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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 19 Recap

Lu Jianxun knew that Zhang Qishan was not in the house, so he came to visit specially and planned to inspect, but he closed the door. When he was about to leave, he accidentally found that Chen Pi sneaked into Zhang Mansion sneakily. Upon seeing this, Lu Jianxun also tried his best to enter Zhang Mansion to see what he was going to do.

After Chen Pi sneaked into Zhang’s mansion, he heard the sound of music in a room, so he touched the room and saw a young woman sitting in it. Looking at her treatment and clothing, she felt that she should have a close relationship with Zhang Qishan. After Yin Xinyue knew that the other party was the wanted man, Chen Pi, not only did not fear, but also confronted him. Lu Jianxun also came to the door of the room at this time, hiding in the door waiting for an opportunity to act. When Yin Xinyue took advantage of the tangerine peel, he sprinkled a handful of incense powder to draw his attention.

The tangerine peel was angered and wanted to kill the new moon. Lu Jianxun saw the opportunity to appear immediately and drew his gun to stop the tangerine peel. Seeing that the situation was wrong, Chen Pi immediately ran away, and Xinyue saw another strange man coming, feeling baffled. After the two introduced each other, Xinyue felt that Lu Jianxun would steal if he was a traitor, so he gave an order to chase away the guests.

Zhang Qishan and his party went down to the tomb, and there were dangers along the way. Fortunately, Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong were proficient in this kind of doorway, leading everyone to avoid many institutions. When they came to a road full of silk nets, several of his subordinates couldn’t bear the fear and began to run wildly. They were accidentally entangled by the silk nets, which also triggered the attack of these silk nets. Qi Tie’s mouth was also sucked into the silk wall. Inside. Even if Zhang Qishan was skilled, it would be a bit difficult to deal with so many weird wire mesh attacks.

At this time, February Hong found that the wire mesh would melt water when it touched salt, so he sprinkled salt and destroyed the silk, and everyone was able to escape. Zhang Qishan and others continued to move forward, but they had no choice but to turn back. Everyone returned to the place where Qi Tiezui had just disappeared. February Red judged that the wall should be empty. Zhang Qishan stretched out his hand and after confirming safety, everyone entered the door one after another and found Qi Tiezui.

Chen Pi found Jude Kao and asked him why he helped himself. Jude Kao didn’t say much about the reasons for helping. Instead, he continued to persuade Chen Pi to use Lu Jianxun’s hand to get rid of Zhang Qishan, which could avenge the revenge of the master and the torture, killing two birds with one stone. Jude Kao gave a token of Chenpi so that he could go in and out freely. When Chen Pi saw this, he told Jude Kao a piece of information in return. In the nine gates, the eighth and nine are Zhang Qishan’s people, and only the third mother of the Huo family is available.

Chen Pi sneaked into Lu Jianxun’s mansion, intending to find him to join forces and ask him to revoke his wanted warrant, and the condition he provided was to help him get rid of Zhang Qishan. When Lu Jianxun saw that Chenpi was available, he began to win over the other nine. He first came to Zhang Mansion to visit Yin Xinyue with a gift. On the surface, he was concerned about Zhang Qishan, but he actually wanted to hear about Zhang Qishan’s news. Xinyue knew that he was not at ease, so he didn’t disclose much.

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