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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 27 Recap

Zheng Wei, Ruan Wan, and Juan’er came to the door of Qi’er’s office together, and told each other about the miss for Xiaobei over the years and some things that had happened. Everyone burst into tears as they talked, when Xiaobei appeared from behind them and heard everything clearly. Xiaobei knew that everyone missed her so much, so she stopped denying her identity, and hugged her roommates, crying with joy.

Zheng Wei knew Xiaobei’s feelings for Kaiyang back then, so he took her to the café in Kaiyang, where everyone could gather together, and by the way, Kaiyang and Xiaobei were brought together. When Kaiyang saw the reborn Xiaobei, he felt very new and kept praising her for her femininity. Zheng Wei saw that Kaiyang had no other thoughts about Xiaobei besides being curious, so he deliberately added to the flames between them, and told Kaiyang that Xiaobei’s new name “Qi Er” was derived from the word “kaiyang”.

Evolved. Xiaobei knew that Kaiyang didn’t have any thoughts of love for him. When Zheng Wei said this, he felt a little ashamed, so he blamed Zheng Wei and left. Kaiyang thought that Zheng Wei didn’t like him, so he pushed himself to others like a toy, which is very unfair. Zheng Wei couldn’t help it. He told all the contributions Xiaobei had done to Kaiyang. It was then that Kaiyang realized that there were people in the world who liked him so much.

Juaner found out that she was pregnant, so she went to the bar to find He Yi. When Yu Hongbo returned home, he found that he didn’t bring the key, and was not at home when he opened it. So he called Juaner and asked her where she was. After Juaner found He Yi, she told him about her pregnancy, but He Yi not only ridiculed Juaner, but also asked her to knock the baby out, then threw out a handful of money and gave it to Juaner.

Yu Hongbo rushed to the bar at this time and just witnessed this scene. He felt that He Yi was too insulting, and Juan’er had no place here, so he took her away. After Juaner left the bar, she admitted that she liked He Yi. When Yu Hongbo saw Juan’er end up like this today, he felt that she was particularly pitiful, so he accompanied her to comfort.

Mr. Zhou knew that Zheng Wei wanted to do architectural design, so he arranged some design work for her. Zheng Wei was happy to work late at the company every night. Ah Zheng knew that Zheng Wei was working overtime at night, so he stayed in the company for various reasons. The two spoke without a word. Although they could not go back in time, this kind of company was an inexplicable warmth to Zheng Wei.

The scaffolding of high-rise buildings under construction by Xingmao Investment Branch suddenly scattered, and four construction workers working on the site were seriously injured. After Mr. Zhou learned the news, he knew that Feng Desheng had done tricks on the building materials, cutting corners and stabbing this big Louzi. However, Feng Desheng not only did not self-reflection, he also hoped that Zhou Zong would save him on the grounds that the branch office would also implicate Zhou Zong. In order to take care of the overall situation, Mr. Zhou decided to help Feng Desheng, but if the problem is to be solved, he must make appropriate compensation and find someone to take the blame.

Under the arrangement of Mr. Zhou, he decided to find a building material supplier. Kaiyang’s family business, “Kaiyang Building Materials”, took most of the responsibility, and then A Zheng, an assistant to the branch manager, took the responsibility. Mr. Zhou knew about the relationship between Zheng Wei and Lin Jing, so he told Zheng Wei euphemistically that she hoped that she would speak to Lin Jing and let Lin Jing help Xingmao investigate the accident.

I thought the incident would go away. However, within a few days, the family members of the workers gathered downstairs in the Xingchen headquarters to make trouble, accusing Xingchen and Kaiyang building materials of internal transactions, shoddy building materials, and trying to use money to buy lives. .

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