weapon well, so he hurriedly comforted Zhang Xiaofan to come over and see. When Zhang Xiaofan heard Lin Jingyu say the same, he secretly vowed to win in the martial arts competition.

When his mind moved, the blood-devouring bead on the stick instantly felt. Shui Qilin, who had been leaning on the water’s edge, stood up suddenly, roaring again and again, and it was dim for a while. At the moment of crisis, Dao Xuan Dao Xuan flew in the air, urging the spell, and Shui Qilin slowly calmed down and jumped into the distance. Daoist Cangsong lied that the horrible scene just now was a test by Lingzun to everyone, and asked the disciples to go to the Yuqing Hall, while Daoxuan asked Lingzun to figure out what was going on.

In the Yuqing Hall, the solemn and solemn Daoxuan Master told the disciples that in order to alert the disciples to the ancestors of the Qingyunmen, the ancestor Qingye held them in the world. Each Jiazi held a seven-channel martial arts meeting, which lasted more than 1,200 years. , So far has been twenty. Now the Qingyun School is more prosperous than in previous lives, and there are countless outstanding young disciples, so the number of contestants has increased to 64. Dao Cang Song announced the lottery rules. There are a total of 63 wax pills in the mahogany box. Each person draws a number from the wax pill to determine his opponent in the competition, and the winner advances.

Tian Ling’er didn’t understand why there were 64 people, why there were only 63 wax pills, and hurriedly asked Dao Chang Cang Song. Cang Song told everyone that for every nine people sent, Nagato sent one more person, but only because one sent only eight people, so only 63 people participated in the competition. The disciple who wins the number one will have a bye in the first round. Hearing this, Dazhufeng’s first Tian Buyi’s face became more and more ugly, because everyone knew that Cangsong was talking about Dazhufeng’s line.

The disciples drew lots one by one, and Zhang Xiaofan watched Lu Xueqi slowly passing by, staring at Lu Xueqi intently. At this time, Du Bishu took Zhang Xiaofan to the draw, and Zhang Xiaofan accidentally won the first lottery. Dao Chang Cang Song asked who got the first lottery. Zhang Xiaofan raised his hand timidly and told Dao Chang Cangsong that he won the first lottery. Tian Buyi saw the disciple’s bye in the first round with joy.

At night, Zhang Xiaofan was lying on the bed. He couldn’t understand why Lingzun Shui Qilin would be angry when he saw him twice. He couldn’t help but want to go out and have a look, but suddenly found Tian Linger hurried out of the room.

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