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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 17 Recap

Since the death of the girl, Er Yuehong seems to be a different person, living a life of purple drunk and golden fan in the brothel every day. Yin Xinyue couldn’t see it, so she walked to the brothel and scolded Er Yuehong, saying that the girl’s bones were not cold, and he would squeeze flowers everywhere, but Er Yuehong was indifferent.

Chen Pi was totally lost. He walked aimlessly on the street, and when he reached a noodle restaurant, he took a break at the door. Chen Pi overheard the noodle shop owner and his buddies chatting. The night when the girl died, Er Yuehong took the girl to knock on the door of the noodle shop to ask for noodles, but the buddy in the noodle shop did not open the door for February. Red business. When the noodle shop owner and the guy talked about this, they both seemed a little worried.

They said that they had set foot in both the red and black roads of February, and that the girl was a diseased ghost. I wonder if they would trouble them. Chen Pi couldn’t listen to others saying bad things about his wife and master. In addition, he knew that on the day the girl died, he couldn’t even eat a bowl of noodles, so he was murderous and bloodied several noodle shops on the river beach.

Zhang Qishan learned that Chenpi was killing him in a noodle restaurant, and felt that he did not know how to stop, so he ordered him to be wanted in the whole city. Zhang Qishan was injured and inconvenient to go out, so Adjutant Zhang went to Jiuye for him. At present, Er Yuehong did not know about the tangerine peel.

Jiu Ye was afraid that Er Yuehong would have extra branches after knowing this, so he told Adjutant Zhang that he decided to hide Er Yuehong first. At this time, Lu Jianxun also learned about the Chenpi Blood Washing Noodle House and knew that Chenpi was on the run. He had a plan, and decided to order someone to catch the tangerine peel before Zhang Qishan, maybe he could ask the insider information of Nine Doors in his mouth.

Both parties found the location of Chen Pi. Just as Adjutant Zhang and his subordinates were preparing to capture Chen Pi, he unexpectedly killed Cheng Yaojin halfway. Lu Jianxun arranged to ambush here suddenly and blocked the way of Adjutant Zhang. Chen Pi also It slipped away under their noses.

On the day of the girl’s burial, Zhang Qishan, the girl and others came to worship, and February Hong dismissed all relatives, friends and subordinates, and sent the girl alone for the last time. Just as Er Yuehong was mourning his beloved wife around the girl’s coffin, she accidentally stepped on a hole, and fell into the hole with the empty feet. When February Red looked curiously, she discovered that this was a counter-attack hole.

February Red moved into the cave and walked into a secret room all the way. Two bodies were found in the secret room, and Er Yuehong discovered that these were his ancestors. The walls of the secret room are covered with materials related to the “Hatoyama Report”. After reading these materials carefully, February Hong found out that her ancestors had also entered the robbery cave with Hatoyama many years ago and discovered many secrets in the cave. .

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