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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 38 Recap

The death of Ruan Wan didn’t keep everyone shrouded in a cloud of gloom, but made everyone cherish life more and cherish the days of life. Xiaobei learned that there were a number of interesting ancient buildings in Taiwan, so he packed up his luggage and planned to go there.

Before leaving, she made an appointment with Kaiyang and said goodbye to him. Kaiyang was a little surprised and a little bit reluctant, but Xiaobei said that he should be happy in time and do what he wants, otherwise things will not be completed if he suddenly dies one day.

Before Xiaobei left, she returned the ceramic decorations that she had asked Zheng Wei back to Kaiyang. She told Kaiyang that it was only the princess who lived in the prince’s heart, and some people could only watch by the side forever, implying that Kaiyang was Prince, he is the bystander. Kaiyang watched Xiaobei leave, he stopped talking, Xiaobei’s last expectation was also lost, so he left in a cool manner. Kaiyang thought for a while, but still wanted to catch up with Xiaobei, but Xiaobei was already in a taxi, and the two parted ways.

With the encouragement of Hongbo, Li Weijuan applied for the flight attendant exam. Zheng Wei finally finished decorating the basement, packed his luggage, and retired from the basement. Everyone is advancing on their own roads, hoping not to leave any regrets in their lives.

Zheng Wei went to visit Mr. Zhou and apologized for showing up after so long. Mr. Zhou did not blame her, and now he is being watched, so he can’t see him if he wants to. Mr. Zhou told Zheng Wei not to blame Azheng, only then did Zheng Wei know that Mr. Zhou knew everything in his heart. Mr. Zhou said that the waves behind the Yangtze River pushed the waves forward, and Ah Zheng was just doing what he should do.

Zheng Wei asked Mr. Zhou if he ever doubted himself, Mr. Zhou denied it, and he believed in Zheng Wei all the time. Mr. Zhou expressed his blessings to Zheng Wei and Lin Jing’s feelings, and Zheng Wei was also very grateful for Mr. Zhou’s continuous teaching. The two of them left this for a different life.

Zheng Wei felt that Xing Chen was now full of open and secret struggles, and that she was no longer the place where she could fight for her dreams. She returned to the company and submitted her resignation. According to the procedure, the resignation must be approved by the immediate supervisor before it takes effect, that is, Chen Xiaozheng must agree. Chen Xiaozheng got Zheng Wei’s resignation application, knowing that she was going to resign and get married, so he put the application into the shredder without saying anything, Zheng Wei took out another copy with no expression and continued to follow the rules.

Seeing that Zheng Wei was indifferent, Chen Xiaozheng hysterically pleaded with Zheng Wei to stay, saying that he would satisfy her whatever she wanted. Zheng Wei asked Ah Zheng to give up everything he had in Bonathan at this time, but Ah Zheng hesitated. Ah Zheng knew that he could not give up the power he had now, so he could only give up Zheng Wei and approve her resignation.

Zheng Wei is now an unemployed vagrant, and Lin Jing is also on an indefinite vacation, and the two begin a happy life together. Lin Jing took Zheng Wei to the beach to play, and the two of them drew a fairytale castle on the beach, fulfilling their childhood fairy tale dream. Just as Zheng Wei was immersed in playful play with Lin Jing, Lin Jing suddenly proposed to Zheng Wei.

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