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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 20 Recap

Lu Jianxun visited Huo Sanniang, and the two drank tea. On the surface, they were very peaceful and harmonious. There was a deep meaning between the actual words, and they tried each other. Huo Family Sanniang was comfortable facing Lu Jianxun. Lu Jianxun accidentally spoke of Huo Sanniang’s hair and offended her, and Huo Sanniang immediately scattered her hair. There was a weapon hidden in her long hair, showing his murderous aura.

Lu Jianxun knew that Huo Sanniang was not a good bully, so he went straight into it and asked if she was willing to be aggrieved by Zhang Qishan. Huo Sanniang seemed helpless and unwilling. Lu Jianxun said that someone wanted to fight Zhang Qishan, but it was not among the nine. People, I hope Sanniang Huo will give me some advice. Upon seeing this, Huo Sanniang told him the way to enter the nine gates was to destroy one of them and replace it.

Zhang Qishan and his party continued to go deep into the tomb, groping forward. At this time, a strange tombstone appeared in a place that shouldn’t have appeared. Zhang Qishan judged that it was an attempt to cover it up, so he ordered someone to remove the tombstone, and a hole was hidden in the face. Qi Tiezui suspected that it was a trap, but Er Yuehong knew that the trap set by his tribe was not like this, and solved everyone’s worries. Everyone entered the cave one after another and found that it turned out to be a secret laboratory set up here by the Japanese.

After discussing with Lu Jianxun, Chen Pi and Lu Jianxun decided to target the four gates. Lu Jianxun came out to entertain the Fourth Master, and then Chen Pi disguised as a chef waiting for the opportunity to act. Lu Jianxun used the excuse to minimize the number of people around Si Ye, and then let Chen Pi push the dining car into the room. The skilled tangerine peel didn’t need to smuggle weapons into it, and directly cut off the chopsticks to kill. Then his nine-claw hook was thrown in from the window. After Chenpi caught it, he immediately used his unique skills, and the fourth master died tragically.

After the death of the Fourth Master, the clansmen kept their spirits while planning their revenge, but Chen Pi actually appeared here. When everyone thought he took the initiative to send it to the door, Chen Pi once again bloody the Siye house. The wife of the Fourth Master has a deep affection for her husband, knowing that she cannot escape today, so she touched the coffin of the Fourth Master, hoping to reunite underground. When Chen Pi was about to attack his wife, Si Ye’s daughter suddenly appeared holding her face, begging Chen Pi not to kill her mother. Chen Pi looked at the little girl, there was the shadow of a maid in her body, and immediately moved her compassion, letting go of the mother and daughter.

After Zhang Qishan obtained some information from the Japanese laboratory, he moved on. Along the way, I came to a place, surrounded by a large magma, and on the ground there are hairs that had previously entangled Zhang Qishan. Qi Tiezui carefully checked and guessed that these are man-eating bacteria, reminding everyone to be careful. Everyone cautiously stepped over the man-eating bacteria on the ground, but one of his men accidentally stepped on it, and Zhang Qishan threw the oil lamp out and burned the hair under the man’s feet, unexpectedly causing a fire. The fire was implicated in the surrounding area, and the surrounding fire spread, causing the bridge to collapse.

Everyone kept running to the opposite bank, but the bridge collapsed too fast, and some companions fell into the magma too soon. Seeing this, Er Yuehong immediately took action to save people. Zhang Qishan also grabbed Er Yuehong immediately, and everyone worked together and finally escaped. Er Yuehong told Zhang Qishan not to take risks for him next time, and Zhang Qishan said that he would definitely save him, and he would do the same if he changed to Er Yuehong.

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