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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 21 Recap

After the tangerine peels were destroyed by four doors, Lu Jianxun came uninvited and found tangerine peels at Tongtai Wharf. When Chen Pi looked at Lu Jianxun, he knew that he had no good intentions, but when he heard that he wanted to cooperate with him to kill Zhang Qishan, he saved a bit of face. One of Lu Jianxun’s subordinates spoke so badly that Chen Pi sent out an iron ball with his bare hands to knock off the cap of that subordinate. Lu Jianxun saw that the iron ball was more powerful than the bullet fired by a gun, regardless of its speed and power.

Lu Jianxun humbled himself and was inconvenienced in his turf, so he had to leave first. Zhang Qishan and others continued to go deep into the tomb, and when they came to a tomb, they found that there were many coffins on the ground, lying horizontally and disorderly. Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong looked at this scene and knew that this type of burial was very rare, and then they observed the nearby soil and guessed that there might have been a landslide. This is the end of the road, but Zhang Qishan intends to go deeper, so he asked his men to dig a bit, and he found a hole leading to another place.

They continued to deepen along the road and found that there were many agencies along the way, and they were all pretending to be ghosts, which made Zhang’s army upset. Fortunately, Zhang Qishan was very calm, not only dealing with the agencies, but also stabilizing the emotions of his men. At this moment, a song suddenly appeared. This song was often sung by February Red. They found it very strange, so they grabbed the upper wall first and brought this song to come.

Sure enough, there was a foreign object drifting by. Zhang Qishan waited for a while. Seeing that the other party was silent, he looked around. Unexpectedly, a hideous person appeared in front of him, and Zhang Qishan immediately beat him up. Er Yuehong looked at this person and found something was wrong. Knowing it was an old man, she stepped forward to stop Zhang Qishan immediately.

They looked closely at the person in front of them and found that he was deaf, blind, and unconscious, but he could sing Er Yuehong’s play. Qi Tiezui suggested that Er Yuehong should sing in duet with him. Sure enough, the old man reacted. Take them to where you live. Everyone followed up and found out that many miners had lived here. They should have been hired by the Japanese to mine. The old man’s eye injury should have been caused by the Japanese. Zhang Qishan observed the old man and found that he was very familiar with the terrain and his residence, and he could bring them here. He felt that he should not be confused, but was overwhelmed.

Zhang Qishan and others rested here for a while, when a ringing sound suddenly appeared, and then something seemed to be coming to them. Just as Zhang Qishan was planning to lead the team to respond, the old man got up and advised everyone not to go out. It is safest to stay here. Seeing the old man’s reminder, Zhang Qishan also sat down and chatted with him. Here, Er Yuehong found a bed with her own family emblem. She also felt that the old man had a certain connection with her ancestors, and she had too many questions in her heart and wanted to ask the old man for advice.

Seeing these young people sincerely asking for advice, the old man told one or two about the past. The old man was working in a mine when he was fifteen years old. When he was beaten by a supervisor, Er Yuehong’s uncle and grandfather rescued him, so the two got married, and the old man also learned to sing at that time.

Grandpa uncle used to make excuses to speed up the progress, and then proposed to the supervisor to open a mine with gunpowder. The old man recalled that night, the Hong’s uncle let him go out in the future, and reported to the old nine gates of Changsha to help him with a letter, saying that he had already left. Now when I think about it, he was determined to die with Japan. Everyone died together.

Zhang Qishan saw Hong’s uncle grandfather’s actions, it must be something the Japanese did, and he must use his life to stop it.

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