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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 32 Recap

Xiaobei was okay, so he went to Zhengwei’s company to meet her. At this moment, Coco walked over and told Zheng Wei with a face that a salesperson from a building materials company came to find Ah Zheng. The salesperson Zheng Wei also knew him, and he was the owner of the coffee shop downstairs. Zheng Wei and Xiaobei immediately knew Kaiyang had come.

Kaiyang was deceived by a dog at this time when Huluopingyang. Since his father was arrested, he can only support himself and now works in a building material company. In the face of Chen Xiaozheng, in order to sign the order and get the commission, Kaiyang converged on his once inexhaustible son, and introduced the product quotation in a low voice to Ah Zheng. Seeing Kaiyang’s current state of despair, not only did he not feel compassionate, but embarrassed him everywhere.

He ridiculed his lack of professional knowledge and could not do anything without his father. He said that as long as the company has Kaiyang, he Would not cooperate with this company. Kaiyang held back his unwillingness, and could only bow his head in this society where the weak and the strong. Zheng Wei and Xiaobei came to Azheng’s office and saw this scene before them. Kaiyang felt very embarrassed, so he turned and fled.

Xiaobei found Kaiyang on the basketball court and felt very heartbroken when he saw him sitting on the ground alone to get drunk. When Kaiyang saw Xiaobei coming, he felt that his face was lost, and he lost his temper at Xiaobei. Xiaobei knew that Kaiyang was unwilling, but he had nowhere to vent, so he provoked Kaiyang’s will to fight and made him cry. ,

Vent well. Kaiyang said all the unhappiness in his heart, Xiaobei immediately hugged Kaiyang, listened to him in silence, then comforted him, saying that he had also experienced a lot of wind and rain, and finally set off again. Kaiyang knew what happened to Xiaobei and was curious about her experience over the years, and unknowingly, his mood improved a lot. Xiaobei and Kaiyang fought fiercely in the basketball court, enjoying a happy time sweating.

The next day, Kaiyang went back to work with great enthusiasm. Suddenly, an old employee of his father found Kaiyang and said that he knew something and felt uncomfortable not telling Kaiyang. It turned out that this old employee found out that Chen Xiaozheng was the cause of the troubles caused by the workers’ family members, and although Kaiyang Building Materials has a cooperative relationship with Mr. Xu and Mr.

Feng, they have been thinking about building materials and never happened. To the point of shoddy. When Kai Yang heard it, he felt that Ah Zheng’s heart was not right, and tried every means to avenge himself, so he found Lin Jing and wanted to verify whether the matter was true.

Zheng Wei was still angry with Ah Zheng, and Ah Zheng tricked Zheng Wei into a construction site where a building was under construction. A Zheng took Zheng Wei to a rough room and found that the walls inside were covered with pictures of furniture. Ah Zheng said that he bought this house for Zheng Wei, and the decoration style was also designed by him himself. Zheng Wei didn’t get angry when he saw it. The two were planning a blueprint for their future life in the house.

Kaiyang made an appointment with Lin Jing and asked him for confirmation. Lin Jing was also entangled in her heart, but the matter has been in the past for a long time, and now it may not be able to explain anything further. At this time, the two saw Chen Xiaozheng not far away, together with Zeng Yu. It turns out that Zeng Yu is the daughter of Chairman Yu. Azheng has not broken up with Zeng Yu. He is holding Zeng Yu and walking with Chairman Yu. Lin Jing and Kai Yang were both surprised and angry.

Ruan Wan was discharged, Zheng Wei and Zhang Kai took her home. Kaiyang called Zheng Wei at this time and wanted to ask her to meet alone, so Zheng Wei left first, leaving Zhang Kai to take Ruan Wan home.

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