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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 23 Recap

When Chen Xiao was in the coffee shop, he saw Zheng Wei and Kaiyang clamoring around each other. The expression on his face was not only calm, but also satirized Zheng Wei. Zheng Wei was molested by Manager Feng in the office, and Chen Xiaozheng was sitting opposite, also acting indifferently. Zheng Wei saw that Chen Xiaozheng was so indifferent to him, and couldn’t help feeling sad for himself. When working overtime at night, Zheng Wei suddenly received an order from Chen Xiaozheng to help find information in the archives room. Zheng Wei came to the archives room reluctantly, and Chen Xiaozheng was also here at this time. After she had searched for the information, Ah Zheng suddenly promised her that he would never let manager Feng Desheng go.

Lin Jing and her colleagues planned to leave after Xingchen was busy with the cooperation matters. At this time, Mr. Zhou hoped that they could stay and have a casual meal together. President Zhou pulled Zheng Wei to show that he already knew about the relationship between Zheng Wei and Lin Jing’s childhood sweetheart, and hoped that Zheng Wei could help keep Lin Jing. Zheng Wei sees that this is the end, so he might as well respond generously.

When Lin Jing saw this, she couldn’t push anymore, and it was a good opportunity to have dinner with Zheng Wei. Chen Xiaozheng also appeared at the dinner. He and Lin Jing pretended to meet for the first time, and when they shook hands to greet each other, they seemed to respect each other as guests, but a raging anger arose in their hearts.

Seeing that everyone knew about his relationship with Zheng Wei, Lin Jing stopped avoiding suspicion, and deliberately acted very closely with Zheng Wei in front of Chen Xiao, taking care of her everywhere. This behavior made Ah Zheng very uncomfortable. When toasting, Lin Jing was a gentleman and asked Zheng Wei to substitute juice for the wine. Chen Xiaozheng filled a glass after seeing it. He wanted to fight with Lin Jing. Zheng Wei couldn’t stand it anymore, so he broke the jar and told him. The two had a big drink together. The three of them were a little drunk after the meal. Lin Jing took Zheng Wei when everyone was gone and asked her not to trap her relationship with Ah Zheng. He thought that Ah Zheng was not suitable for her.

After Zheng Wei returned home, the naughty Mouse Bao jumped out of the window. Zheng Wei immediately went downstairs, only to find that Ah was standing downstairs. Ah Zheng moved to the staff dormitory across the river from Zheng Wei, and came here specially at night. Zheng Wei knew he did it deliberately, so he stepped forward and asked him what he planned to do. In the dead of night, Ah Zheng finally couldn’t help himself, and said his heart for Zheng Wei’s longing and love, Zheng Wei almost fell into it for a moment. At this time, Shu Bao jumped out of the grass and called out, and also recalled Zheng Wei’s reason.

Ah Zheng drank too much and was hospitalized with stomach bleeding. Lin Jing went to the hospital to visit him and gave him a warning by the way, hoping he would not provoke Zheng Wei again. A Zhengli frankly asked Lin Jing what he was doing. Lin Jing said frankly at this time that he was too ambitious to suit Zheng Wei, and he knew the relationship between A Zheng and Zeng Yu.

After Lin Jing left, Zheng Wei was also arranged by Mr. Zhou to find Ah Zheng in the hospital and sign the project contract for Jiayuan Building. But Ah Zheng did not intend to sign the contract. He thought that the current price was too low to buy. However, this was contrary to Zhou’s intention. Zheng Wei felt that A Zheng deliberately made it difficult for her, and his heart suddenly became cold.

Zhang Kai was fired. Teacher Yu pleaded for him for his boss, but the boss was determined to fire him, and even slandered Zhang Kai. Teacher Yu became angry. After cursing the boss, he resigned.

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