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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 37 Recap

Zheng Wei and Lin Jing sent Shi Jie, who committed suicide by cutting her wrists, to the hospital for rescue. Fortunately, no tragedy occurred. Seeing that Shi Jie was out of danger, Lin Jing breathed a sigh of relief and planned to leave with Zheng Wei. Zheng Wei picked up the horns at this time. She felt that Shi Jie loved Lin Jing so much, but Lin Jing blindly treated herself well.

Do they need to calm down and figure out what they really need. Lin Jing heard that Zheng Wei was a little unreasonable, so she asked her whether the reason they needed to calm down was Shi Jie or the person Zheng Wei could not forget. Facing Zheng Wei’s confidence and fear, Lin Jing became angry. He was actually very jealous of Chen Xiaozheng. He also knew Chen Xiao’s position in Zheng Wei’s heart. Zheng Wei was also a little confused at this time.

Zhang Kai and Yu Hongbo partnered to open a studio, and together with Li Weijuan, they moved out of the old house they had previously rented. Juan’er helped in the studio and started to work slowly. She gradually adapted to a down-to-earth life, so she took the initiative to ask Yu Hongbo for a marriage certificate.

Zhang Kai was busy in the studio, and suddenly received a call from Chen Xiaozheng. Ah Zheng wanted to make an appointment with Zhang Kai for a drink. Zhang Kai felt that they had nothing to talk about and planned to refuse, but when Ah Zheng said in a lonely tone that he could not find anyone, Zhang Kai knew that he was on his mind, so he went to the appointment.

Zhang Kai came to Ah Zheng’s house, feeling his success in his career, and found that his house was opposite Zheng Wei’s dormitory, so he spoke objectively about their relationship. Ah Zheng always openly confided his feelings for Zheng Wei and his helplessness. Two college roommates who had no grudges became confidants for a night.

Zheng Wei and Ruan Wan watch a movie and go shopping together to relax. While chatting, Ruan Wan mentioned the relationship between Zheng Wei and Lin Jing, and advised her not to think too much, and to enjoy the love Lin Jing brought to her. Zheng Wei himself had many concerns. Although he agreed with what Ruan Wan said, Whether it suits you is another matter. Zheng Wei was a bit disdainful when talking about the feelings between Ruan Wan and her husband Wu Jiang.

Ruan Wan said frankly that he and Wu Jiang were together as you wished. Ruan Wan told Zheng Wei that something happened to Zhao Shiyong’s house and that he was also divorced. He is now ready to go abroad. He wants to meet her before going abroad and has an appointment to go to a photography exhibition. Zheng Wei wanted to stop Ruan Wan, but seeing that Ruan Wan had a unique feeling for Shiyong, he had to let her go.

On the day of the date, Ruan Wan rushed to the photography exhibition nervously and anxiously, hoping to see Shi Yong as soon as possible. Zhang opened the studio to make money, he wanted to find Ruan Wan with the dividend, and gave her the dividend. Ruan Wan was too anxious and didn’t pay attention to the car when crossing the road and was hit by the car. Zhang Kai just saw the scene in front of him, everything came too suddenly, Zhang Kai rushed over and hugged Ruan Wan, who was covered in blood, and brought her money, but Ruan Wan couldn’t pick it up.

Ruan Wan’s rescue was ineffective, and Zheng Wei and others waiting outside the emergency room felt that the sky was broken. Zhao Shiyong didn’t make the appointment as scheduled. When he went to the photography exhibition, his ex-wife suddenly changed his mind to reconcile. He did not go to the photography exhibition. Ruan Wan, a beautiful and kind angel, was separated from her friends and relatives who loved her in order to meet a hopeless scumbag.

Zhang Kai told Zheng Wei that Ruan Wan had something to help him tell Zheng Wei before he died. Ruan Wan hoped that Zheng Wei could muster the courage to love, just like the jade-faced little flying dragon who could fight for love. This aroused Zheng Wei’s long silent heart. She returned home and drank a lot of wine to stabilize her emotions. Lin Jing was by her side at this time, a bit inexplicable, but Zheng Wei hugged Lin Jing, everything was silent.

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