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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 22 Recap

The old man dug deep in the mine, and dug a tomb. The Japanese went straight through the tomb and discovered some unknown secrets. In order to keep the contents inside, the uncle’s grandfather immediately gave up his life, he took the explosive kit and died with the Japanese. After the mine was blown up, something in the mine was disturbed. The Japanese were unwilling to give up after being caught, so they caught other miners, blinded them, and let them be human whistles.

Lu Jianxun and Chen Pi brought Huo Sanniang into the group and asked her to participate in the plan to bring down Zhang Qishan. Lu Jianxun introduced Jude Kao to Huo Sanniang, saying that this person had a mysterious background, and he would definitely do more with less. When the four discussed about Zhang Qishan, Jude Kao asked Huo Sanniang out of curiosity about how Zhang Qishan turned from an outsider to the head of the nine.

It turned out that when Zhang Qishan and several friends were touring the mountains, those friends heard that Zhang Qishan has the ability to move mountains and fill soil, and wanted to see it. Zhang Qishan looked around and saw a big Buddha, so he said he could invite the big Buddha. Come home. The next day, Zhang Qishan invited his friends to his home and showed the big Buddha at home. This miraculous thing spread throughout Changsha overnight. Zhang Qishan has a unique mysterious transportation technique. Since then, Zhang Qishan has become famous and is honored as Zhang Dafoye. After hearing the test, Jude became more interested in him.

Zhang Qishan asked the old people to take them deep into the tomb. On the way, they encountered a road with bacteria all around. When they reached the dangerous place, everyone ran away. Qi Tiezui accidentally stained some hair, which scared him half to death, but fortunately, it was here that Qi Tiezui, who was good at resolving this thing, was here. However, the old man was not so lucky. He was entangled in hair. I am afraid that February Hong will not return to the sky. Zhang Qishan persuaded Er Yuehong to let go, so that the old man could be freed, and promised that he would be buried properly after his death.

Jude Kao was inspired by Zhang Qishan’s fame. He thought of treating him in the same way he could. Jude Kao and others decided to find a suitable candidate from the Zhang family’s soldiers, tell Zhang Qishan’s grave, and use his soldiers to create public opinion and ruin his reputation.

Zhang Qishan and others continued to advance in the tomb, and finally came to the mysterious ancient gate. The secret that he had been thinking about for many days and nights is now only separated from him by a door, even if the door is engraved with “He who enters this door, let go of all hope”, Zhang Qishan has no hesitation in breaking into it. The brothers gave their lives to accompany the gentleman and enter the gate with them.

The world behind the door is very familiar to Zhang, Hong and Qi, it is an ancient tomb. Although backfighting is their old line of business, they are perilous along the way, and now they should not be taken lightly. When everyone walked to one place, several holes appeared in front of them, leading to different places. Zhang Qishan, Er Yuehong, and Qi Tiezui tied themselves with steel wires and divided them into three ways to find out. Adjutant Zhang and others stayed in place, waiting with the steel wire ball.

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