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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 4 Recap

When Zhang Xiaofan and Zeng Shushu approached Lu Xueqi at Xiaozhufeng, Tian Linger went into the mountain to deliver him food and saw countless crows flying towards him through the bamboo forest. Tian Linger hurriedly threw down the basket and took out the amber-red silk The crow waved. Tian Linger thought these were just ordinary crows, but he did not expect that behind him was the young boss of the blood refining hall-the boss who had been hiding in Yan Ruyu Library.

There is a huge disparity in strength, Tian Linger’s Amber Red Aya can’t exert any power at all, and he takes it down. When Zhang Xiaofan ran to the black bamboo forest, he saw a letter next to Huo Hong Ling, asking for something to be exchanged for Tian Ling’er’s life.

The first treasured daughter of Dazhu Peak was arrested, and every vein of Qingyunmen was shocked. The first Cangsong Dao leader of Longshou Peak sent Lin Jingyu to Dazhu Peak to help find Tian Linger’s whereabouts. Lin Jingyu saw that the letterhead paper was exactly the same as the paper previously confiscated at Yan Ruyu Library. In addition, the criminals had a very clear understanding of Qingyunmen. It was speculated that the criminals should have hidden in Yan Ruyu Library for many years, so he decided to go to Yan Ruyu Library to inquire with Zhang Xiaofan.

Zhang Xiaofan noticed that the bookstore had posted a notice that he had to close the store for inventory, and asked the boss to let him enter the bookstore on the grounds of finding books. Zhang Xiaofan spoke to the bookstore owner without a word. Tian Linger, who was tied upstairs, heard Zhang Xiaofan’s voice and struggled desperately.

Zhang Xiaofan heard the voice and pretended to look for a book to look around. The head of the Blood Refining Hall also began to assassinate. Zhang Xiaofan found the secret door of the library, took the opportunity to break in, and the head of the blood refining hall hurriedly pursued it. Zhang Xiaofan was worried about Tian Ling’er’s safety and adopted a life-for-life style of play. The head of the blood refining hall couldn’t help Zhang Xiaofan for a while.

Lin Jingyu saw that the handwriting on the notice on the gate of the library was exactly the same as the letter, and he was even more sure that the criminal was hiding in the library. Lin Jingyu entered the backyard of the library and found a black feather in the yard. At this moment, a man in black suddenly attacked Lin Jingyu. Lin Jingyu and her fought fiercely. The two were on the same level. At this time, a group of black crows flew to attack the two. Lin Jingyu helped the man in black get out of the predicament. It turned out that the man in black was Baguio who came to listen to the news.

Lin Jingyu rushed to the library and found that the head of the blood refining hall had knocked down Zhang Xiaofan. Lin Jingyu hurriedly assisted, and the two of them were not the opponent of the head of the blood refining hall. At this time, Tian Diyi arrived in time and knocked the head of the blood refining hall to the ground. Seeing that he was outnumbered, the head of the blood refining hall turned into a plume of black smoke.

The kidnapper of Tian Ling’er turned out to be the head of the blood refining hall. Tian Buyi hurriedly told the head of the human Dao Xuan about this situation. Everyone speculated that the old man had been dormant in Qingyun Mountain for a long time, and what he was looking for must be extremely important to the blood refining hall. s things. At this time, Dao Cang Song told everyone that the 271 households of the Qingyunmen disciples’ mortal families were all taken away by the people of the blood refining hall, and the Qingyunmen disciples were asked to exchange for their relatives. Among them, all hostages will be killed, and Qingyunmen will fall into anger and sorrow.

At this point, the head of Dao Xuan made a decision. Qi Hao and Lin Jingyu would take the lead, leading the Seven Vein disciples to the blood refining hall’s nest, Bihuotian and Binghu to save people, and the Seven First Blocks secretly follow. Only in this way can the hostages be safe. .

The Qingyunmen group finally arrived at the Bihuotian Binghu Lake. The Jiehuotian and Ice Lake agencies were heavily guarded, Tian Linger was tied to the pillar, and the elderly had to fight the Qingyunmen to the death in order to eat the blood bead. The old man used his magic power and saw that the Qingyunmen disciples were coming towards the Bihuotian Ice Lake. He speculated that the Blood Devouring Bead was among these disciples.

The blood-leaf spirit formation of the old man suddenly started, and the maple leaves on the ground were flying around the Qingyunmen disciples. The Qingyunmen disciples were in crisis. Zhang Xiaofan took out the stick and gave out bursts of gloomy light. The old man felt the blood-devouring beads. exist. At this time, Baguio flew in the air, with both palms attached to Zhang Xiaofan’s stick, and Zhang Xiaofan’s eyes were facing each other, moving his inner strength to help the Qingyunmen disciples get rid of the crisis.

It turned out that when Baguio was young, she and her mother were conspired by the elder on the road. Her mother was killed by the elder. For many years, she knew a lot about the elder to avenge her. Qingyunmen disciple. Baguio learned that the old man wanted to get an extremely important thing from the Qingyunmen disciple.

In order to avoid unnecessary casualties, Lin Jingyu proposed to conduct investigations with Zhang Xiaofan and others before trying to rescue the hostages. At this time, news came from an unmanned boat using Tongtian Peak’s jade pendant as a token, and Qi Hao decided to split his troops to the Bihuotian Ice Lake for investigation.

Qi Hao asked Zeng Shushu and Lu Xueqi to explore the land together, and there were beauty in the lake and mountains, and Zeng Shushu naturally wanted to perform well.

Baguio, along with Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu, explored the waterway and learned that they were survivors of Caomiao Village. They couldn’t help but recall the scene of a Caomiao Village boy who used a bun to rescue him when he fell into a cave in his early years. Lin Jingyu and the others disguised as subordinates of the Blood Refining Hall, and finally touched into the Jade Fire Sky Ice Lake.

The leader of the Blood Refining Hall, Lord Gou, saw that they did not salute themselves, and questioned the identity of several people. Baguio immediately changed, and Lord Gou looked at her. Clever wants to take her away. According to the plan, Lin Jingyu went to the middle of the altar to sabotage the organs, and he asked Zhang Xiaofan to follow Baguio.

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