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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 3 Recap

Zhang Xiaofan didn’t expect that his body in mid-air was suddenly blocked by something, and he was bounced back above Hongqiao. It turned out that it was the younger brother Wan Jian, who was the head of the Taoist Profound Peak of Tongtian Peak, rushed along and rescued Zhang Xiaofan. I saw Wan Jian holding the Dragon Slashing Sword in one hand and wrestling with the man in black. In the shadow of the sword, the man in black bent down and turned into countless black bats. Cut to the ground.

Wan Jian sent Zhang Xiaofan back to Dazhu Peak in a hand, explaining that after passing by, Tian Buyi recognized that this was the blood crow technique of the blood refining hall based on the feathers that fell. According to Tian Buyi, the reason why this mysterious figure had to put Zhang Xiaofan to death after five years was probably because it was related to the murder of Caomiao Village.

Tian Linger learned that Zhang Xiaofan was almost killed, and hurried over to ask the identity of the murderer. Thinking of what Puzhi had said, Zhang Xiaofan lied that he did not know this mysterious person. Tian Buyi asked the little apprentice Zhang Xiaofan why he went to the back mountain in the middle of the night. Tian Linger was afraid that his father would blame Zhang Xiaofan and lied that he let Zhang Xiaofan go to the back mountain to practice exercises. Tian Buyi was very disappointed to see that Zhang Xiaofan did not have the ability to protect himself despite his hard work.

In order to let Zhang Xiaofan have the ability to protect himself, Tian Linger spent a night and silently wrote the Qingyunmen third-layer imperial swordsmanship tactics, and asked Zhang Xiaofan to practice according to these. Zhang Xiaofan naturally did not dare to go against the principle of gradual progress in martial arts taught by his master. Tian Linger encouraged Zhang Xiaofan to secretly practice imperial swordsmanship and taught Zhang Xiaofan to practice martial arts hand in hand.

After a while, Zhang Xiaofan practiced at night and discovered that the two kung fu of Qingyunmen and Tianyin Pavilion were mutually reinforcing and restraining each other. He took out the blood-devouring bead, and couldn’t understand what was going on, so he had to go to the back mountain to practice cutting bamboo again.

In the silent back mountain, there were people throwing stones at Zhang Xiaofan one after another. Zhang Xiaofan mistakenly thought it was Tian Ling’er joking with him. After careful observation, he discovered that it was a little monkey. At this time, Tian Linger came over to teach him to practice Kungfu and laughed at Zhang Xiaofan for not being able to catch even a monkey.

They chased all the way to a lake and saw strange black smoke emitting from the lake. Zhang Xiaofan found that the monkey was motionless. lie on the floor. Tian Ling’er suspected that the monkey pretended to be dead, her childlike innocence sprouted, and she leaned over to check the situation. Suddenly, black smoke came and Tian Ling’er immediately fell to the ground. Zhang Xiaofan picked up Tian Ling’er and the monkey and left. When they fell to the ground, there were bloodstains in their hands.

At this time, the blood-devouring beads on Zhang Xiaofan’s body immediately acted like a stress response, suddenly emitting immense power, Zhang Xiaofan floating in the air involuntarily. Looking down, a nearby lake suddenly splashed with water, and a stick jumped out of the water. Then the blood-devouring beads on Zhang Xiaofan’s body flew toward the stick, and the stick flew into Zhang Xiaofan’s hands automatically. Zhang Xiaofan grabbed the stick and passed out suddenly.

I don’t know how long it took, Zhang Xiaofan opened his eyes and saw Tian Ling’er calling his name nervously. Zhang Xiaofan found the stick in his hand, and at the same time found that the bloodstain in his palm had disappeared miraculously. Tian Linger found this strange and unusual place, and pulled Zhang Xiaofan away from the place. The monkey grabbed Zhang Xiaofan’s shirt and squeaked. Zhang Xiaofan couldn’t rest assured that the little monkey would take it away with him.

The stress response once again made the head of the blood refining hall, who had been coveting the blood bead, probed its whereabouts through the green blood talisman in his hand. He finally saw the hope of reviving the blood refining hall. It turns out that the blood-devouring orb is the most fierce thing that moves the world. Any living thing close to it will be sucked by him for a moment or three and die. It was acquired by the black heart old man, the elder of the blood refining hall more than a thousand years ago.

After killing countless righteous masters, the blood-devouring bead disappeared after the death of the black-hearted old man. Until five years ago, the Jade Fire Talisman sensed the appearance of the blood-devouring beads near Qingyun, and the head of the refining hall ordered the disciples to search for the whereabouts of the blood-devouring beads.

Tian Buyi saw the little monkey on Zhang Xiaofan’s shoulder, and quickly asked why. Tian Linger lied that the monkey had entangled Zhang Xiaofan, and that Zhang Xiaofan brought it back by himself. Faced with Tian Buyi’s questioning, Zhang Xiaofan nodded or shook his head dumbly. Tian Buyi was extremely disappointed with this apprentice who was bullied by the monkey.

After the master left, Zhang Xiaofan took the monkey back to the room. The monkey jumped up and down, which made Zhang Xiaofan upset and irritated. He stopped drinking. The monkey sat there as if he could understand the words, old and young, and Zhang Xiaofan suddenly loved him. The heart, seeing it all gray, just call it small gray.

The next day, Zhang Xiaofan went to the back mountain to practice swordsmanship. He tried several times without success. After a lot of hard work, the sword suddenly flew, but Zhang Xiaofan couldn’t control the direction of the sword. It turned out that Zeng Shushu was doing the ghost. Zeng Shushu accidentally annoyed Xiao Hui and was caught by Xiao Hui. Zeng Shushu told Zhang Xiaofan that the monkey he raised was a spirit beast with three eyes.

Zeng Shushu couldn’t take advantage of this monkey, so he led Zhang Xiaofan to Xiaozhufeng to find Lu Xueqi. Lu Xueqi ignored Zeng Shushu. Zeng Shushu chanted some nauseating verses, and then asked Zhang Xiaofan to light fireworks. The colorful fireworks suddenly turned into a golden phoenix in the sky. Seeing Zeng Shushu’s shamelessness, Lu Xueqi drove the sword, and suddenly turned into thousands of swords flying towards Zeng Shushu and Zhang Xiaofan, and the two ran away.

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