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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 5 Recap

Entering the cave, the people in the blood refining hall found Zhang Xiaofan face to face and stopped Zhang Xiaofan for questioning. Fortunately, they met Xiao Yicai, who had already entered the blood refining hall, and this helped him hide the blood refining hall disciples. Zhang Xiaofan took out the waist card given by Xiao Yicai and successfully entered the main hall, seeing that the elderly man was torturing Tian Linger. A burst of blood crows suddenly flew towards Zhang Xiaofan, and he had to jump out and fight the elderly.

Baguio wisely concealed it from the dog master, and by the way, from his mouth, the old man captured many hostages to feed a thousand-year-old blood dog. As long as he got the blood-devouring bead of the black-hearted ancestor, he could use the essence of the fish. The truth of sucking all into one’s own body. Baguio stunned him while he was not paying attention, and took away his waist card.

After Baguio came out, they met Lin Jingyu, and the two found that Zhang Xiaofan was missing. They hurried to the main altar, trying to attract the attention of the blood refining hall so that Zhang Xiaofan could get away. Suddenly, a few Blood Crows rushed towards them, Baguio stepped on the air and almost fell into the lava, Lin Jingyu hurriedly grabbed Baguio. At this time, Baguio remembered how she had been rescued by a young man in Caomiao Village, and felt that she was familiar with each other.

Lin Jingyu and Baguio rushed to the main hall and found that the old man held Zhang Xiaofan high above his head. The two hurriedly surrounded the young man. Seeing Zhang Xiaofan’s reinforcements, the young man hurriedly threw Zhang Xiaofan away, Baguio grabbed Zhang Xiaofan who was about to fall lava. Lin Jingyu picked up the Dragon Slashing Sword to contend with the old man, Zhang Xiaofan took the opportunity to rescue Tian Ling’er from the pillar, and Baguio took Tian Ling’er to escape.

At this moment, a masked woman in purple clothes stopped the three of them and wanted to take Baguio away in the name of Baguio’s father. Baguio called this person Aunt You, and asked her to help Zhang Xiaofan and Tian Ling’er go out, and turned around to rescue Lin Jingyu.

Aunt You blocked the disciples of the refining hall and protected Zhang Xiaofan from leaving first. At this time, Qi Hao led the Qingyunmen disciples into the blood refining hall and started a fierce battle with the disciples of the blood refining hall. Zhang Xiaofan put Tian Ling’er aside, and hurriedly helped everyone, fighting with the disciples of the blood refining hall.

Rescued Tian Linger, Zhang Xiaofan returned to the main hall and found that the old man was about to sacrifice Lin Jingyu’s blood for the blood kun. Zhang Xiaofan quickly took out the stick and fought with the old man. The old man took the stick and recognized that there was suffering on it. The Blood Devouring Orb he was looking for was extremely excited. Pick up the blood-devouring bead to suck the power of the thousand-year blood kun. At this time, Baguio rushed over and cast a spell.

The Albizia Bell suddenly emitted a faint blue light. The old man learned that she was the daughter of the ghost king. He picked up the blood-devouring bead to fight against it. It’s no small matter, Baguio was knocked to the ground. Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu woke up one after another and entangled the elder, Baguio took the opportunity to sacrifice his heart, and the three of them worked together to barely resist the elder.

Once Zhang Xiaofan touched the stick, he seemed to merge with the stick and snatched it back from the old man. The old man loses the Blood Devouring Orb and his skill is greatly reduced. Baguio takes the opportunity to kill the old man to avenge him. The old man threw out the iron chain to pull Baguio into the lava. Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan worked together to pull Baguio up. Subsequently, the three of them beat the old man into the magma together, and the old man was swallowed by a thousand-year-old blood dog.

Besides, Zeng Shushu and Lu Xueqi entered the cave and found a beast, fire unicorn, guarding the entrance of the cave vigilantly. Zeng Shushu asked Lu Xueqi to plug her ears and took out a piccolo to blow it up with internal force. He only listened to the melodious music, Huo Qilin lay quietly on the ground. Zeng Shushu pretended to be injured by internal force and fell to the ground. Among those who Lu Xueqi held down Zeng Shushu, Zeng Shushu seized the opportunity to grab Lu Xueqi’s little hand and kiss, and Lu Xueqi slapped Zeng Shushu a few times. At the gate of the mountain, a giant lock blocked Lu Xueqi. Zeng Shushu asked Lu Xueqi to reward herself, and got a positive answer.

Then he opened the lock and released the hostages. Before everyone had gone far, the sound of falling rocks in the cave awakened the fire unicorn. After the break, Lu Xueqi held the Tianya sword to force the fire unicorn bitterly. Zeng Shushu went and returned, offering the magic weapon, and flashing towards the fire unicorn. Lu Xueqi took the opportunity to sacrifice the Tianya sword, and the two joined forces to attack the annealing unicorn. After not getting far, Huo Qilin caught up with the two of them again, biting Lu Xueqi’s Tianya sword, Zeng Shushu saw that Huo Qilin was about to swallow Lu Xueqi in his stomach, and hurriedly urged the magic weapon to hug Lu Xueqi and flew out of the cave.

The hostages were successfully rescued, and Tian Buyi was very pleased to have arrived, and hurriedly asked about the whereabouts of the old seven Zhang Xiaofan.

Escape from Bihuotian Binghu. Lin Jingyu only knew that Baguio was the daughter of the sect master of the ghost king. He believed that righteousness and evil were incompatible and would not listen to Baguio’s excessive explanation. Baguio asked two questions and finally determined that Lin Jingyu was the boy who had rescued him in Caomiao Village.

Tian Buyi saw Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu returning from the Bihuotian Binghu Lake, and Zhang Xiaofan still said something he would not tell him. Tian Buyi was very angry and returned to Dazhufeng to find various reasons to punish Zhang Xiaofan severely. At this time, Lin Jingyu was ordered by his teacher to deliver some medicine to Zhang Xiaofan. Tian Buyi was even more angry when he saw this, pointing at Zhang Xiaofan and cursing. Lin Jingyu couldn’t bear it.

It was not easy for Lin Jingyu to hit Tian Buyi. Tian Buyi was furious, and shot Lin Jingyu to teach him, Xiao Fan blocked the Master’s attack with his body. Lin Jingyu complained about his own complaints, but Zhang Xiaofan told Lin Jingyu that, in fact, Master was usually good to him.

Zhang Xiaofan saw Xiao Hui playing with the big yellow dog raised by Master in the yard. At this time, Su Ru brought two big yellow pills for Zhang Xiaofan to take. It turned out that Tian was not easy to hinder face, and he was worried about Xiaofan’s body that made Su Ru give Rhubarb Pill to Zhang Xiaofan. Su Ru told Zhang Xiaofan that what Tian did not get upset about was the upcoming Seven Meridian Meeting, and there was no Dazhufeng disciple who was as talented as Lin Jingyu.

Zhang Xiaofan went to the back mountain and found that the senior sister was very worried. Upon inquiry, she learned that the senior sister was worried about Qi Hao, but her parents did not agree with her to visit Qi Hao and did not agree to give her a big yellow pill. Only then did Zhang Xiaofan understand the value of the rhubarb pill and the master’s concern for himself.

Seeing Tian Ling’er wanted to go down the mountain to buy medicine for Qi Hao, Zhang Xiaofan took out the remaining rhubarb pill and gave it to Tian Ling’er. Tian Linger happily encouraged Zhang Xiaofan to practice the third effort and try to defeat Lin Jingyu, but told Zhang Xiaofan that no matter how much he practiced, he would never beat Qi Hao and went to Qi Hao excitedly after that. Tian Ling’er’s words have been echoing in Zhang Xiaofan’s heart many times.

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