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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 33 Recap

Kaiyang told Zheng Wei what Chen Xiaozheng had done to his father and Mr. Zhou, and also explained the relationship between Zeng Yu and Azheng. Zheng Wei felt unbelievable. At this time, Kaiyang took out his phone and showed the photo of Zeng Yu holding Ah Zheng’s arm that Zeng Yu had just taken on Facebook, and showed them to Zheng Wei. . However, Zheng Wei and Ah Zheng only finished seeing the new house in the afternoon, and they also planned the future of the two.

Even if the evidence is now solid, Zheng Wei still does not want to admit that she would not hesitate to say that Kai Yang is a liar in order to persuade herself and denigrate Kai Yang in order to retaliate against Ah. Just said these words. Kai Yang was so angry that he picked up a glass of water and poured it on Zheng Wei, hoping to wake her up. Zheng Wei calmed down and decided to go to Ah Zheng and listen to him tell the truth.

A Zheng had an appointment with Zheng Wei in his new house earlier. In the evening he met at the university library. Zheng Wei came early and sat alone on a stool in the playground to get drunk. After receiving a call from A Zheng, he let A Zheng go to the playground. . Ah Zheng placed a romantic pattern with flowers and candles in front of the library. Originally, he wanted to propose to Zheng Wei, but he heard that Zheng Wei’s voice on the phone was a bit wrong, so he went to the playground first.

When Lin Jing returned home, she found that Shi Jie had come uninvited and bought drunk in his house. Lin Jing saw that Shi Jie was drinking too much and wanted to send her home, but Shi Jie lost her mind and entangled Lin Jing, and asked Lin Jing why she was worse than Zheng Wei. Lin Jing explained to her that she and Zheng Wei are from different worlds and told Shi Jie that they can only be passers-by. Shi Jie got angry, picked up the red wine and poured it on Lin Jing, continued to go crazy, and then, as if provocatively, told Lin Jing that Ah Zheng was about to propose to Zheng Wei on campus tonight. Lin Jing rushed to the Jianda campus immediately after listening.

Ah Zheng came to the playground, but saw Zheng Wei getting drunk, and couldn’t help but worry. Zheng Wei tried to test Ah Zheng through Jiu Jin, but Ah Zheng didn’t expect it. He only thought that Zheng Wei was flirting. Zheng Wei suddenly mentioned Zeng Yu and their relationship, and Ah Zheng was immediately stunned. When Zheng Wei saw that Ah Zheng hadn’t denied it, he knew that these things were true. Zheng Wei felt that they were not suitable. Ah Zheng had changed. Zeng Yu was the one who was suitable for him. Then he let him leave him, and the relationship between the two came to an end.

Lin Jing rushed to the campus and found Zheng Wei who was so drunk in the playground. He sadly took her away and took her home. He didn’t know what Ah Zheng did to Zheng Wei, but he was determined in his heart to never let him go.

After Lin Jing sent Zheng Wei home, she received Zheng Wei’s eviction order. When Lin Jing was leaving, Chen Xiaozheng suddenly called Zheng Wei. Lin Jing couldn’t hold it anymore. He prevented Zheng Wei from answering the call, and then pressed Zheng Wei to the bed and kissed him. Zheng Wei was struggling, but suddenly catered to Lin Jing’s presumption, and the two had a spring supper together. The next day, Lin Jing cooked her breakfast at Zheng Wei’s house, took care of her, and the two started living together.

Zeng Yu served as assistant to the chairman of Yu. At the company meeting, Zheng Wei proposed a public welfare project for basement renovation, which was opposed by Zeng Yu and Chen Xiaozheng. The procuratorate is investigating Xingchen. A copy of the original financial information was leaked. Zheng Wei became the subject of suspicion. Chen Xiaozheng told Zheng Wei not to come to the company temporarily. Zheng Wei caught a cold at home alone, but Lin Jing found out and took care of her later.

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