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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 31 Recap

Yu Hongbo saw that Juan’er was so unreliable, how could he raise a child well, so he took her to the hospital and asked her to knock the child out. Juan’er came to the hospital and suddenly changed her mind. She was reluctant to knock the baby out and decided to give birth to the baby. At first, Yu Hongbo felt that Juan’er was not suitable for being a mother, but after listening to her heartfelt words and self-confessions, she felt that Juan’er’s thinking had finally matured, so he silently expressed support.

Ah Zheng was promoted and became Xing Chen’s youngest project manager. At the same time, he also applied to the company to transfer Zheng Wei to the design team she dreamed of. However, Zheng Wei was still with Ah Zheng temporarily before finding a suitable candidate to replace her. Be a secretary. Shi Jie congratulated Ah Zheng, but there was a sour taste in this compliment.

When the two chatted alone, they talked about some of the activities they had done together. It turned out that Shi Jie provided Ah Zheng with financial information, and then Ah Zheng leaked the information, which led to Feng Desheng’s investigation and Zhou Zong’s downfall. With Shi Jie’s assistance, Ah Zheng eliminated Mr. Zhou from the company, so he soared, and he owed Shi Jie a favor.

Zheng Wei went to Azheng’s office and took advantage of the time when he was alone. Just as the two were about to make affection, co-worker Coco knocked on the door and came in. Zheng Wei could only leave first when he had something to look for. When Zheng Wei left Ah Zheng’s office, he accidentally took his mobile phone by mistake. He accidentally saw a text message from a director of Xing Chen to Ah Zheng, which aroused Zheng Wei’s suspicion of Ah Zheng.

Juan’er invited her girlfriends in the dormitory together for a hot pot, and took this opportunity to tell the three sisters about her pregnancy and the fact that He Yi was not married. Juaner said that from now on, she will work hard and will not have unrealistic lady dreams anymore. She wants to live well for her children. Although everyone’s hearts were full of doubts, seeing Juan’er’s thoughts was reborn, and everyone said they would support her decision. Juan’er is now unemployed, but she has a lot of valuable bags from the rich second generation on hand. She decided to open an online shop to sell bags and start a business to make money.

At the board of directors, Ah Zheng proposed a project to cooperate with the government. Except for Chairman Yu, the other directors all agreed to this project. Chairman Yu looked at Ah Zheng complicatedly and had some thoughts in his heart, but most of the board of directors agreed that she could only pass Ah Zheng’s proposal.

Zheng Wei found a basement renovation project in the archives. She took the materials to find Ah Zheng, hoping that he would carry out this project, but Ah Zheng rejected it. Zheng Wei blamed Ah Zheng at this time, saying that he had become very snobbish. Now he only thinks about profitable projects. He doesn’t even look at these unprofitable projects. Later, she even confessed that she knew that Ah Zheng continued to please the directors, win over the directors, and establish her own influence in Xingchen. Ah Zheng rightly said that Zheng Wei was stupid at this time. In this society, interests are everything. Zheng Wei saw that the two of them disagree, so he left angrily.

Zheng Wei was sad alone. When he was sad, he called Ruan Wan, hoping to find a good friend to talk to. Ruan Wan was taking a shower at this time, and when she came out of the shower room to answer the phone, she accidentally fell and then fainted to the ground. Her husband, Wu Jiang, finished the night shift. He returned home the next day and found Ruan Wan lying on the ground before sending her to the hospital for treatment.

Zheng Wei immediately went to the hospital to visit Ruan Wan after learning about it. Zhang Kai then came with a bunch of supplements. During Ruan Wan’s hospitalization, Zhang Kai cooked soup for her himself, Ruan Wan was very grateful. She knew that Zhang Kai wanted to open a design studio, so she took 200,000 yuan to Zhang Kai, saying that this was the money she had saved over the years. Zhang Kai refused to accept it. When Ruan Wan mentioned the university, she asked Zhang Kai that he had borrowed three thousand yuan and it was time to pay it back, and she very much hoped that Zhang Kai could take her share and fulfill her dream together.

While the two were chatting, Wu Jiang came in to see Ruan Wan, and left the ward with an excuse to leave them alone. Wu Jiang mentioned Ruan Wan’s 200,000 yuan at this time. He opposed Ruan Wan’s loan to Zhang Kai, and said that Zhang Kai had a bad heart for Ruan Wanli. Ruan Wan was very sad when her husband insulted her good friend. She said that the money was treated as an investment, and that her own money was in charge of her own. He opened the door to the ward and heard all these words.

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