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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 26 Recap

Zheng Wei and Ah Zheng compiled a detailed investigation report all night to prevent the signing of the Jiayuan Building contract. A Zheng fell asleep on the table, the ink of the pen got on his fingers, and Zheng Xiaoxin wiped him eagerly. When Zheng Wei fell asleep, Ah Zheng woke up again. He saw Zheng Wei’s feet. He remembered that in college, Zheng Wei asked him to cut her toenails by herself, so he took out tools to cut Zheng Wei’s toes. A. This moment was quiet, and was disturbed by a phone call from Zeng Yu.

The next day, Zheng Wei and Azheng showed the surveyed data to Zhou Zong. Mr. Zhou said bluntly that although he knew there were problems, if the contract was not signed, it would affect the future cooperation with the investor Fang Xingmao. For the overall development, he could only bear the humiliation. Ah Zheng was very depressed, Zheng Wei saw it in his eyes and could only comfort him.

Although the overall situation has been set, Ah Zhengxin is unwilling, so he thinks of a way and tries to make the final struggle, hoping for a miracle. He asked Lin Jing to drink at the bar and pretended to be drunk and wanted to go to the toilet. When leaving the seat, he deliberately knocked the briefcase on the ground, and the investigation report on Jiayuan Building inside also fell out. He knew that Lin Jing would help him pick up the bag, and he would definitely see this document when he picked up the bag.

As Xingmao’s project manager, Lin Jing would never sit idly by. Sure enough, Lin Jing found Mr. Zhou the next day and planned to suspend cooperation. Mr. Zhou calmly stated that Xingmao’s leaders knew about Jiayuan’s situation. Xingmao didn’t like Jiayuan Building, but the land below. Although the contract has not been signed this time, It’s already a certainty.

The project of Xingmao Building was implemented. The members involved in the project, especially Ah Zheng, were praised by the chairman, but Ah Zheng was not happy at all and did not attend the celebration banquet. Zheng Wei came to Ah Zheng’s house to comfort him who was sad alone.

On behalf of Xing Chen, Zheng Wei and A Zheng came to the job fair of East China University of Architecture and Architecture together. This time they were recruiters. Among the students interviewed, there happened to be a couple, exactly the same as they were back then. This girl is also full of energy and self-confidence. She doesn’t mind if Xingchen doesn’t recruit girls, and thinks she is good enough to break the rules, and her boyfriend is about to go abroad. When Zheng Wei planned to reject them, Ah Zheng accepted their resumes. After the recruitment was over, Ah Zheng proposed to Zheng Wei to reconcile, but Zheng Wei believed that things had changed too much and it was difficult for them to look back, so he rejected Ah Zheng.

When Zheng Wei passed by East China University of Architecture and Architecture before, she vaguely seemed to see Xiaobei’s figure, which made her a little concerned. After the job fair was over, Zheng Wei was wandering around the campus by himself. He accidentally discovered that there was a lecture on the preservation of ancient buildings that seemed interesting, so he walked into the classroom to listen. The teacher who gave a lecture to the students was called Qi’er. After Zheng Wei saw her, he burst into tears. This Qi Er is Zhu Xiaobei, who was hired by the school as a guest teacher.

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