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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 18 Recap

From these information, Er Yuehong learned that his uncle and grandfather went down to the mine with Hatoyama and went to the tomb. On the way, because he did not want Chinese things to fall into the hands of the Japanese, he took advantage of Hatoyama’s unpreparedness to leave the team with two other companions. Investigate other roads. As Hatoyama and his party were walking, they suddenly discovered that three people were not there, and they guessed that these people had different intentions. At this time, Hatoyama found that the wall was very corrosive and could swallow living things.

He thought of going down to the tomb to make a blood sacrifice, so he decided to put all the accompanying Chinese people on the wall for blood sacrifice as a warning. Uncle, grandpa and others were trapped in the cave for 27 days and finally found a way out. Along the road, I found traces of blood on the wall of the Hatoyama Blood Sacrifice companion. My uncle and grandpa felt strange, and he immediately dug up and found that these corpses were his brothers.

My uncle and the others got a hair virus in the cave and died soon. Although they could not escape death, they took away the treasures of our country in order to prevent the Japanese trickery from succeeding, so they planted the mechanism that only the Red family can crack in the cave, and then left some information so that future generations can obtain it. Know the situation at that time. After reading these materials, February Red felt that she had the mission to help Zhang Qishan in his tomb, so she cheered up again.

Chen returned to Changsha with a belt wound and covered in blood. At this time, he had become notorious and became a notorious murderer in the city of Changsha. The citizens looked at him and avoided him. Jude Kao appeared at this time and told Chen Pi that he knew who killed his wife. When Chen Pi heard it, he immediately ignited his anger. Jude Kao said that Zhang Qishan specially hid part of the girl’s life-saving medicine in order to accompany him to the grave for Er Yuehong.

The purpose is to let the girl overtake her as soon as possible. Tomb. After Chen Pi heard this, he decided to confirm whether Jude Kao’s statement was true. He returned to the Red Mansion and asked the maid Peach Blossom what happened that day. As a result, Peach Blossom told the story of Er Yuehong and the girl seeking medicine in the rain. After Chen Pi knew it, he hated Zhang Qishan.

Zhang Qishan, Er Yuehong, and Qi Tiezui brought a pair of men and horses to explore the mine. Er Yuehong asked Qi Tiezui to find another entrance to avoid the trap. Qi Tiezui found a new entrance by deducing the terrain, and everyone together. Enter from the new hole.

Jude Kao knew that Zhang Qishan and others were going down to the tomb, and planned to draw other forces in the Nine Gates to fight against Zhang Qishan while he was away.

After Zhang Qishan and others entered the cave, they found a vertical entrance. The two subordinates went down the hole to find out, but they were scared to death by the triggered facial mechanism. As soon as they loosened their hands, they fell to the ground, and then triggered another mechanism, and a hidden arrow was shot on the wall. Upon seeing this, Zhang Qishan decided to lead the team himself.

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